Living in Transformers Prime

I’m a TransFan who was taken into Transformers Prime, no thanks to Soundwave. I became a Cyber-Organic; the Transformers Prime Version of Techno-Organics. I also cannot die. I’m living in Transformers Prime, in the middle of season 1. Enough said.
In Transformers Prime: Book 2.


1. To find a cyber-Organic

.  .  . 2011  . .  . 

  .  .  . Sometime after  the 5 part ‘darkness rising’ and Megatron’s new body  .  .  . .

Lockdown hooks the Tyrant’s leg into a hang-by-the-ankle machine.

“Let me go!” Megatron growls, kicking his feet to no snap in the machine.

“Not unless you tell me where she is.” Lockdown turns on his chainsaw, standing a few feet away from the tyrant.

“She’s on Earth.” Megatron said, without much thought. “Looking for specifics? Go find her yourself.”

Lockdown turns away from his table cleaning off his chainsaw.

“Megatron,” The bounty hunter acknowledges the leader. “Meddling with Cyber-Organics is not your thing.”

“Hm?” Megatron said. “Me; meddling with Cyber-Organics? I’m afraid you are wrong.”

“Don’t act stupid with me!” Lockdown makes a scar on Megatron’s chest. “I know you like her.”

“I do not like her!” Megatron denies strongly but in pain.

Lockdown brings forth the tyrant using one of the chains.

“You are protecting her.” Lockdown said.

“I’m not protecting her.” Megatron repeats, feeling his arms were fused into a metal sphere. He hated it  more than Optimus Prime. Hadn’t Ivy asked him to promise her into telling Lockdown where she is? He had done exactly as she had asked. Humans were always the weak links to the Decepticons.

Starscream pretty much was right about ditching her and never ever coming back. Megatron should have done exactly that when he had the chance.But on the other end Lockdown would have somehow gotten into the same situation torturing him.The curse of the Cyber-organic: bad things always come. Too bad she could not die.

“You are an insistent liar.” Lockdown  said, burning one of Megatron’s optics using an heated iron.

 Light blue liquid poured out of Megatron’s missing left optic.

“-I-I-I’m not lying!” Why did Lockdown not believe him? Did he find it amusing Megatron is telling the truth and merely wanted to torture Megatron about letting her sleep in his room? Including the time where he had saved her from the Merci ship.

Lockdown puts down the heated iron on the table.

“I know the truth.” Lockdown said. “About your ‘liking’ towards her.”

Lockdown picks up several long pipe sized needles from the table.

 “Wait—wait!” Megatron  manages to speak, despite the pain he is in.  “.  .  . You are the dark demanding figure she talked about.”

Lockdown looks over his shoulder.

“How?” Lockdown approaches the hanging upside down leader.

“She had a nig-nig-nig--nightmare about you.” Megatron hated stuttering

“Ah, so you were there for her.”  Lockdown then jabs all four heated iron into Megatron’s chest. “Pity Transfans.”  Megatron yells at the simutainous pain. “They make more mistakes coming here rather than returning home.”

Lockdown then yanks them out at once.

“I have to clean up their mess.” Lockdown continues as though it was his job. “And it’s not pretty. Good that I came on time; she could have done more harm than good to this universe.” Lockdown’s voice becomes deeper.

“Their mess?” Megatron manages to speak but in dire pain.

“Changing up how the future goes between you and Optimus.” Lockdown said. “The war comes to its own conclusion in a few years, and, they do not need a girl like her to change THAT future from happening!”

“What makes you think she’ll change it?” Megatron asks, his optics briefly power down.

“They all do it.” Lockdown sneers. “She’s the toxic food chemical that can kill off the good.”

“No, she’s a bananna that will make you slip and make others laugh.” Megatron corrects the Bounty hunter. “That definition you use may apply to them, but, she doesn’t make major changes. She’s a weak link.”

Lockdown jabs the needle into some part of Megatron’s armor. Megatron grumbles while the pain took a heavy toll on him.

“Don’t say I’m wrong.” Lockdown said. “She’s already changed the future by a couple months.”

“C--. . couple months?” Megatron manages to ask.

“Event wise.” Lockdown said. “Cliffjumper was supposed to die in the summer not in the fall. Saying this about her proves to me you have a liking towards her. That is not a wise choice, Megatronous.”

“It’s MEGATRON.” Megatron snaps at him.

“Ah, so she’s done the same thing to you.” Lockdown takes another needle. “Techno-Organics are a big mess to kill off. Including restoring the balance between the Decepticons and Autobots; dirty, gruesome, but required.”

Hearing Lockdown talk about killing that easily made Megatron sick to his spark.

“You.  .  . cannot kill her.” Megatron’s voice is dripping like an in-pain dangerous predator such as an T-Rex or a lion in a cage.

“What?” Lockdown puts the needles on the table. “What did you just say?”

“You cannot kill her.” Megatron repeats himself. “You are slow for a cleaner.”

Lockdown yanks out the burning needle from Megatron’s armor

 “That is a lie.” Lockdown hisses as he accuses him. He puts one of his torture devices into Megatron’s shoulder.

Megatron’s optics wince as the blue liquid dribbles down from his wound.

“I do .  .  . not lie.” Megatron said, actually forcing himself to argue back at the bounty hunter who should be dead. “Starscream does not shoot her anymore. If you shot at her that blast will backfire then bounce like a ball and hit something else.”

Lockdown takes out a rounded large huge device big enough to rip out an insignia from a mech like Megatron.

“Are you sure?” Lockdown hovers the hot steaming device away from Megatron’s chest. He taps on his hands. “Because I would like to find this unwanted girl.”

The word ‘unwanted’ made to refer towards Ivy had an unexpected effect on his spark. Naturally Megatron would have retorted but he is in the middle of torture! Lockdown asked all the wrong questions to Megatron; so naturally it would seem fit to pin her location with an enemy of his. It was the only way Lockdown would get off him.

“She’s with Optimus Prime.” Megatron said. “Suit yourself.”

“Where?’ Lockdown puts down the hot steaming device on the table.

Of course, Ivy chatting away where she had been before the nemesis months ago actually came in handy.

“Jasper, Navada.” Megatron said. “On Planet Earth.”

 ___                                         _____                                                    ____

 . .  . Nemesis.  .  .

 .  . . four megacycles after  .  .  . 

Starscream and Knock Out were sitting at a large table playing what seems to be different version of some intergalactic game that is on pause. Knock Out is applying some product to his digits.Starscream seems to be happy at how the game went on his side.

“I wonder where Megatron is.” Knock Out wonders out loud putting down the human-made product.

Starscream waves his servo.

“It’s his business.” Starscream said. “And I killed an Autobot.”

“Starscream, that is old.” Knock Out reminds him.

“So is making the vehicons sing outside my room!” Starscream holds his servos above the table making a more claw like gesture. 

Knock Out chuckles, amused he had gotten under the older mech’s nerves.

“Where is Lord Megatron?” Shockwave asks, holding a microwave like machine with arms coming out the sides.

Starscream and Knock Out were just sharing the same conversation.

“First; what is that?” Starscream asks, pointing at the machine. “Second; we don’t know.”

“It’s a Microwaver.” Shockwave said. “Megatron asked me to make it.”

Starscream and Knock Out are silent for a bit.

“You do realize she’s not here anymore.” Knock Out begins to break the ‘old news’ to Shockwave in a low voice. “You didn’t have to finish it.”

“Lord Megatron asked me to make it!” Shockwave insists.

 “No that was Ivy.” Knock Out said. “She perfected his voice; I was there when she used my comnlink and ordered you to make it.”

  They heard a crash from the landing hanger that is across form the room.

“What was that?” Knock Out said.

“That was Megatron landing.” Starscream got up from the chair. “I can recognize his faulty-in-need-of-repair crash mode anytime!”

 The three went to the landing hanger. The vehicons were standing around Megatron unsure what to do. He had holes almost everywhere in his chest. His shoulder armor did not look proud as they should have been for a leader great as Megatron.One of his optics is missing but his symbol is still there but it’s burning hot steam as though someone had applied some painful machinery on it.

 “Lord Megatron!” Shockwave is stunned to see Megatron look so tortured.

Megatron is pretty beat up.

“Get him to the med bay, he needs medical attention!” Knock Out orders the other Vehicons. “Don’t stand there; help before I change your alter modes to dull-old trailers!”

The vehicons helped Knock Out bring Megatron to the med bay.Breakdown had been called from his time doing a little ‘altermode comparing’ hobby he picked up from Ivy. They were getting close to earth at this time but Breakdown had never seen Megatron this  weak before. The duo worked on getting Megatron fixed to their ability.

 “I have not seen wounds like this in a long, long time.” Knock Out notes.

“Old school data pads.” BreakDown adds. “It’s all the makings of a bounty hunter.”

“Could he?” Knock Out looks up towards Breakdown.

“No, he couldn’t have survived the Kion explosion.” Breakdown said.

“It’s a possibility.”  Knock Out looks down to the tyrant who’s in recharge.

“We saw him die there, Knock Out.” Breakdown said. “We all did.”

Knock Out saw a marking on Megatron’s metal thigh.

“He did—didn’t die.” Knock Out said, pointing to the thigh marking.

“Is that saying ‘stay away from the dimension crosser’?” Breakdown looks up from the marker. He had this puzzled and stunned look on his faceplate. “How could he have survived that explosion? This is not possible.”

The two have an eerie moment of silence.

“Wait  . . .” Knock Out looks to his right, baffled.

“Megatron was tortured because  .  .  .” Breakdown continues.

“He knew where Ivy is.” Knock Out finishes, turning his helmet forwards. A trace of concern is seen in his face. “This does not make sense.”

A small group of Vehicons march past Breakdown(Who then gets paranoid) right to the  next Medbay. The vehicons look as though they seem to have got into an ugly dirt fight. Knock Out smiles at their silly consequences.

“Unless he’s getting rid of the ‘Transfans’ who come into our universe for some-one higher up who doesn’t like organics meddling where they should not be.” Breakdown rants. “And that they are all over the place but we didn’t know because he is the one cleaning it up by either killing them or returning them to their universe.”

“That’s a nice theory, Breakdown.” Knock Out said. “But he can’t kill her, nor can she go back because .  . .”

“She is out to put weed, raccoons, and horses into our engines?” Breakdown saw the vehicons were sitting on one berth. It bugged him and made conspiracy theories start coming into his helmet.

Knock Out smirks, shaking his helm at Breakdown’s wild theory.

“She’s a Cyber-Organic.” Knock Out said. “Lockdown can’t remove cybertronian from a Cyber-Organic, nor can he kill her because she cannot die.”

“What would he do with her then?” Breakdown asks.

“I don’t know.” Knock Out shrugs. “Probably take her to whoever ‘saved’ him.”

Breakdown pauses for a moment.

“I wonder if she’s plotting to put jello into the nemesis with the Autobots.” Breakdown worries.

Knock Out sighs, turning his helm behind his shoulder.

“They got into a dirt fight.” Knock Out shook his helm. “Wish she never introduced them to rain, dirt, and—tag you are it.”

Knock Out pushes Breakdown into the other medical bay with the dirty vehicons.

“And that.” Knock Out finishes.

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