Remember Me

Hey I'm Vanessa Flores I'm 18 I meet Justin Bieber when I was 14 we were really close friend then we were more than friends but I had an accident and ended up in the hospital then i heard Justin left four years later i started working undercover and that's when we meet again.
will he remember her? Will they fall again?


4. babysit


   ''vanni!!!!!'' jaxson yelled and hugged me

   ''jaxson!!!'' I said and kissed his forehead then jazzy came running and Jermy  behide her

 ''vannessa your here yay my daddy said you r gonna babysit us" jazzy said giving me a hug

 "hey jazzy and yea I'm going to babysit you guys'' I said I went over to  Jermy and hugged him

  ''hey sweetie'' he said and hugging me back

 we went to the living room and sat down I took the thing I brought jazzy and jaxson and gave it to them and once I did you should have seen the smile on there faces it was adorable they left me and Jermy in the living room and we began to talk.

   "So sweetie what's going on you don't look really happy today'' he said

  "yea I know the thing is today I had a meeting with my boss and well I'm flying to L.A tomorrow morning" I said

 '' Well that's good news why aren't you happy'' he said looking at me

 ''Well'' I said getting up and walking to the window ''The thing is I have to be Justin's bodyguard and I don't know if I can handle seeing him again he broke my heart and he's dating that girl Selena I think I'm not sure but I just feel like I cant be near him it just get's me down and seeing him again it's just hard''

  ''Vannessa do you still like Justin?'' I looked at him and nod he came over to me and hugged me ''Look sweetie it's gonna be ok just give it time once you go over there be yourself that's why Justin loved you right just be you become friends with him and once you two are close tell him how you feel and after that just listen to him and see what happens but don't let it get to you ok''

  ''ok thanks that means a lot'' I said

'' anytime sweetie well I have to go ok'' he said getting his jacket ''kids behave ok love you'' he kissed jaxson and jazzy and left

  '' ok so what do you guy's what do'' I said

 ''let play princesses'' jazzy said jumping

 ''noooo I wanna play race car's '' jaxson said making car noises

 ''ok guys were gonna  play race car's princesses ok'' I said

 ''ok but how we ganna do that'' jazzy asked

 '' you dress as a princes and jaxson you as a prince and we go to the back yard with toy car and we make a ramp to race them and see who's the winner then we run away from the dragon" I said picking up a stuff animal dragon ''and jaxson you have to save us from it or it's  gonna eat us''

'' ok yayyy'' jazzy said we went up stairs and changed and jazzy had a beautiful purple dress with a crown and jaxson  was wearing a prince outfit and a crown they looked adorable so I took a picture of them we went to the back yard I made a ramp and we raced the cars and jaxson won then me and jazzy ran behide jaxson and said ''prince jaxson you have to save us from the dragon''

'' ok i'll save you guys'' jaxson said and pushed the dragon down

 ''yay you saved us'' me and jazzy said at the same time then after the game they changed and I went to make some spaghetti and set it on the table I called them in the kitchen and sat down and ate by the time it was 8

  We were down eating I washed the dishes and made popcorn and took a bowl to the living room and watched cars 2 and jaxson feel asleep I took him to his room and tucked him in and kiss forehead and went up stairs and sat next to jazzy and then we were both out.



   awwwe how cute they fell asleep

  comment and i'll update


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