Remember Me

Hey I'm Vanessa Flores I'm 18 I meet Justin Bieber when I was 14 we were really close friend then we were more than friends but I had an accident and ended up in the hospital then i heard Justin left four years later i started working undercover and that's when we meet again.
will he remember her? Will they fall again?



*ZACKS P.O.V* Me and vanni went back to Justin's room and he was doing better they said he had to take some pills and that's all he was changed and ready to go we got in the car and went back to the hotel I went to my room and in my secret laptop you may be wondering aren't all laptops the same well no we secret agents have a secret it helps us write down information we have lets us track phones and other dives it also is good finding out about other people and their life so there you have it so I was writing down the info and then something caught my eye one of our agents was killed but the weird thing about his death was that his lips were sewed together and other thing that caught my eye was that there is this bracelet that kills people you open it and on the end of it there's this needle that comes out and if it touches a persons neck there dead in seconds it also said someone brought it but who.


I went in with Justin just to watch him out of Selena I still cant believe she is trying to hurt him we had to pack because were going to Maine we got everything ready and left to the airport I got a text from

Emma FROM: Emma *Vanni look out from some red diamond there are 4 out there they say that who ever has it there can be a death around it only for those who are the wrong hand and we found one in one of our agents that died today and also the other agents are on there way*

while we were waiting for our plane to be called I showed Zack the messages and he showed me something about a bracelet it looked familiar and that cost a lot who ever brought it must be rich our plane was called we got in and sat down , well be staying in mane for two days since were taking a brake because of Justin we arrived and went to a hotel everyone went in there room but me I waited in the lobby for the other agents which were Cody Martin and Logan Royce "Yo what's up short stuff" Logan said

"Aye Love what good" Cody said

"Nothing guys and Guys we need a plan to trick Selena" I said

"And that would be" Cody said

"One of you guys have to date her" I said

"Nope I'm good you can have her Cody" Logan said I stared laughing

"Ok I'm good with that" Cody said punching Logan in the chest

"Why wouldn't you Logan she is Pretty" I said and winked at him

"I don't I just don't like her ok I rather have Miley" he said I was laughing so hard that I couldn't breathe

"Dude lets stop with these jokes were gonna kill her" Cody said

"Ok so Cody you have to bump into Selena and make her into you" I said

"Alright I got that i'll play cool" he said putting on his glasses

"Dude your playing her" Logan said "I know but I get a hot girl what do you get" Cody said and winked

"I have vanni and she is hotter" Logan said

"Don't even think about it Royce" I said pushing him well Logan is tall and has blonde hair and blue eyes and has a grate body a girl can drool over it and he is british but ehh not into, Cody is also tall he has brown hair and Green eyes and also a good body and he is Spanish so he'll be perfect for Sel

"Ok so were do think I can get her" Cody asked

"So were in the 9th floor so just walk around and bump into her and start a convo like a normal person" I said

"Ok so let me just sit up" Cody said

"Oh and one more thing your not going to do is be a bodyguard ok you have to be her fake boyfriend" I said

"WHAT no fair" Cody said in a baby voice and stomped his foot like a two year old "Awe does wittle Cody need a bottle" I said miming him Logan started cracking up

"SHUT UP LOGAN" Cody yelled

"Both of you shut up and lets get going" I said


I got settle and waited to do what was plan I herd a door open I peeked and saw Selena getting out o the room she I got my phone out and acted like I didn't see her and I bumped into her

"OMG sorry I didn't see you" she said

"No it my fault for walking with my phone out and hey your Selena Gomez" I said Playing cool

"Yea I am and you are" she said

"Oh sorry I'm Cody Cody Martin" I said shaking hands with her

"It nice to meet you Cody Um I was heading out for lunch um wanna come" she said

"Yea sure I love to come and Join a beautiful lady like you" I said she giggled and we headed of well I got this and this is going really well just like we planed


OMG what do ya think , wow they changed Movella im not used to it well anyways COMMENT AND I'LL UPDATE WHEN I CAN LUV YA STAY SWAG :*

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