Remember Me

Hey I'm Vanessa Flores I'm 18 I meet Justin Bieber when I was 14 we were really close friend then we were more than friends but I had an accident and ended up in the hospital then i heard Justin left four years later i started working undercover and that's when we meet again.
will he remember her? Will they fall again?


28. you came back


I walked back stage and saw Selena there and she was smiling at me I had a weird feeling something bad is gonna happen

"Hii justy" she said and hugged me I just gave her a pat on the back

"Um hi what are you doing here" I said

"They didn't tell you I'm going to be your opening act in Florida" she said

"Oh great to know um I need to go look for someone right now see ya around" I said and ran away from her and I bumped in to some glass wall then I heard people laughing I turned around to see Ryan Chaz Vanni Zack and Scooter

"Justin its not the first time you run into a glass wall or door" Scooter said laughing

"I know it's not funny now help me up" I said Ryan and Chaz helped me I fixed my self I looked at Vanni  and ran to her picked her up and hugged

"Dam you missed me now let go I cant breathe" she said I put her down as fast I as I could

"of course I missed you soo much im sorry I yelled at you I didn't mean to at all I was just mad and and-" then I felt my head hurt soo bad

"Justin you ok" I heard vanni say and that's the last thing I heard when everything went black


Justin feel and he blacked out Scooter took him to the hospital we were waiting in the waiting room and everyone was here even Selena I heard she was going to be Justin's opening act which I don't like since its his ex girlfriend my phone started ringing and it was emma

V= hello"

E= Vanessa Arianna has escaped you need to look out for her"

V= what do you mean she escaped" I yelled and everyone looked at me I walked out of the hospital

E= look I don't but there is someone else helping her out and we need to find out who it is"

V= ok ima talk to zack about all of this"

E= ok but ima send more of our people to watch out"

V=good plan"

E= alright keep an eye out"

 We hung up an I walked in the waiting room and as I was about to sit the doc came out

"How is he" Pattie said with tears in her eyes

"he's doing good he just had pain in his brain he's gonna have to drink some pills every morning and night before he goes to bed and he's awake now you can go see him" the doc said I walked in last but I noticed Selena didn't come in I saw her around the corner on the phone I took my phone out to record her convo

 (S= Selena ?=wdk)

S= hi is she out"

?= yes she's out"

S= ok good

?= is beebs in the hospital?"

S= he has some pain in his brain but if he hits it harder he could die"

?= so what's the plan"

S= First we have to make his life misery by taking away the love of his life"

?= so your saying we have to kill her"

S= No we have to make her hate him with all her guts"

?= all alright"

S= yea well i'll talk to you later ima go in and check on this little kid"

end of their convo I stopped recording and ran into the room so she wouldn't notice me

"Hey where were you" Justin asked

"I was in the bathroom and how you feeling" I said acting like nothing happen then Selena walks in

"Omg Justin your ok" she said I knew she was acting she is an actor anyway she hugged him and I can tell he didn't want to


Me and vanni got out of the room she said she had to talk to me about somethings

"What's up" I said

"well Emma called me and well Arianna escaped"

"WHAT" I screamed

"Shhhh dude but yea she also said there is someone helping her and I think I found out who it is"

"Really who"


"Look just because you don't like her doesn't mean you have to blame her"

"I'm not I have prove and I said I think I heard her talking to someone on the phone and I recorded it" she took her phone out and played it

"is  she out"

"yea she's out"

"ok good"

"is beebs in the hospital"

"yea he has some pain in his brain but if he hits it hard he can die"

"so what's the plan"

"First we have to make his life misery by taking the love of his life"

"so your saying we have to kill her"

"no we just have to make her hate him with all her guts"

"oh alright"

"yea i'll talk to you later ima go check on this little kid"

wow I was shocked by this I couldn't believe she would do that maybe Vanni was right she sid she want to ruin Justin's life just like Arianna and she did ask I she was out but we still need to find more cluse


oooooooooo  Justin is in danger there gonna be more people in this story if you guys wanna tell me some names of people i'll put them in just comment the names first and last it could be boy or girl


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