Is it True Love? ~A Harry and Ginny (Hinny) Fanfic~

Ginny has secretly had a crush on Harry ever since Harry's first year at Hogwarts. Which would make it a year before her first year. Ginny still can't get over Harry. Of course, Ginny just assumes Harry knows her as 'Ron's little sister' and nothing else. Her being with Harry is in her dreams, and this is reality. After all, Harry could like other girls. But just the thought of it makes her jealous. "Why should I be jealous?" Ginny asks herself. "I have no chance with him anyway." Will Ginny ever get the boy of her dreams?


2. The House Cup


Ginny's POV

     The Gryffindor table was buzzing with excitement. We had won the house cup!! At least I think we did. It's unbelievable. We have won it every year! I sort of feel bad.. maybe we should let another house win.. NOT! Only the sad part is, it's almost summer. Why?! I'll just have to go to the typical rowdy house I call home, and worst of all, I won't get to see Harry. I wonder if Harry is going to come this summer.. Probably, but it's probably going to be later in the summer. 
     "It's now the end of another great year at Hogwarts," Dumbledore started saying. "It's remarkable what you all have achieved this year. Most of you will come back next year, and as for our 7th years, let's give them a round of applause for lasting 7 great years at Hogwarts." A huge buzz of applause filled the Dining Hall. "As for who won the house cup... ( I made these up! ~ExtremeFangirlForever) 4th place with 375 points... Hufflepuff! 3rd place with 405 points... Slytherin! 2nd place with 430 points... Ravenclaw! And first place... Goes to... Gryffindor!! With 450 points!" 
     There was a HUGE round of applause, mostly Gryffindor clapping for theirselves. You could see Draco and his gang with a disgusted look on their faces. WHO CARES!? Time for celebration!
     I was having such a good time, I hardly even noticed Harry was sitting next to me! EEKK! Only across from him was that other Gryffindor... Ugh. What was her name? Melissa or something? (I made up Melissa too! ~ExtremeFangirlForever) 
    After the celebration everyone went up to their Dormitories and packed up their things. It was time to leave. Only next year I would be back for my 5th year at Hogwarts. And the 6th year of my crush on Harry. Will it EVER become true? Ugh, what am I asking myself. OF COURSE NOT! As we sat on the train, I thought about how the summer would go, and HOPEFULLY seeing Harry. I just wasn't sure.

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