Remember Me

Hey I'm Vanessa Flores I'm 18 I meet Justin Bieber when I was 14 we were really close friend then we were more than friends but I had an accident and ended up in the hospital then i heard Justin left four years later i started working undercover and that's when we meet again.
will he remember her? Will they fall again?


24. Marryland

please read note thank you *VANESSA'S P.O.V*

I went to sleep in Ryan's arm last night I woke up and got up quietly so I wouldn't wake him I went to the kitchen to find something to eat but when I walked out Justin was there he looked up at me and smiled I couldn't help but smile back

"Morning" I said

"Morning" he said back I sat across from him eating cereal

"how u sleep" I asked

"eh ok you"

"good why eh"

"I don't know I keep having flash backs about some girl"

"ohh im sorry"

"it's ok not your fault" we kept eating when the other boys came in

"morning bae" RY said to me and kissed my cheek I just smiled at him I felt guilty I don't know if its a good idea for me and Ry to be together but ima just see where this gets us Justin kept staring at me I wonder what girl he was thinking about but I didn't bother to ask Chaz came to me and hugged me and kissed my cheek like ry did Ryan looked at him and I could see he was jelly

"awe is little Ryan jelly' Chaz said I just started laughing my butt of Ryan threw a pancake with honey on it at Chaz and Chaz stared going after him

Justin got up and went back to his room

"hey so how you and Ryan" Zack asked

"where good"

"that's good" well we got to keep an eye on Justin Ariana's people are still out there to get him you know"

"yea but what did he do that's what I want to know and now he lost his memory we cant just ask him''

''true but we'll have to find out one way or an other" (tehe one direction song)

Ryan and Chaz came back and they looked sticky

"Ima take a shower dibs to the bathroom" Chaz said running of

"Really Chaz" Ryan yelled he came to me to give me a hug

"Ew get of your sticky " I said

"but I smell sweet and taste sweet" he said and winked at me Zack started laughing and I glared at him and he stopped


I was sitting when vanni came and sat in front of me eating I couldn't stop staring at her she is beautiful no wonder Ryan like her while Ryan and Chaz were chasing on an other I went to my room to change since I was wearing basketball short and a tee I put on some red jeans and a grey shirt that said believe on it I was waiting in my room until Scooter called (S= Scooter J= JB)

J= hello*

S= hey Justin what doing*

J= um just finished getting dress why*

S= that's good because where heading to the hotel and once were there we have a interview to go*

J= Oh um ok*

S= ok get ready they are going to ask loads of questions*

J= yea I know im ready on whatever it is*

S=alright then see ya*

and then we hung up I walked out and saw everyone dressed but what cought my eye was that vanni was wearing the same outfit but instead of a t-shirt she had a grey sweatshirt with the word believe I couldn't help but smile I sat down and watched tv they were watching adventure time the bus stopped and we got out and once we did my sis and bro ran to vanni

"Vanni your here we missed you" they said I looked at dad confused and so was mom and everyone else she hugged them and then dad

"What's going on how do you guys know each other?" I asked dad

"um son it's a long story i'll tell you after you come back from the interview ok" he said I just nod my head and went in the car.


"And here is Justin Bieber" the lady said

"Hi everyone how's everyone doing" I said and fake smiled

"Were good Justin what about you we heard you had and accident at your concert" she said and a picture came on the back screen when I fell and was taken to the hospital

"Um yea it was a really bad one but im good"

"were glad to hear that so we have seen pictures of you and Selena Gomez but also with you bodyguard Vanessa would you like to tell us who's the lucky girl" I was mad at that fact they wont leave my love life out of this

"Um well Vanessa is one of my close friends but im with Selena"

"Oh so jelena is true and back that good I  see you fans are still supporting the jelena train"


"Ok that's all we have for today thanks for being here with us today Justin hope you came back soon" she said and some yelled cut I got out and looked at vanni I could see hurt in her eyes


hiiiii everyone well I see you guys want vanni and Justin together but hold on there gonna be together but Justin lost his memory so we have to wait and well so I told the kid I liked him and all he said was ok but when we went out we always said I love you to each other and now he doesn't care it feels like he was playing with me ugh I cant stop crying I really do like him but iwas just played;( I HATE LOVE NOW



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