Remember Me

Hey I'm Vanessa Flores I'm 18 I meet Justin Bieber when I was 14 we were really close friend then we were more than friends but I had an accident and ended up in the hospital then i heard Justin left four years later i started working undercover and that's when we meet again.
will he remember her? Will they fall again?


16. plan


 We stayed watching Pretty Little Liars until I was 4 I wanted to take Vanni of to the M&M store I remember she used to call her self the chocolate queen when we were little. Then Zack and Scooter came through the door.

 "Vas happing people'' Zack which made me laugh coz I remember Zayn Mailk says that oh how I miss thoses guys there good people just like Austin and Cody

 "Nada is happing" Vanni said moking his voice

 "Scooter can I talk to you" I asked I wanted to ask him if I can take Vanni out

 "Sure lets go in the kitchen" he said I kissed Vanni's cheek and headed in the kitchen

 "What's up wait don't tell since I saw you kiss her cheek" he said I looked at him and smiled

 "I wanted to ask you if I can take her out" I said looking at him wondering what he was gonna say

 "Sure but don't ruin anything she is still your bodyguard ok" he said and I gave him a brotherly hug and thanked him

  I went back to the living room were Zack and Vanessa stopped talking when they saw me I wonder why I sat next to her

 "Vanni do you want to go out tonight around 7" I asked

 "Sure where we going" she asked

 "I cant tell you" i said and kissed her and went to call my mom


I was telling Zack everything that happen between me and Justin in the plane and right now but I wasn't sure if we were gf and bf yet I just gave him an other chance Justin came in and sat next to me

 "Hey you wanna go out" he asked

 " Yea where to" I asked

 "I'm not telling you just be ready by 7 ok" he said and got up and went back to the kitchen I looked at Zack and he was Making kissy faces I threw him a pillow so he would stop

 "Ow what was that for vanni" he said fake crying into the pillow I went up to him and sat on his back "Get of you fat ass" he said trying to push me of

 "My ass is not fat you ass wipe" I said then Scooter came in and looked at us

 "You two act like 2 year olds" he said laughing and going up stairs

 Justin came in with chocolate chip cookies I got up and took them then he started chasing me with Zack I ran up stairs but I trip but got up I went in were Scooter was he was reading some papers and I went in the closet and sat down and ate some cookies

 "Vanni where the hell did you go I want my cookies back" Justin said yelling

 "Scooter do you know where Vanni is" I heard Zack ask Scooter but I didn't hear Scooter say anything I went close to the door and it opened and Justin and Zack jumped on me and tickle me

 "S-s- stoop' I said still laughing  they stoped and took the cookies away from me

 "Babe go get ready it's 6 ok" Justin said heading to his room  I looked at Scooter and Zack they just looked at me I got up and went to my and took a shower I let my hair nature and did my make up I went to my closet  and put my purple shorts and a white crop top and my white toms I went down and then Justin looked at me

 "Aye were wearing the same colors" he said he was wearing a purple shirt and white jeans and some purple shoes

 "Yea you two are weird but have a good date" Zack said winking at me

 "Ok" I said and went out into his car and we drove of


 Sorry I didn't update I was out but here you go hope you like it


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