Living in Transformers Prime

I’m a TransFan who was taken into Transformers Prime, no thanks to Soundwave. I became a Cyber-Organic; the Transformers Prime Version of Techno-Organics. I also cannot die. I’m living in Transformers Prime, in the middle of season 1. Enough said.
In Transformers Prime: Book 2.


16. Weakling

A month has passed. But the month--that had skated by like a deer trying to walk across an icy surface—had also been the perfect timing where a large group of clones was completed in Team Mech’s base. What people would not expect is for hyped about clones to stand around and do nothing but chat. This is what happens when someone makes a bunch of clones related to Ivy that are intended to be warriors.

“Why are they doing nothing?” Silias asks, with a disapproved expression.

“They .  . .” Jerry starts, but then he sighs.  “They insist we get them a big blue telephone box.”

“What?” Silias repeats, his forehead became covered in wrinkles.

“A big blue telephone box.” Jerry said.

“Will they start showing off their weapons if we do?” Silias asks.

“They didn’t say.” Jerry said.

Team Mech gets the clones exactly what the clones wanted. Except the problem here is that about thirty-two Ivy Clones went in there at once screaming something about ‘I want to fly the machine!’.The Telephone box smashes in the hanger from the fight going on inside and then accidently proceeds to kill off most of the clones. Explosions went off in the hanger once the telephone box hit an explosive machine.

Apparently they didn’t know how to fly a big blue telephone box.

“What just happened?” Silias asks, watching from a protective glass mirror of the lower floor destroying most of the clones.

“They just killed themselves.” One of the men said.  “On accident.”

However, we see one of the clones had gotten into a small developed machine meant to be a prototype of a teleporter. We see this clone is small, childlike, and short. The Little Clone presses several buttons by accident when the big machine box knocks against it. The systems booted on showing an array of destinations. Instead of a hand we see a foot being used on the keyboard setting a random destination.

“Um sir.” The second man said. “The teleporter is being used.”

“I thought we scrapped the teleporter.” Silias said, as his eyebrows hunched together. 

“Not all of them.” We heard Catherine.

The camera turns to the left at the opened door.

“Catherine.” Silias said. “I should have guessed you didn’t follow the orders.”

“Follow dumb orders?” Catherine said, walking into the room. “Nah, I don’t think so.”

The colors you would normally associate to a space bridge is seen through the teleporter’s transparent door as though sending the small clone somewhere. The readings were going off the chart on the safe side of the Mech Base that hadn’t got flamed. A burning pillar from above falls down then snaps a cord connecting the teleporter from the wall.A bright white light is illuminated from the Teleporter’s door.

“I told you it would work.” Catherine said, as a few of the men put down their glasses at the awe inspiring sight.

Then the machine exploded.

“.  . .Catherine.”  Silias said.  “Give me a reason why not to report you for withholding failed projects.”

“Her eyes.” Catherine said.  “Her eyes.”

“I don’t—“ Silias starts.

“Don’t go Psych-o on me.” Catherine said. “You’ve seen her eyes. They got spider legs and very lethal to human interaction. Didn’t Jerry tell you why George is dead?”

_______                                ______                                        ______

  .  .  . The Nemesis  .  . .

  .  .  . Half an Hour later  .  . .

“Knock Out.” Shockwave said. “Was it logical to bring a clone of Abby aboard?’

“I didn’t bring her!” Knock Out said.

“Then why is this clone in my lab.” Shockwave said.

“Science man,” Knock Out said. “Her name is Ivy; not Abby.”

“It’ll always be Abby.” Shockwave said, getting a look from Knock Out. “That’s what she told me what her name was.” Knock Out rubs his forehelm. “Logically there must be a reason why this clone appeared in my lab right after you walked in.”

The Little Clone is trembling and scared.

“She was already here when I came in.” Knock Out said.

“No she wasn’t.” Shockwave said.

“Yes I was.” The Little Clone said.

“She speaks!” Knock Out said, pointing at her.

“At least I didn’t say you’re a big gigantic piece of toy that’s been put into a machine that makes it instantly attractive for young girls and your thighs look so girly like.” The Little Clone said, getting up on her two feet. She tilts her head at the red Decepticon.  “And your figure is really strange. What are you? Who are you?Who’s Abby?”

“It’s Ivy.” Knock Out corrects her while folding his arms.   “Her name is Ivy.”

“She has no idea who we are.” Shockwave acknowledges the obvious.

“Nor who she is.” Knock Out adds.

“Answer meee.” The Little Clone said, tapping her foot and her arms folded.

“I’m a Decepticon, the kind you would fear and need to escape.” Knock Out said. “We’re the one who do not like organics in our way. I am Knock Out the Automobile enthusiast and the medic, and this is Shockwave,” Knock Out gestures to the one optic Decepticon. “Our scientist who never goes out unless to recharge which is 5% of the time.”

“What are you?” The Little Clone asks.

“We’re cybertronians, logically.” Shockwave said.

“I know that!” The Little Clone said, flailing her arms like a cartoon character. “But what ARE you?”

“We should probably use Ivy called us the first time she came here.” Knock Out said.

“A logical approach.” Shockwave agrees.

“We are ‘Transformers’.” Knock Out said. “At least that’s what everyone calls us in Ivy’s universe.”

“Ooooh.” The Little Clone said. “I remember seeing that ad for that Animated show called Transformers something with this medic, this big green guy, this ninja guy,this guy who resembles Optimus Prime from this cartoon Transformers movie,this bumblebee colored guy, and this fearful dark gray and maroon villain.”

The two share another glance.

“Hold up.” Knock Out said. “How old are you?”

“Um .  . 10?” The Little Clone said. “At least that’s what I’ve been told by these officials looking guys in the hanger.”

Shockwave has an argument with Knock Out to get out of his lab with the clone. However the one eyed Deception had to shove them out the lab—that can be argumentively his recharge room at some occasions—with one heck of determination. Shockwave shuts the doors behind the red Decepticon and returned to his work.

“Hey!” Chestnut said. “This is the worst impression I’ve ever made to copy the Cyber-Organic!”

Knock Out gets up on his two feet as the Little Clone ran out of his way.

“That’s because she’s a clone.” Knock Out said.  “Not faithful to the original.”

“I’m not short, right?” The Little Clone asks.

“You’re short.” Chestnut said.

“Aw!” The Little Clone whines. “I don’t wanna be short!  I hate being short!” She continues to complain about her qualities.  “I’m such an outcast for being this nose picker, artist, silent girl, girl who talks under her breath telling a story, and throws stuff into the air while on the floor telling a story!”

“How old is she?” Chest nut asks.

“I’m ten.” The Little Clone said. “I hate math. Don’t ya?”

“I hate math. But what’s math.” Chestnut asks.

Knock Out went past the two to get Megatron’s advice about the situation.

“Nine times four.” The Little Clone said. “What’s the answer.”

“Sixteen.”  Chestnut  said.

“Nah,I heard it’s 36.” The Little Clone said, sticking her tongue out.

“You’re lying!” Chestnut said, as we see Cloud come by. “Tell her it’s sixteen!”

“Who?” Cloud asks.

Chestnut forces Cloud to look down.

“Five times four is twenty, five times one is five, five times two is ten, five times three is fifteen, five times five is twenty five.” The Little Clone said. “Do you understand how five times one hundred thirty five equals two hundred fifty-five?”

“I believe you are wrong.” Cloud said. “It’s three hundred fifty five.”

“Hah!” The Little Clone said. “This is how much I’m terrible at math! Don’t ya see?”

“I don’t understand you.” The Cloud said.

“So you don’t see how the ringing in your ears because of a bead can be awful?” The Little Clone asks.

Chestnut and Cloud rub their helmets trying to figure out what she means.

“I need a calculator.”  The Little Clone said. “I need to get the right answers.”

The two vehicons share a whispery conversation, and then, they turned back to the Little Clone.

“What’s pi times u?” Cloud asks.

“Pi times u is 3.14U.” The Little Clone said, with a shrug.  “I guess.”

“What’s a big blue telephone box called?” Chestnut asks.

“I have no idea.” The Little Clone said. “Hey, wait a sec. Is it supposed to be a item in this show that was supposed to come on next after this other show that dealt with creatures coming out from below the ground, this dude with a old watch who was friends with this guy named Jack and this other lady who nearly got kidnapped from the ground evil looking creatures?”

The two vehicons  are lost.

“Oh!” The Little Clone jumps up and down. “I remember what the title for the show that was about to come next was called!”

“What was it?” Cloud asks.

“I was living in Oak Groove at the time, and, so I checked the info and it said ‘Doctor Who’.” The Little Clone said. “And said ‘I am not ready for this’, then changed the channel.”  

“Why?” Cloud asks.

“I don’t know.” The Little Clone said.  “It was like .  .  .” She walks back and forth. “Like I knew what the future ahead of it was.” The Little Clone stops pacing.  “I do like the ER show; it’s cool! So is Charmed; oh I love the blonde guy from heaven and he’s an angel. I also love the episode where one of the charmed girls is pregnant and makes butterflies appear.”

“Butterflies?”  Chestnut asks.

“And the other episode where the brown head went back in time to stop her angel friend from dying through this wall thing because he had become human and eventually he had to say she had to move on at the end of the episode. He was killed in action as an officer in this alley.” The Little Clone babbles. “Also the episode where the charmed girls could not speak, hear,or see.”

“She talks more than Ivy does.” Cloud said, in a low voice.

Megatron and Knock Out are coming down the hallway.

“I love Flubber; it’s so funny.” The Little Clone said, with a laugh. “The balls bouncing; one, two, three!”  The Little Clone jumps up and down. “It’s so good. Why is it so good?  Tell me, do ya have a video system thingy that allows you to download movies?”

“Uh,” Cloud taps his unique digits together.  “Maybe.”

“Download the following movies: Flubber, The 13th Warrior, The Lion King, Con Air, DragonHeart,and Mary Poppins!” The Little Clone lists the movies. “I also love Monk!” The Little Clone jumps up and down. “It’s a jungle out there, dun duh dah.”

Megatron stops across from The Little Clone.

“This is not Ivy.” Megatron said, with a grimace on his faceplate.

Cloud and Chestnut walk past Megatron and Knock Out. They had heard quite enough of the chattery.

“What should we do with it?” Knock Out asks.

“Knock Out.” Megatron said, in an impatient tone. “Kill this vermin.”

“But she’s—“ Knock Out started to say.

“No buts.” Megatron interrupts him. “Let her live; you’re weak. She’s nothing like the original. Don’t you think the double should be rid of?”

“She’s a child.” Knock Out said.

“She’s not the original.” Megatron said. “And if you like her; then kill her.” Knock Out is dismayed. “If I were you then I would kill the clone.”

Knock Out looks down to the clone. Megatron turns away from the two then walks down the hallway to do something that he had been planning about. The Little Clone tilts her head at Knock Out, a little confused why he’s staring at her like a creep. It seemed creepy to her. If someone had put in crickets inside the ship then this would match her view of awkwardness.

 “If you like the original.” The Little Clone said. “Then kill me.”

Knock Out’s expression easily read ‘Did she just?’.

“Ya heard me!” The Little Clone said, as Megatron was out of hearing range.  “I, the clone of Abby-“

“It’s Ivy.” Knock Out sharply corrects her.

“I, the clone of Ivy, demand you kill me!” The Little Clone said. “Before I DO what she threatened to do last time by tearing your paint job up!”

Knock Out sighs as he looks down to the Little Clone. Though he initially had this ‘Ivy never said that’ expression on his faceplate. The Little Clone looks at Knock Out like someone who was going to do a favor for her. In a way The Little Clone seemed quite happy to be killed by a gigantic robot who she never knew.

 “I can’t do it.” Knock Out said.

“Aw come on!” The Little Clone pouts. “Do I have ta annoy ya?”

“No-no—“ Knock Out shook his servos.

“Tomorrow, the sun will come out in the day, so tomorrow!” The double sings. “And it’s only a day away, tomorrow, I’LL LOVE YA!”

Knock Out covers his audios as Starscream comes by.

“Knock Out,who’s playing—Why is SHE aboard this ship?”  Starscream screeches, and then he said in a low voice. “As a child.”

 “She’s a clone.”  Knock Out said, in quiet voice.

“Hukuna Matatate, it means no worries, for the rest of your days!” The Little Clone sang. “Philiosphy!”

“And Lord Megatron wants me to offline her.” Knock Out said, as his shoulders lowered. “I didn’t realize it would be this hard to .  .  .kill her.”

Starscream puts his servos on his womanly hips.

“It’s not that hard.” Starscream said, waving his right servo in the way he spoke it.

“It is  when she’s like a friend.” Knock Out said.

“Knock Out, you are young,” Starscream said, putting one servo on Knock Out’s shoulder. “But sometimes our sparks are not supposed to feel mercy for our foes.” He gets an unprecented reaction from Knock Out. “I mean the ones who make terrible paintjobs.”

“But how do you do it?” Knock Out asks as Starscream’s servo came off his shoulder. “To kill someone who’s not the one you know, but, resembles them  .  .  .”

“I imagine I’m killing Megatron.” Starscream said.

“That’s not helping.” Knock Out said.

“A spoon full of sugar will help the medicine go down in a delightful way!” The little Clone sang. “It’s a brand new world that I can see, will I lose my dignity?, and will someone care?” She raises her voice. “Another day, come back another day, no day like todaaaay!”

“Nor is her singing.” Starscream said, rubbing his forehelm.

“I can’t do it.” Knock Out said.

We see something spark in Starscream’s optic.

“I’ll do it.” Starscream said, rubbing his servos together. “I’ll kill her.”

“So far away, so far away, standing in the night, why don’t we see what’s going on?, if today was your last, would you spend it like yesterday?” The Little Clone walks in circles, singing some random lyrics. “Because nobody wants to be the last one there, sooo we can’t give up—“

Starscream aims his blaster at the little clone.

“Clones are never like the original.” Starscream said.

The Little Clone stopped singing and had a bright face looking at the blaster.

“Hai , Miss Hannigan!” The little Clone said, waving at Starscream. “You got a nice aft.”

Starscream’s laser blaster went off and killed the clone.

“Done.” Starscream said. 

“What if she comes back to life as a zombie?” Knock Out asks, pretty worried.

“Then we’ll kill her again.” Starscream said. He lifts his helm up looking at the young mech then raised one of his giant optic brows. "You have been watching human movies, again.”

“Shoot her at the head.” Knock Out said, pointing down to the dead body.

“Why don’t you do that?” Starscream asks.

“It’s .  .  . too hard.” Knock Out said.

Starscream rolled his eyes and then shoots at the head. Therefore he destroys The Little Clone’s head. The scene rolls into a black scene away from the remains that had been alive minutes ago. We go through Shockwave’s lab that has a lot of objects. Even the Microwaver is still around on the table in Shockwave’s view.

“Logically I should destroy this invention.” Shockwave said.

There is silence.

“But what if my lord needs it?” Shockwave asks himself.  “Logically, He won’t need a machine to make burnt energon toast.”

The screen to the lab brightens to life.

“Shockwave, have you deactivated the tracker?” Megatron asks.

Shockwave’s red optic didn’t blink.

“Tracker?” Shockwave repeats. “I don’t remember a tracker.”

“The one you gave Ivy.” Megatron said.

“I thought it was destroyed.” Shockwave said.

“She took it with her.” Megatron said. “And I have not received any warning signals on the tracker.”

“Where was the tracker machine?” Shockwave asks, probably curious where Megatron had lost it.

Megatron’s optics looks right down to the corner.

“You don’t want to know.” Megatron said, in a way that sounded like ‘no questions asked’. His attention returns from the previous topic. “I would like you to deactivate it.”

 “The device will be deactivated, my lord.” Shockwave said.

The connection ended right after the promising reply from Shockwave. Shockwave pulls up a human sized computer then uses his large and sharp digits to flip it open. He carefully presses the square silver button near the button with a sun symbol. Eventually the page for the Decepticon necklace tracker came up.

“It serves no purpose.” Shockwave tells himself, clicking a ‘deactivate’ button on the page.

We see a brief scene to the necklace that had bright red glow at the optic area shimmer into dark gray.

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