Remember Me

Hey I'm Vanessa Flores I'm 18 I meet Justin Bieber when I was 14 we were really close friend then we were more than friends but I had an accident and ended up in the hospital then i heard Justin left four years later i started working undercover and that's when we meet again.
will he remember her? Will they fall again?


9. fans


  Me and Zack were taking when lots of girls  were arriving and fangirling I got out of the car and motion Zack to follow. 

  "What are you doing" he said

 "We have to get Justin and his mum out of there until the more fan come and it get hard to get them go drive the car to the back now"

 "ok" he said and left

 I pushed into the car and got in and then my phone rang and it was Justin

  JB- Hello Vanessa there are lots of fans and me and my mum want to go"

 Me- yea I know I'm in the restaurant  where are you"

 JB-Hold up I see you i'll go get you"


 We hung up and I looked around until I saw him

 ''hey ready to go were living from the back Zack already has the car back there"

 "yea were ready and your a fast thinker"

 "yea and thanks let's go''

 we left from the back and drove to his house

 "thank you guys'' they said and then me and Zack left

  "Hey wanna go somewhere" Zack said

 "Go where"

 "Let's go play laser tag'' he said jumping on the seat like a little kid I looked at him and nod

 "Ok ok will go"

 "yayyy your the best"

 " ya ya "


  "Bye Mom love you" I said

 My mom went home and I went up stairs to change into shorts and a t-shirt I went back down and someone was ringing the bell I went to the door and saw Ryan and Chaz

 "What up man'' Ryan and Chaz said and we did our hand shake

 "Aye what are you guys doing over here"

 "We came to see what you doing" Chaz said

 "oh well I was about to watch a movie and make popcorn"

 " Your lame'' Rayn said jumping on the couch

 "say's the one who's jumping up and down like a girl" chaz said and I laughed and went into the kitchen and made popcorn and went back

  "What movie we gonna watch " Ryan said

 "I don't you pick" I said seating down with the bowl of popcorn

 "alright "he said putting scary move 5 we turned of the lights and watched



 We were playing laser tag and I got to admit it was fun we played in teams and me and Zack won I was close to getting tag put hey in and undercover agent who hat skills lol I don't mean to brag but sometimes it fun two

  "That was fun we should do this more often" I said

 "Yes we should buy everything is better when we do it together'' he said looking and me

  "yes yes it is" I said I don't but I just got a weird feeling in my belly oh god

We drove back to the hotel and we went to Zack's room to watch a movie and of course he put a scary movie ugh I hate scary movies I get scare we sat on the couch and began to watch

 "oh no don't go in there ahhhhhh" I screamed Zack stared laughing at me I hid my face in his back then I came out and we were cuddling but then I fell into a deep sleep


OH NO what do think should it be:

 Zack & Vanni     OR    Justin & Vanni




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