If Today Was Our Last Day

It will be a very sad and emotional story about depression and bullying


1. The Day

It was a school day in Timbrook.

Im Angela, a depressed 6 foot black hair,15and bright blue eyed girl.

I've been bullied since grade 8. Im now used to being hit, punched,kicked, knocked out and put down everyday. I once told my teacher that everyone including my boyfriend and best friend are bullying me. She did all she could to help me, her name was Mrs.Kapteyn. She was a beautiful 26 year old 5foot6 blonde hair and blue eyed girl. She was like a mother to me, she sometimes lets me come over with her and have a girls night. That was the first thing i god bullied for, everyone thought i was a little lesbian loser with no fucking life to live. They all wished for me to back to hell. One girl tried drowning me in a hot tub. i became so depressed i started slitting my wrists

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