It's Harry Styles' Baby

Ava Mary-Anne is 17,nearly 18. She's been dating one direction's own Harry Styles for about 6 months. Harry and his band mates Liam,Niall,Louis,and Zayn are then called to go on tour. Ava and Harry knew that a long-distance relationship wouldn't work. So,they broke it off. But about a week after Harry leaves for tour,Ava then finds out she's pregnant. She knew it was Harry's because he's the only guy she had ever slept with. Ava worries about what to do. Her parents kick her out after she tells them and she goes to live with her aunt just about 5 minutes away outside from London. After 2 years. Ava is now 20 years old and comes out with a baby girl named Darcy. She's one years old and is already crawling.One day during a stroll in London with her baby, Harry Styles comes into her life again.


2. chap2.not so perfect anymore.

The next day.


Last night was amazing. Ava's amazing. She is everything to me. I love her. We were made for eachother. She makes me happy and I hope I do the same for her. I wouldn't do anything to hurt her. Her parents seem like they like me. That's good.scratch that,it's not good,it's great. She's coming over later and-ring,ring,ring. My phone went off. I reached for it in my back pocket and pulled it out. The screen showed a pic of uncle Si. a smile appeared on my face. I pressed the answer button and held it up to my ear.


H: "hello?"

S: "hey there Harry!its simon."

H: "uncle Si!!hows it going?everything good?"

S: "yes of course!now the reason why I'm calling is because one direction is going on tour again for a year and a half!!!"

H: "oh wow!!yess!sounds great uncle si!have you told the other boys yet?"

S: "just Liam and Zayn.not the other two but I will after this."

H: "thanks for letting me know I'll start packing right away. When do we leave?"

S: "in two days!!"

H: "great.ill see you then!bye uncle si!"

S: "bye Harry!"


One direction is going back on tour. Ohmygod. I'm excited but that means leaving Ava. How was I going to tell her? I hit my head with my hand. I'll tell her when she comes and we can talk about it. I nodded,agreeing to myself."Ava I'm going on tour again." "Babe,I'm leaving to go on tour." "One direction is going on tour again." Ugh. I can't figure out what to say. I sat on the couch and put my head in my hands. Just then there was a knock at the door. Ava is here. I got up and went to the door and looked through the peep hole. It was her. My love. My everything. I opened the door and sighed."hey love.come on in." She was smiling widely and walked in after kissing my cheek. "Thanks. So what do you wanna do today?" She sat down on the couch waiting for me to answer. I closed the door and looked at her. "Uhh...I need to talk to you." I sat down next to her. Her smile was gone. "Is something wrong?" She grabbed my hand and looked at me. I looked up and met her eyes. There was always that twinkle in them. I gently rubbed her cheek with my knuckles and smiled.she have me a small smile back but it disappeared. "There is no easy way to say this so...well...I have to go back on your for a year and a half..." After I said that there was tears forming in her eyes. "Oh." She let go of my hand. "Umm..well then." We were both speechless. We had nothing to say. I knew I broke a part of her heart because mine broke too. She started talking about long distance relationship. But I couldn't do that. "No.we can't. It's too much." She was more broken. "Then I guess this is it Harry." My heart shattered. I didn't want to hear it but it had to be done. I was crying by now and so was she. She stood up and started towards the door,tears streaming down her face. "Ava I-" the door closed. I fell to the floor and cried.


"Ava I-" I closed the door shut. That was the last thing I heard from him. Tears rolled down my face like a river. I got into my car and put the key in the ignition I turned it forward twice but it wouldn't started. I rest my head on the wheel and cried. I was hurt. He hurt me. He hurt me... I got out of my car and ran as fast as I can. I didn't care where I was going. I just ran to anywhere else.

I ended up at the river. I walked along the side looking down into the water. A tear dropped into the water sending ripples in all sorts of directions. I wiped my cheeks and laid back into the green fresh grass. I looked up at the blue sky filled with white clouds. I stayed like that for an hour.

-hour later-

I decided to go home. I walked the same way I came and ended up at the park near my house. Tears were still in my eyes but I'd let them go and wipe them away. I came to a park near my house. There was a couple there holding hands and walking around the park. It broke my heart to see what me and Harry used to do. But not anymore. I pushed him to the back of my mind and walked home. No more Harry styles. This is a new chapter.

Once I got home I told my parents Harry and I were over and told them that it was because we had a huge fight. I lied. I went upstairs and washed my face. And went to bed.

2 days later-


I was heart broken. But I managed to get ready for tour. I met the boys at the airport. Paparazzi were there.flashes everywhere. Questions asked. But none answered. We got on the plane and flew of to the beginning of the tour. I decided to push Ava to the side and start thinking about the band. This is what's important now.

1 week later-


Harry is gone. I'm fine. But deep down I knew that I was broken. I needed someone to fix me,but no one was there to do so. I have been getting sick every morning and sometimes in the afternoon. I got the idea that I might be pregnant. I laughed at the thought. Wait. "I can't be....right?" I lifted up my shirt infront of my mirror and turned sideways. I gasped. I ran to get my shoes on and went down to get in my new car. Father bought me a new car since the old one broke down. I got in and drove to the pharmacy. I grabbed the best one I could find and ran to the self check out line and bought it.

I drove mom was home so I had to hide It. But where?!?! I quickly pushed it up my shirt and zipped up my jacket. I ran to the front door and walk inside like nothing was wrong. "Hey honey." I heard my mom say from the living room. "Hey mom." I walked upstairs and ran to my bedroom. I locked the door then went into my bathroom and locked the door there too. I sat on the toilet. I was sweating nervously. I peed on the stick and set it on the counter. I set an alarm on my phone to 3 mins and waited. I couldn't take the suspense. I cleaned up my lil mess I made then the alarm went off. It was time. I closed my eyes and picked the test up. I counted to three then opened my eyes and read...."it's positive." I felt like I crying but in some way I was happy. It felt like I needed this to happen. I sat on the floor and did nothing for a min. I just thought about nothing. I sniffled then got up. I took a photo of the test. And threw it away carefully so no one would find it. It was getting late so I decided to go to bed. This baby was all I could think about. I drifted out to sleep thinking about this baby.

My life wasn't so perfect after all.

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