After a battle on the streets two feuding gangs find themselves in a summer camp for 'troubled' youth and are forced to put their differences aside for a chance at getting out of the Hell Hole of Happiness.


1. I

The van swerved violently running a red light, Brogan laughs hysterically as he speeds up, the van behind us screeches to a halt as someone bikes across the road. I brush my short blonde hair from my face, The van jumps as one wheel hits the curb as we rush through town at 2 in the morning. Sirens wail in the distance as the van behind us pulls to our side, we catch a glimpse of the driver, a guy with fluffy afro hair and sunglasses, before we take a sharp turn into a carpark which sits at the top of a hill, the other van copies, The back doors open and Me and Sarah, jump out landing on our skate boards and crouching, speeding down the hill, we both laugh as the van reverses, our hair blowing behind us. We hear two boys shout as they too jump out of their van and chase us down the hill, My board shakes with the speed as we make the smooth turn onto a flat empty road and rise to our feet we slow slightly and start pushing to keep up momentum, the few people on the street are quick to dodge our paths.

We reach our destination, where two motorbikes wait, we strap our skateboards to our backs with bungee cords and climb onto on of the bikes, Sarah in front me behind, we set off faster, slipping into a side road and heading out of town, the sirens get closer and we loose track of the boys, Sarah throws a fist in the air in celebration, we've almost won, we just had to get to the flag, we pull up outside the building where we started at the traffic lights and Tyler and Josh are already waiting, next to two tall lanky boys, We get off the bikes and Tyler and Josh start to climb up the outside of the building, Half way up, The Boys behind us apear, jump off there bike and the other two boys run inside, they have 7 flights of stairs, they have no chance; My Brother and I sit down on the pavement and Sarah rests against the bike. The police sirens get slowly closer.

We hear Tyler and Josh celebrate waving a black flag with The Skeleton Clique's logo on it, the two boys appear on the roof, and curse.

They come back down and the sound of sirens are just around the corner,

"Come on guys we-" Tyler doesn't have time to finish as police cars roll around the corner and we rush to the vans, our chances of escape slimming by the second, They have us surrounded,

"Step out of the vehicle with your hands where we can see them"

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