Close As Strangers

Telling her I haven't seen her face in ages, I feel like we're as close as strangers. I won't give up, even though it hurts so much. Every night I'm losing her in a thousand faces, now it feels we're as close as strangers.


1. Prologue- 3 Months

Bold and under lined words= Savannah

Normal words= Luke

He’s not here
I’m not with her
I haven’t seen him in three months
I haven’t touched her in three months
I think it’s time to let go
I’m losing her
I want to pick up the phone and tell him, but I’ll melt at the sound of his voice.
She’s giving up. I won’t.
It hurts so bad.
I can’t hold onto us forever, but god damn it I’ll try.
This ended when it started. We knew it wouldn’t work. We tried
I won’t let her go
He has to let me go.
I love her too much.
I love him too much.
We’re as close as strangers.
We’re wasting time talking on a broken line.


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