Hiding In Plain Sight ~Harry Styles~

Harry Edward Styles. A young but yet London's most wanted criminal. He's the master of escape. But what would happen if Harry runs out of place to hide? Could he possibly hide in someone's house, maybe? I know it sounds weird and creep but its part of his plan. Perhaps Skye Hayes house? She could be his only ticket on hiding.

But what would happen if Skye found out who Harry is? Would she turn him in or will she keep his identity a secret? Read to find out...
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6. Chapter 6.

*Skye's POV*

Its been officially 1 week since Harold came here. He's been a great help around the house. He helped with the chores when I needed help. And has been great company. Its always been lonely with Misty, my cat,  and I around here.

Its been a while since I actually leave the house ever since Harold came. Plus we're running low on food. So. That's going to be a problem.

As I grabbed my keys, wallet, and phone, I looked over at Harold who was sitting on the couch looking through a magazine. "Hey, wanna come with me?" I asked. "Sure where?" he said looking up at me. "Store. We're running low on food." I replied. Then his facial expressions changes. "Oh... umm... I don't think... I could go" Harold say. "Why. How come? You just told me you were going a second ago". "Well, I changed my mind. Plus it could be really cold outside" he explained. "It's only 71° out" I peaked down at my phone to look at the weather app. He didn't say anything. "you're coming with me. End of decision." I demanded. "But-". "No buts" I interrupted him. "Now c'mon. We have lots to do" I dragged him off the couch. I watched him grab his hoodie and sunglasses. He walks over to me. "Why do you need sunglasses? It's raining outside" I asked opening the door. "What? A boy can't wear sunglasses outside when its raining? Rain drops could get in my eyes, and burning the living soul out me" he pushes the glasses up the bridge of his nose. "Your over reacting. Now let's go" I smiled as we exited the house. Shutting the door behind me, I locked it.

I pulled my hoodie over my head and walked to the car. And Harold did the same. I sat in the driver's seat and he sat in the passenger seat. Securing the seatbelt around me, I started the car. I looked over at Harold and saw him struggle with the seatbelt. "Do you need help?" I asked. "No, not really" He continues to struggle. I rolled my eyes and helped him. "Thank you" Harold gives me a cheeky smile. "Yeah, yeah whatever" I grinned and began to drive.

Once we arrived to the store, I turned off the engine and stepped out the car. Before I could close the car door, I notice Harold is struggling again. But this time, its unbuckling the seatbelt. "Release button is right here, hun" I pushed the red button and the seatbelt released. And he awkwardly stepped out, closing the door. "Sorry, its just, I haven't used a car in a longtime" He say. "I notice" I spoken, causing him to laugh.

Harold hops into the cart and I pushed him while laughing. But shortly after, one of the worker told him to get off.

As I pushed the cart around and Harold follows, he constantly add random objects to the cart.

"For the last time Harold, we don't need this much marshmallows" I said taking out the many bags of marshmallows Harold put in. "But I like marshmallows" he whines like a little kid. "But too much sweets could ruin your teeth, child" I pat his cheek. He frowns as he returned the marshmallows.

"Mummy, isn't he a bad guy?" A little boy asked his mother as he passed us, pointing to Harold. "Now, Billy, its not polite to point. It could be someone else that looks alike" His mother said and continued walking.

"That's weird" I giggled. "Why would he think your a criminal?". Harold shrugged "I have no idea" He say nervously. "Why are you nervous?". "Why are you asking questions?" He dodged. "Why won't you answer my question?" I set the loaf of bread in the cart. "Why do you want to know?". "Why couldn't you answer one simple question?". "Because...". "Because?". "Um......oh look, marshmallows!" He got 'distracted ' as he pick up the bag. I rolled my eyes and walked to the check out stand.

Harold puts back the bag and rushed to my side. "I'm sorry. I'll tell you. But later. Not now" He assured. I nodded and paid the cashier. Taking the grocery bags, Harold and I walked to the car. Putting the stuff into the trunk of the car, I sat down in the driver seat. I looked aside and saw Harold taking the seatbelt. "Hold on, I got it this time!" He clicks the seatbelt and gave me a proud smile.

Rolling my eyes, I let out a small laugh and drove home.

"Could I make dinner tonight? I wanna show you my famous taco recipe. Plus, you need a break" Harold begged as we carried all the food from the car to the kitchen. "Um. Sure. Just don't explode and destroy my kitchen" I giggled and left Harold to let him do what he do.

Every once and a while, I would check up on Harold to see if he is doing okay but all he said was, " GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!" but in a sarcastic way.

I giggled at his ridiculousness and went to my room to finish my homework.

After what seems like years, Harold finally calls me down for dinner.

As I walked to the dining room, which connects with the kitchen, I notice everything was set up neatly.
 "What do we have here?" I smiled and walked over to him.

Harold lift the small lid that conceal the food on a plate. There revealed his "famous" tacos.

I clapped my hands with sarcasm. He bowed his head.

"Looks good" I said. "Why don't we give it a try?" Harold pulls out a chair for me.

I mumbled a quick 'thank you' and sat down. He sat besides me and we began eating.

"Mmmm... Not lying. This is probably the best taco I've ever eaten my whole life." I complimented. "Plus, I'm impressed. After all the 'GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN SCREAMING' you actually manage to make a decent meal". "Thank you" He grins, showing off his dimples. I giggled and we continued eating.

After our delightful dinner Harold has made for us, we put all the dishes in the dish washer and went to our seperate rooms. I felt a buzz in my pocket knowing some one is calling me. Pulling my phone out of my pocket, I check the caller ID and gladly, it's my brother.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hey sis!" Sam spoke into the phone.

"Wassup, Sam?" I asked.

"Nothing much. Just wanna take a break on homework and talk to my sister. What are you doing at the moment?"

" 'bout to start on homework" I frown. "Oh really? Should I leave or-"

"Oh no. You're fine. It's nothing. I could start later"

"You sure. I didn't want to interrupt anything" He asked in concern.

"Yeah. For sure" I replied.

Then there was a silence.

"So" Sam broken the silence. "You're still coming?"

"How many times am I going to tell you. Yes. a hundred percent sure I am. Unless some thing super important happens but I doubt it. I have a free schedule" I assured.

"Okay. I'm sorry if I'm annoying you with this question. It's just that I want my favorite sister to come see me when this happens" He affirmed.

"Aw. That's really sweet Sam. This is why you're my favorite person in the world" I blushed at his words.

"Oh and I also have two plane tickets to come fly here. You know, in case you want to bring a friend which is totally fine with me."

"Yeah. In fact, I have a house mate named, Harold. Maybe he could tag along. I don't want him to stay home all by himself and accidently burn the house down or something" I chuckled.

"House mate? Harold? As in you live with a guy?" Sam says curiously.

"Yeah. Why?"

"Sounds like an old man. Is he a hobo you offered a home to?"

"No! He's the same age as me. And he's not a hobo" I speak.

"Do you two have a thing or what?"

"No, we're just friends"

"Just friends?"

"Just friends" I said.


*Harry's POV*


I exited out of my room because I thought I heard a strand noises coming from outside. I notice that Skye was talking on the phone so she probably didn't notice the noises. I walked to the living room and to the front foor. I scan through the peep hole on the door to see if there's anybody. But no one.

Slowly, I opened the door and instantly saw a piece of paper in front on the ground. I bent down to pick it up and took the paper in my hand. Closing the door and making sure to lock it, I went back to my room and sat down on the bed.

I unfold the piece of paper and read what's on it. I know who you are. Read the note. Hm? Could there be a stalker among us?

Wait, or is it. No. It can't be. They can't know where I am. Could they have followed me home? This can't be. Out of everybody else in the world. I know who it is. And it's

 Morgan and Roger.

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