Remember Me

Hey I'm Vanessa Flores I'm 18 I meet Justin Bieber when I was 14 we were really close friend then we were more than friends but I had an accident and ended up in the hospital then i heard Justin left four years later i started working undercover and that's when we meet again.
will he remember her? Will they fall again?


21. 2ed day

please read note at the bottom thank u *VANESSA'S P.O.V*

I got out of the room and sat in the waiting room took my phone out and went through my pictures of me and Justin ugh why did this happen it was 7pm I wanted to leave and go in a hole ugh whyyyyyyyy

 "Vanni lets go " Scooter said getting me out of my thoughts I put my phone in my back pocket and headed out Justin kept looking at me ugh I wish he knew once we got out it swam with fans and paps

"EVERYONE PLEASE MOVE OUT OF THE WAT" me and Zack said we got in the car and headed home when we got there I went straight to my room I wasn't feeling good


we got home and vanni went to her room I feel bad for her I was gonna go up until Justin spoke

"Whats up with her" he said

"She's just upset i'll go go check on her"Zack said well then i'll talk to her later

 "Justin we gonna pick your mom up tomorrow ok now go get some sleep" I said

 "um ok" he said and walked up stairs


 I walked up stairs and into vanni's room and she was laying down I went to her bed and lied down next to her I felt bad

"hey" I said


"how it going'

"ehh good u"

"same" she turned to her side and layed her head on my chest I stoke her hair and she feel asleep I wanted to pee so bad but I didn't want to wake her and then I guess I feel asleep to


I was walking to my room when I saw the girls room open I think her name is channi or vanni I don't remember her door was wide open and I saw her and Zack sleeping together I don't know why I felt jealous I waled in my room and changed into a t and shorts I found my phone on the nightstand and turned it on then I notice my wallpaper was a picture of me kissing channi's cheek weird I got a text and I was Selena


*Hey babe how u doing*

wait was I still with Selena well I guess I am


*Hey and im good and what u doing tomorrow wanna come over*

From: Sel

*That's good and sure*

I put my phone back and lied down and feel asleep

----Next Morning

 I woke up and took a shower and got dressed today I was gonna go pick my mom up and hang with sel I went down and saw channi eating

"Morning" I said

"Morning she said not looking at me weird why do I feel like I have a connection with her ugh I heard I had some memory lost I think not sure but ugh Justin put yourself together I saw her walk out with out saying anything ugh


I woke up in Zack's arms weird I felt safe for some reason I got up showered and changed and headed down to eat I was sitting when Justin came ugh we were all up by now and went to pick Pattie up and then came home now it was 5pm and I was in my room I heard a girl giggle I went down stairs to see Justin, Selena , Chaz  and Ryan they looked at me and then Ryan and Chaz ran to me hugging me

"Vanessa!!!!!!!" they said at the same time

"Heyyy" I said trying to be happy they stopped hugging me and then I see Justin and Selena making out I was about to cry I guess Chaz saw coz he pulled me to a room

 "Hey I know what happen Scooter told us but don't worry me and Ryan are here for you ok I hugged him and cried on his chest he picked me up and sat me on his laps and I think I cried a lot I feel asleep


Awwe pour vanni I feel bad :(

SO guys you know that kid I told ya I like well today I sat next to him and we talked for a long time and while I we were talking he was gonna tell me something until some kid ruin the moment ugh I wonder what he was gonna say and i was writing this story and talking to one of my fans shes really nice you know who u are :)




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