Living in Transformers Prime

I’m a TransFan who was taken into Transformers Prime, no thanks to Soundwave. I became a Cyber-Organic; the Transformers Prime Version of Techno-Organics. I also cannot die. I’m living in Transformers Prime, in the middle of season 1. Enough said.
In Transformers Prime: Book 2.


2. Robots, finally

  .  . . 2011.  .  .

Jasper Navada, the place where you normally would not expect to have the Autobots and Decepticons fighting. Most Transfans, from TFW2005, refer to this as the place with little to no humans. It’s like a deserted town except for the main human cast and a few other people. When I say the main cast; I refer to a collection of people who been talked about on the forums.

These are: Fowler, Jack Derby’s mom, Raf, Miko, The girl who reminds me of Gwen from Ben 10 Alien Force, and Team Mech. I should also note for the past year (technically it has been two years when ya think about it) I’ve been living with a family called The Elbook. There is one eight year old boy named Marcus, a ten year old boy named Tom, and two parents named Sarah Elbook and Frank Elbook.

“Ivyyy, come on, we’re going to the theater!” Marcus jumps up and down on my bed.

I poked my head out of the tagless covers.

“Why don’t ya wake up Sarah and Frank?” I ask, a little tired.

“They said ask you last night.” Marcus keeps hopping up and down on my bed.

I haven’t seen much of ‘interesting’ events involving gigantic robots around here.

“I may be 18, but I look too young to be an eighteen year old!” I told Marcus.

“I want to see Toy Story 2 in theaters, again!” Marcus hollers, jumping up and down all over again.

 “Fine!” I yell. “You win!”

Marcus cheers, jumping off the bed.

“I should get dressed, I should get dessed, I should get dressed!” Marcus speeds off from my room in his blue pajamas.

I roll an eye.

“So do I.” I trudge out of bed.  “Activate: clean.”

I got wet, soapy, rinsed, and then dry.

“Ta pick some new pair of clothes for le day.” I tell myself,heading to the closet.

I open the wooden doors like a kid straight from Narnia opening the wardrobe doors. In the bottom of the wardrobe is a box that has the folded up blue-red shirt with short sleeves and those extremely comfy pink fuzzy pants inside. Okay I open the box then take out that un-aged Decepticon necklace.

I rubbed at it.

“I keep my promises.” I said, grabbing a hairbrush from my dresser drawer to the left.

You never know; one day the Autobots will come across you and you need to be comfortable with yourself to be standing there speaking with them. I grabbed a sleeveless shirt from my wardrobe and a comfortable pair of pants. I grabbed some other necessities before heading to the bathroom. It’s not only useful for showering; changing your clothes. 

“Activate: Teeth cleaner.” I stood in front of the sink turning on the water.

My mouth became full of bubbles—which is the toothpaste that’s been soaked and brushed against my teeth—then I put some water into my mouth then spit it into the sink. I brushed my hair, then got changed, and came out of the bathroom feeling fresh. However something stopped me from going to the door.

“Duh!” I slap my forehead. “I forgot. Activate: Deodorant.” I put on a dark pair of sunglasses. Then look at the mirror admiring myself. “I bought these sunglasses just for you.” I point at the mirror then laugh at myself.

 At this point I thought Autobots and Decepticons didn’t exist, all over again.

“Marcus, I need to get into the shower!” I heard Tom from down the hallway.

“Snooze you lose!” Marcus retorts back. “You play video games all the time; I have a better reason to take a shower first!”

I came out the doorway, putting the necklace into my pant pocket.

“I’m going over to the computer kid’s house.” Tom stomps his feet. “I have a legit reason to take a shower!”

I went over to Tom.

“You can take a shower in my bathroom.” I offer him.

“But you have girly stuff in there!” Tom point out.

“No I don’t.” I said, with a little smile.

“Why?” Tom asks.

I kneel down to his eyelevel.

“I’m a Cyber-Organic.” I said. “And I’m not from this universe.” I put my finger on my lip. “Sssh; don’t tell mom and dad. All I have to do is say ‘Activate: shave’ or some other word beside ‘activate’ then I’m clean—“

I got cleaned all over again.

“Oh!” Tom gasps, pointing at me.

“Damnit Knock Out.” I said, with a frown. I had to not say ‘activate’ and ‘clean’ in the same sentence, that’s what he did.

“OOooh you just said a—“ Tom begins acting like it was a big deal.

“It’s not a bad word, Tommy.” I tell him. “Just a word you say when something goes amok.”

“Like Raf not fixing my computer, but, breaking it even more?” Tom asks.

I had to smile at that priceless question.

“Yes.” I said.

Tom ran into my room then closed the door behind him and likely took a shower in my bathroom.

“Wait a sec there.” I was still kneeling. “He knows the kid who can understand every beep Bee says. Woah, woah , woah, okay maybe I’ve been hanging around the wrong areas of Jasper.”

This is potentially my solution to this dry-drought section of no gigantic robots appearing in my life.

“Mindblown.” I got up full level.

______                                       ____                                 ___

 .  .  . One hour later .  .  .

  .  .  . Jasper, Navada . . .

It was still pretty early when I started driving to the theater. Marcus wore a woody type hat. He seemed so pumped to see Toy Story 2 for the forty-third time. We were not so close to town and ideally far, far from it. People do live in deserted areas because of the landscape. It’s ideal for a person who wants to escape the crowded living area of Chicago and New York City.

“I cannot believe they said yes!” Marcus squeals, clapping his hands.

“Me too.” For a long time, I’ve been keeping in the randomness from this family. They don’t know how immature I can really be when around certain stuff. They think I am mature but on in the inside I’m a bubbly-happy-go-lucky girl who wants to have friends—which I have accomplished, thank you very much—and be who I am.

Marcus sings ‘you got a friend in me’.

I do admit, being a person who has seen Toy Story 1 several times, it does get quite annoying.

“You got money on me.” I butchered the song. “OOooh you got moneyyy on me!”

“Ivy, that’s not the words!” Marcus shrieks.

“It’s fun to butcher it.” I admit. “I only remember the lyrics ‘you got a friend in me’ a bit like bleeding love.” Oh boy I’m about to sing the next lyric. “So keep bleeding love, and they can’t keep us apart, oooh’.”

 Marcus covers his ears.

“You are an awful singer.” Marcus tells me. 

“That’s because I am doing it intentionally.” I inform him, with a wide cocky grin.

Marcus rolls an eye, but then he gasps and points at the road.

“GIANT NINJA ROBOT!” Marcus yells.

I stopped the car right away on brakes.It is the vehicons standing across from the car chatting to each other like a couple kids waiting to scare the oncoming traffic. It’s been so long since I have seen these guys. I unbuckled my seatbelt, then got out of the car.I did take time to look at the clouds.

“Don’t ya love it when a cloud resembles a bunny?” I ask, pointing to the sky ever so briefly. The sun thankfully did not get into my eyes due to the sunglasses.

“My name is Cloud.” The second Vehicon said.

“So?” I question him.

“You insulted my name.” Cloud goes on. “I am not in the sky!” Cloud continues shaking his index digit. “Shame on you; Cyber-Organic!”

I closed the door, and then went to the front of the car. And out came Marcus from the passenger side.

“And who’s this dude?” I ask, referring to the other Vehicon.

“He’s nameless.” Cloud said.

“Ah.” I said. “Don’t have a random name to give out.”

Marcus hid behind me.

“So; why are you here?” I ask. “There has ta be a reason why—where no robots have been seen in my life since the last time I was on the nemesis--you’ve came here.”

“Lockdown is coming after you.” Cloud said.

Marcus is shaking.

“Ivy, ww-w—wwhat are they?” Marcus asks.

I took a step forward.

“Why?” I ask.

The two vehicons share an inaudible conversation.

“Why is he coming?”  I ask.

They did not answer my question at first. Their physical reactions indicated someone close to the Decepticons had gotten tortured and wanted me to be warned about the oncoming threat.

 “Who got tortured to know where I am?” I began roaring off my best Megatron impression so they can give me an answer. “ANSWER ME YOU LITTLE WEASELS, I KNOW SOMEONE WHO KNOWS A FRIEND OF THE AUTOBOTS AND IF YOU DON’T GIVE ME A STRAIGHT ANSWER THEN I WILL HAVE YOU REPORTED!”

The two vehicons take a step back, obviously threatened.

“Best foster sister, ever.” Marcus said.

That’s the first time in an awhile Marcus has said something so golden about me.

I should be proud of that.

“You big slaggers, answer me.” I said, with a growl.

When you have been around the Decepticons for five months you learn how to become threatening and get what you want. Besides annoying them to the pits and back.

“Lord Megatron.” They said at once.

“I  .  .  .” I didn’t have a word to say. Instead of Knock Out; it was Megatron who got it. I wanted to cry but one part of me said to stay strong. I didn’t want anyone to get hurt because of me. Megatron refused to tell Lockdown where I was, for who knows how long! “I’ll be ready for him.”

“Who’s Megatron and who’s Lockdown?” Marcus asks, still hiding behind me.

I sigh, looking up to the two.

“Go back to the nemesis.” I said. “Tell Soundwave to stop sending me cat videos; it’s getting annoying!” I told them. Soundwave is the only solution I have to someone sending these random videos to my laptop--asides to hackers doing it. “I’m not so excited about meeting the bounty hunter, but, no one better stand in his way when he’s coming.” I had my hands relax. “Am I clear?”

The Vehicons nod.

“Ivy, who are they?” Marcus asks, again.

The Vehicons transform into their jet modes and then flew off.

“Vehicons.” I said. “They want to have names, and, these two happened to have names. Yes, the one and only Ivy named them.” I sigh looking down to the floor feeling down. “Before your parents adopted me; the name Ivy B. Pond never existed. Nor did I live in this world you call home.”

“Are you an alien?” Marcus looks at me, so curious and intrigued.

“I’m Cyber-Organic from another universe.” I tell him. “Still want to see Toy Story 2?”

Marcus nods.

“Get in boy!” I said, pointing to the car.

Marcus hops in the passenger seat and buckled up. I felt happy and reassured this drive will probably be the last normal one I would have with an adopted brother. At least normal didn’t involve gigantic robots shooting after us or a giant bounty hunter just levitating above me. With a sigh, I got into the car then put the keys in and resumed driving. Marcus resumed singing ‘You got a friend in me’ from the first movie.

His singing is what kept me together in the first few minutes of the drive.

“You got a friend in me.” I sang with him, as my hands were trembling on the wheel.

Marcus surprisingly took a break in his singing.

“I can’t wait to see Woody get lost, again!” Marcus squeaks. “And Buzz’s priceless conversation with Darth Vader!”

I smiled, with my sunglasses lowered.

“Buzz and Woody are cool buddies.” I said.  “And Toy Story will always have a special place in my heart.”

“Ivy, who knows a friend of the Autobots?” Marcus asks.

“Your brother.” I said with my eyes still on the road.  I knew Marcus would be staring at me strangely. “The computer kid fixing his laptop. Megatron is the leader of all Decepticons. Lockdown; he is a bounty hunter who collects trophies of those he has caught.”

“Go on.” Marcus said, turning the radio off.

“He’s neither Decepticon nor Autobot.” I explain. “For you guys; Decepticons are the bad guys and Autobots are the good guys.”

While we were headed to Jasper, a black SUV began following us shortly after the Vehicons had left. I gave Marcus the ID card to enter the Theater if all else failed; such as the secret door into the theater that usually played movies such as Toy Story. I had this weird feeling that my life was about to take another 90 degree angle to the wrong direction. I stopped short from the theater once in town.

“If  I don’t come back, you know who to call; right?” I ask  Marcus.

“You are not leaving me here!” Marcus pouts.

“No I’ll be back in two hours or so.” I reassure the boy. “I promise ya. Just lie to mom and dad that I’ve gone out fishing. That way they don’t worry if I’m gone  for  .  .  . forever. You know?” He started to make his crying face. “Dude we’ve been followed for the past hour by an unmarked black SUV.”

Marcus stops his act.

“These are not kidnappers.” I tell him. “They are interested in Cybertronian tech; team Mech. Tell only Tom; it’s a secret between us. Kay? Just do this one favor.” I held up my pinkie finger. “Just do it for Woody.”

Marcus shook pinkie fingers.

“I promise.” Marcus gave up, defeated.

“Now go.” I said, shooing him out the car.

Marcus went to the secret door to the theater and entered. So I drove away to some interstate to take my mind off the impending situation that’s gonna be difficult to drive in; more like live in for what can be the remainder of my life. I saw the headlights to the unmarked van coming closer. So I drove  past other cars.

I drove like a mad woman until the unmarked SUV knocked the car down a cliff.

But I’m okay; I’m still here. I got knocked out in the crash.

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