Living in Transformers Prime

I’m a TransFan who was taken into Transformers Prime, no thanks to Soundwave. I became a Cyber-Organic; the Transformers Prime Version of Techno-Organics. I also cannot die. I’m living in Transformers Prime, in the middle of season 1. Enough said.
In Transformers Prime: Book 2.


20. How to Knock Out a KO part 2

That's when Bee and I came in. Well ever since my body went into cocoon form--that was a month ago—I’ve suddenly picked up the ability to understand Bumblebee. No one needs to guess who else understands me because it’s so painfully obvious to a fandom that this boy can be an android. Oh yeah, you probably won’t understand who I am talking about right now. This person is no other than Raf.

There is not two ‘r’s in Raf. Kay? Good then we are on the same page.

“What did you do to tick off the doc bot?” Bumblebee asks, as we were searching for the root of an energon signal.

I held up a flashlight at Bumblebee’s face.

“Tick off the Doc bot?” I said, as Bumblebee is shielding his optics. “Oh, I like how you think.” I twirl around in a complete circle. It can be fun going in circles and getting dizzy. The flashlight’s aim went in different directions when I went for spinning again. “Maybe I should paint him completely white!”

“I .  . .” Bumblebee is perhaps stunned that he gave me an idea.  I stopped spinning when it made me dizzy. “I didn’t mean that way.” Bumblebee is shielding his optics. “Ivy, you’re blinding me.”

I look down to my flashlight that somehow  had a determined aim at Bumblebee’s face.

“My bad.”  I said, lowering the flashlight down towards the floor. 

“Thank you.” Bumblebee said, sounding much relieved.

“What made ya think I ticked off the doc bot?” I ask.

“Searching for a dark energon source.” Bumblebee said. “Optimus normally wouldn’t send a Cyber-Organic  .  .  . Not after what happened last time.”

From snapping out from being dizzy; there sure looks like there are more than one Bumblebee.

“I didn’t die last time.” I said, walking forward.

My feet stumbled against each other and then I fell. Oh but I am okay just a bruise on my cocoon knee. I get back up on my two legs almost disliking to be clumsy.  But the thing is inside a small package is something bigger and being clumsy can be a very good advantage. I learned that when making Arcee do ballet.

“Not you.” Bumblebee said, following me.  “Someone else.”

I look up towards the yellow and black Autobot.

“What?” I said.  “There isn’t information about a previous techno whatever in my universe. “

“He lived.” Bumblebee said. “And things are much different than your world.”

Oh my primus Bumblebee sounds like Optimus Prime from the first Transformers live action movie released in 2007! Oh my primus, oh my primus,oh my primus! Bumblebee just made an epic powerful quote. I don’t know why it is but it seems this universe of Transformers Prime was different even before my arrival.

“Epic.” I whisper while excited and awe-inspiring sensation is going through my hands.

I just got inspired to write a fanfic; slag it!

“Before you, there was Carlos.” Bumblebee said, in a low voice. “He was.  . . .”

“Hispanic, Latino, Caucasian, Australian, Aussie  . . .” I had to pause there. “Isn’t Aussie and Australian the same word?” I rub my chin. “Whateves; anyway, British, Russian, Mexican, African American,Outer space alien dude, a  kind of god from somewhere that I am not familiar with but he’s reblogged a lot on Tumblr  .  . .”

“He was an adult.” Bumblebee said. “A good friend of our leader.”

It felt like someone had dropped a bombshell.

  “An adult?” I repeated. “That’s not usual.”

“That’s what Miko said.” Bumblebee tells me.

“So.” I  lower down the flashlight at the floor. “Did he classify himself as a. . .”

“He classified himself as a Techno-Organic.” Bumblebee finishes. “Yes, he did.” He nods fondly at the memory.  “Way before we knew the word had been updated.”

The readings on the radar get stronger which indicated the energon signature is close.  You might be asking who’s holding the dark energon radar device in this situation. This question is answered no other than mesah! Bumblebee, on the other hand, is holding a container that can hold dark energon.As I have just said; it’s an empty container built specifically for dark energon

“So who did it?” I ask, stopping in my tracks.

“Did what?” Bumblebee said, sounding confused.  

“Killed him.” I said.

I look over my shoulder to see Bumblebee had lowered his helmet.

“It was an accident.” Bumblebee said, with guilt in his voice. He lifts his helmet up. “Prime and I were there when it happened.”

I pitied Optimus Prime even more. The next events that happen were totally unbelievable; how? Porcupine, the sharp needle themed Vehicon, jumped outta nowhere and sent us running away. We later learned he was searching for bones with Knock Out. Humans in the Transformers Cartoon do lots of running. Who knows what this equals?  Fine; I’ll give le answer! That, my friend, equals a whole lot of exercise.

“Bee, next time Optimus should send Bulkhead with you into the mines!” I shout.

“You are scared of Vehicons.” Bumblebee said. “I can do something with this.”

 I , for one, can vouch up that my slim figure came from running.

“Aw man.” I groan.

Yes; running.

“I know you put the fart cushion under the seat.” Bumblebee beeped. “I sat on it.”

“I so didn’t expect that.” I muttered to myself. “Sorry, Bee!” I added to myself. “It should have been ‘Cee who sat on it."

  .  .  . . Fifteen Minutes later .  . .

 .  . . Separated from Bumblebee  . . .

The tunnels had become dark and pitch black. There was no sign of Bumblebee. Did I just literally go the wrong way like Elita-1 did with Optimus in Along Came a Spider? I could see a pair of red optics. Oh scrap I might be doomed with some Decepticon who’s virtually unknown to my knowledge who can try attempting to kill me but only wind up with him or her dead.

Seriously last year on the nemesis, a Vehicon ended up dead because he tried to kill me when we were arguing which Vehicon is the most attractive.

“Please be someone who doesn’t mind cookies.” I said.

 “It’s you, Bumblebee.” I recognized the voice: Knock Out. “Your optics is different, but, that doesn’t mean I can finally make your paintjob horrible!”

I stepped back as Knock Out unassumingly took out his battle spear. He thought I was Bumblebee but shrunk and got a set of visors that overshadowed his main two set. I heard his Knock Out shook his helm making this 'tsk' sound a couple times while walking forward. Ivy, take out the shovel blaster! I unattached the shovel blaster from the sports bra line ending and hooked it up to my right hand which is missing a pinkie and a thumb.

“I’m surprised you’ve come here.” Knock Out said, as I heard the edge of his battle spear smash against the cave wall.

I tap on my left hand’s palm with the shovel.

“What the--.” Knock Out started, but then realized he’s not at all speaking to Bumblebee.  “A Droid.”

For a minute there I had forgotten my body’s current condition.

“Knock Out!” I beep, taking a step forward.  I point to my chest using the shovel. “It’s me!”

He swipes his weapon at me.

“You must really want to die, Droid.” Knock Out said.

 “You wanna be enemies.” I take a step back, detaching the shovel weapon from my back. “Then let’s start on it!”

I lunge as Knock Out and scratch up his paintjob using the shovel. I clicked the triggers on the shovel that shot away three parts belonging to his shoulder armor. Frankly if you didn’t want to hear an unpleased Knock Out then be glad you aren’t here cowering in some cave watching us have this impossible moment. My shovel slaps Knock Out by accident when falling down to the floor.

“You—“ Knock Out began, stumbling back.

I took a step back as Knock Out fell down on the floor.

“Rascal!” I finish for him, beeping.            

The red idiot threw his spear at me and then it broke into pieces when hitting the wall. I love the word Idiot because it so suits Knock Down—I meant Knock Out in this case. Knock Down sitting in a cybertronian jet k-i-s-s-i-n-g some mech. Anyway he’s one of the youngest and idiotic mechs who’s just shown his intelligence in using weapons.

Shouldn’t Knock Out know how to handle his own weapon without making it fragile?

“My weapon is not a fragile antique.”  I heard Knock Out grumble.

I told him so on the nemesis. Go me. Go me. Go me! I laugh at Knock Out's small and little humiliating assessment and shot at him The gigantic mech freaked me out--when I had aimed my flash light like hand at him--when suddenly reaching his hand out to me. Oh boy I am royally screwed with him. Why am I royally screwed? No one can recognize me. No one can understand me; besides Bee and Raf.

"No one laughs at me." Knock Out said, holding me in a tight grip.

"Hah!" I said, with a laugh. "Impossible, Knocks!" I hit his gigantic clawed digit with my hand and smacked his servo using my shovel. "I can't believe how funny this is. You are insanely an stupid the last time we actually chatted!"

"Knock Out to Shockwave; open the bridge." Knock Out said."We've got enough fossils."

I heard Bumblebee. Wait, did he just say fossils? Can ME, GRIIMLOCK, be brought into Transformers Prime? Oh yeah I just mocked Grimlock; go me, go me. It's my moment oh yeah oh yeah it is!.Can this world get much more awesomer with a few other characters who never had been introduced  .  .  . Of course it can! It just needs some circumstances to allow them into Transformers Prime.

"Hey Bee, don't worry, I'll be baaaack!" I said, waving my lighted hand in the air. "Do not tell Optimus!"

This huge blue glowly space bridge opened up. Wow it's been a long time since I had seen a space bridge or a portal like thing except from the Pokemon Mystery dungeon games that are purely awesome with the storyline.first time around I got my persona as a Meowth. I've played the games shortly before watching Deadlock.

________                                                   __________

.  . .Nemesis. . . .

  .  . . Half an hour later, probably  .  .  .

"A droid?" Shockwave asks.  "May I ask why this is a logical to bring in a useless Droid?"

"I'm not short." I beeped.

"It seemed convenient at the cycle." Knock Out said.

Hm, so he just said 'cycle' instead of time; interesting.

"Throw it out." Shockwave said. "It is not logical to leave me with a beeper."

"Oh Mr.Spock." I mockingly said in Knock Out's grip. "You don't know how logical it is to say what the sparks is in my mind and for it to come out as beeps for everyone."

"I cannot throw it out." Knock Out said.  "It clawed at my  new paint job!"

I faked a cough, "Ratchet's paint job.", I correct him with another fake cough. Shockwave once again tosses Knock Out out of the huge lab that reminded me of how seemed big on the planet Giganaction. It's where the Minicons came from in the Unicron Trilogy that involved Lori, Bud,and Cody and Jolt and Australian Jetfire and Landmine.  Knock Out hit the wall face first. He gets up on his two feet while I make a mental note not to really rejoin the cons once this cocoon mode ends after five months I believe.

"Just like the Clone!" Knock Out compares while glaring at me. "I can't get rid of you."

I folded my arms and nod.

"Why thank you." I said, and then furtherly--and sarcastically--insulted him. "I didn't know ya had a clone."

"That clone babbled and babbled!"  Knock Out shook his servo--that had me in it--both ways. "And not once did she know her name! Come on; if you were cloning that .  . . " He makes his gesture with his free servo.It seemed like he had three arms after becoming dizzy.  "Amy hen you wouldn't make a nine year old clone!"

I stared at him.

"Am I right?"  Knock Out said, bringing me closer. "It may have been hard to do it but she wanted it."

I was  .  .  . Cloned. 

"What?" I beeped as Knock Out brought his servo away from himself.

"And then Megatron had to order me to do it. How can he use the example 'If you like the original, then kill her' and turn around and say  'I would do it'." Knock Out rants as this slowly tumbled into shock in my audio's. I couldn't believe Megsy actually said that. I can't believe I've .  . . influenced a warlord! "I didn't know it would be that hard. Not until the next one came. That was an easy task."

"Megsy .  .  . did what?" I said.

"I threw her out into space." Knock Out gloats.  "And she didn't let go of Starscream's digit." He snickers.  "It was worth it to see him fly out and attempt to rip it out of her grip. I can't believe the clone had that amount of strength in her."

"Oh yeah, Knocks I had that power." I said.

"And then again  .  . . " Knock Out rubs his chin with my head. "Amy did use Starscream as a doll."

Wow my head is so sharp it can clean off an extra amount of cybertronian beard parts off.And then for some mildly-dillidy reason (nope, it's not a word) I had a black out. It seemed like my senses had left me for a brisk moment. I don't know if brisk should be used to describe a moment where everything, including senses, went away. I don't know if people read that in Captain Jack Sparrow's voice because surely a copy of me would do that.

I awoke, again, in some room.

"This one isn't a clone." I recognized the voice belonging to Megatron.

Being the epic and boldly defying person I am, I pulled myself up in the way Count Dracula wakes up each morning from his coffin and stretches. I lifted my head up right up towards Lord Megsy at his berth looking at me strangely. I didn't really act like the 17 year old who was brought into Transformers Prime; I acted like a adult having fun.

"Damn right, fool!" I beep.

"A clicker." Megatron notes, as his deep voice--that is incredibly cheesy and fit for a story--set a mysterious tone about the room. He gets up from his berth. "I have not expected the Autobots to make a droid who clicks."

I crawled to the back of the cage.

"Beeper." I correct him.

Oh wait he can't understand me.

"Why does the unusual things become possible?"  Megatron said, tilting his helmet at me.

I shrug.

"I don't know." I beep.

I'm 18 years old in this universe at this time. I'm not a kid. I am a full fledged adult who should get a job and start paying bills.Well maybe I should go to some country for the next five months and spend some time creating  crazyness. You know Autobots and Decepticons do need a break from me. I look down deep in thought. I might have changed the course of Transformers Prime,  I considered the possibility.

"Where are you from?" Megatron asks, with a hint of a growl in his voice.

I don't know about you; but I am scared. I cleared my throat.

"You're asking a silly question." I point out, getting up on my two feet.  "You are an idiot." I harshly beeped at him. "You can't HEAR me!" I point straight at the warlord, then put forward my hand and shook it, and then point to my audio's and after that I aimed it straight to myself. "You don't know who I am. But I do; I am a Cybertronian Organic,. One who is Living in Transformers Prime!"

Megatron looks away asthough he understood about the 'you can't hear me' part.

"I understnd." Megatron said. "I inhabitted a mute one for awhile." I shook my head. I know who it was; Starscream. "And this reason why I was like that was given his punishment." His right hand clutches into a fist as he looks up. "After using the dark energon to revive myself."

He basically did a Transformers Animated Megatron thing.

"There is this Cyber-Organic." Megatron said in a lower voice as he relaxes his servos. He's talking about me. "I . .  .like her."

What the hell did the universe put Megatron under?

"What?" I tilt my head, with a beep.

Megatron turns over a large item. Oh wait! I recognize that one helmet;it belonged to Planet Horrid's evovling wolves! He did keep it.

"I would like the chance  to kill her, before Starscream does it." Megatron said.  Phew, that's still the Megatron we all Transfans know! "And Knock Out told me you were with an Autobot." His voice easily said there's a sinister plan behind this next question. Would you agree to be our .  .  . "

"No!" I beep, loudly. I called it!  "No I won't do that!"

"Yes?" Megatron said, looking down to my level. "Is that a yes I hear?"

Keep in mind the Cons never knew I had extending arm powers.

"No!" I shook my hands.  "It's a no!"

I managed to not let Megatron know he's talking to the certian Cyber Organic who he has a crush on.Of all things considered I never believed Airachnid could become a great conversation interuption and a message appear on this gigantic machine bill-board that had a dark figure on it. Airachnid took the cage outta Megatron's roomb by his orders. Man I can't believe this is all happening in one slagging day!

"Come on girly." I encouraged myself, using my shovel as a lock picker on the cage.  "You can do it  .  . who can do it? Yes you can!."

The door went open and I got out. Simple as that, well except when I did get out a lot of the Decepticons were gathered at Megatron's door way talking about a 'speech' Megatron had to make. It was odd because Megatron's not the speechy kind of guy; he's the one who makes the plans, makes a great bad thumb, and wars against Optimus Prime with some mentor behind him. I mean it's really confusing when Megatron is supposed to be the leader but he actually is in't in a technical way.

I hid behind Porcupine's leg; a little interested to hear. Megatron came out the room with his head lowered and a great big sigh came from him. I recognized that sigh it was a defeated kind of one that wouldn't be usually seen from Megatron. Most Vehicons aboard the nemesis have not seen Megatron this way; but Starscream has seen his lord this way many years ago. I can only assume since they know each other well.

"Whatever feelings you may have towards this Cyber Organic," Megatron said, not as loud as he usually made announcements. "Put them aside." Among the Decepticon are: Starscream, Knock Out,and Airachnid seemed confused. "I've been contacted by Unicron. At the end of next  stellar cycle,2012, she won't be here."

"Why?" Starscream asks.

"She can die next stellar cycle." Megatron said.

I staggered back quietly. I can die next year? How is that even possible in the face of what I've been through in this insanely illogical universe? This is not fair! I ran away from the crowd fast as my legs could carry me.Come on, I tell myself, it's only a jump.The nemesis is aimed right at Navada. I can tell because I had accidently hacked into a military satalite and made a verse  'Keep holding on' on the land. 

I jumped.

You know what?

I got another cocoon around me to protect that layer during the fall towards Earth. Wee; this is fun!

_______                          _________                                        _____

    .  .    .  5:30 PM  .  .  .

  .  .  . Team Mech's base  .  .  .

Ivy steals back her fingers  while Team Mech is distracted.She had came in with the extra row of armor peeling off.The security systems were down. What could make them so busy?, Ivy thought as she slips open an ajar door. She covers where her mouth should be and took a step back. She ran down the hallway making sniffles.

Team Mech had been dissecting Breakdown's unresponsive shell.

"I .  .  . " Ivy is upset.  "Why did I have to screw up?"

Ivy punches through the wall to one of the rooms. She knew it was mostly her fault because; they wouldn't have been dissecting Breakdown's body at this time. He should have been gone earlier. He shouldv'e been made into Nemesis Prime months ago. I.  .  . did this, Ivy opened the door to the room containing her fingers. We see her slim metal figure is trembling as she walks into the room.

"My fault." We hear her beeps.

Ivy grabs the two fingers in the case and then runs out the room. Our scene transition to outside the base. We witness Ivy's figure escape from the front entrance. Our view goes down and down until we see Silias tapping his fingers together. He did look well dressed, prepared for business that may go down, and very methodical.

“So.” Silias said, tapping his fingers together. “We’ll get cybertronian tech, in exchange, you get to kill the girl.”

The view goes back and displays Soundwave.

“Reply: Affirmitive.” Soundwave said.

“We can make our own transformers!” Silias gleefully said.

“Correction: Cybertronians.” Soundwave corrects him. “Request: I need time.”

Silias looks up to Soundwave,

“What sort of ‘time’?” Silias asks.

“Statement:Next stellar cycle.” Soundwave said. “Explanation: I will message you when the waiting is over. Threat: ambush one of my teammates again and kill them, then you better look over your shoulder.”

“That Decepticon was a—“ Silias started to say but Soundwave interrupted him.

“Interruption: His name was Breakdown.” Soundwave said. “Decepticon: Superior. Humans: Inferior.”

Catherine came out the backdoor holding a small machine in her hand. She stopped at the stairs while her face virtually read  ‘what the hell is Silias getting into now?’. Soundwave transforms into a sleek light gray jet then flew off into the sky where a  gigantic space bridge appears. Catherine came down the stairs quickly avoiding the giant gray jet. Soundwave zipped into the space bridge, and the space bridge disappeared.

“Have you lost all morals?” Catherine asks. “We have enough.”

“This is not enough.” Silias said, turning away from the empty space. “I’ve not lost morals. I’ve got more business on my hand to patent.”

A/N Ivy and Ironhide will return in  'I screwed up in Transformers Prime'

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