Remember Me

Hey I'm Vanessa Flores I'm 18 I meet Justin Bieber when I was 14 we were really close friend then we were more than friends but I had an accident and ended up in the hospital then i heard Justin left four years later i started working undercover and that's when we meet again.
will he remember her? Will they fall again?


30. Well played

*CODY'S P.O.V* please read note

    So me and Selena headed out to Applebee's we ordered our food 

"So what are you doing here" sel asked

"ok I just came to visit and look for a job what about you" I said

"just here being Justin's opening act and wait you need a job" 


"I can help you out with that but first is first do you know how to dance"

"yea why"

"goody my manger  is looking for a dancer because our last one had to go to some trip and retired so yea let me call him now"

"ok thank you" I said and she took her phone out and got up to call him good thing I have a fake Id for theses kind  of things  coz I'm an agent I got a text from vanni 

From: vanni

*where r u *


*completing my job duhhh*


*oh ok and don't duhhh keep up the  good work *

i just laughed and put my phone backing pocket I threw my trash away and sel came back 

"guess what"

" what"

"you got the job tatty now we get to see each other"

"wow that's cool thank you sooo much" I got up and kissed her cheek and I can tell she was blushing dam I got skills 

we waked out the restarunt and it swam up with paps and fans they were throwing us so many questions

"Selena is this your new man"

"what happen to jelena"

"what's his name" 

i grab sel's hand and walked to get to the car and drove back to the hotel


wow Cody actually did his job he's usealy a lazy ass  it was noon and we had to got to practice for tonight's show Cody is now a dancer wow 


we were practicing for tonight's show and I was singing and dancing and I kept looking at vanni she's so beautiful 

~~~~9:00 show~~~

"One time one time" I finished the song 

"thank you Maine I love you all"

after the show we headed back to the hotel and vanni came with me  I went to lay down but I pulled vanni with me and started kissing her then it turn out into a make out section and well it started to get heated she tug on my shirt and took it of I did the same to her


ooooooo lol what u think do u guys want me to write out the heat up section if yas comment and oooo I'm doing a YouTube channel I'm doing song covers and helping you guys by giving u guys advise about things you want and answering your question hope ya like it 


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