Living in Transformers Prime

I’m a TransFan who was taken into Transformers Prime, no thanks to Soundwave. I became a Cyber-Organic; the Transformers Prime Version of Techno-Organics. I also cannot die. I’m living in Transformers Prime, in the middle of season 1. Enough said.
In Transformers Prime: Book 2.


8. Freeze the mine

Bumblebee remained at the base, with Ratchet. Wanna know why Bumblebee had to remain there? I’ll go ahead to explain the answer to this question. On the way back from Raf’s house; while Bee was driving, Raf pressed a button on the scraplet freezer and ended up freezing half of Bumblebee. Thankfully Raf didn’t freeze the side where he was buckled in. What I do know is that Ratchet sounded like he knew how to get rid of the ice in two megacycles—which equals two hours—without requiring Bumblebee to melt the ice by being left outside.

 So I assume Ratchet’s chipping off the ice at the base.

“There is a boulder ten feet way resembling a street light” The IDS said in a monotone voice.  This is exactly how it described the setting last time. “Surroundings are like a waste dump except there isn’t waste. It is deserted, humid, and very bright; it’s really architecture-ic.”

“It’s a tree, not a boulder.” Arcee said.

Just to be clear; there isn’t sand making up waves that cover everywhere.

“It has a colorful way of identifying surroundings.” I said, holding the IDS in my right hand. 

The IDS small, and has an old model that’s unusually shaped.

“Colorful words?” Arcee  repeats what I had said,  it as though it is a question. “How about: wrong vocabulary.”

Perhaps she’s mocking Soundwave’s speaking style, yet on the other hand I have a feeling Arcee is not.

“Hey ‘Cee, there’s a left turn at the street light.”  I said.

I chose to nickname the Autobot Motorcyle as “ ‘Cee” because it rolled off my tongue.

So it’s Me, Arcee,and Optimus going to the mine.Optimus  has the Scraplet-Freezer in his vehicle mode out of human’s reach. Perhaps it isn’t logical cybertronians want to make sure a metal eating creature is frozen by being there. I hope they get some  noggins that making sure a creature that can only be defeated by being frozen should be taken very cautiously; like sending  a human who has slagging eyes!

“Remind me why you went exploring.” Arcee said.

“I wanted to test out the IDS.” I said, feeling the rugged edges and uneven sides belonging to the even.

One part of the device feels rounded similar to a large spoon except it has a switch.

By the sound of Arcee’s front wheel knocking against a few pebbles it was easy to deduce she turned left. From behind I could hear Optimus Prime’s wheels not faring well unlike Arcee’s tires on the weathered ground.From behind; distinctive sounds belonging to tires of sami-trucks don’t really suit desert grounds when there isn’t a paved road to drive on. You can assume Optimus is likely behind Arcee without requiring a camera and a pair of eyes.

A lot of directions later, we were at the mine. I got off the motorcycle seat and fell straightforward on the ground. Sand probably puffed in the air surrounding my nose, and then it got into my nose and made it feel funny. I got up on my two feet rubbing at my nose. Dang I hate sand now; I really do hate ‘em.I heard mechanical noises from behind, such as shifting and whirrs.

“A black hole that never ends; really?” Arcee asks, as the sound from her arms made it apparent she folded her arms.

The sound of Optimus’s heavy feet made the IDS say,  ‘Heavy piano is making the ground tremble’.

“My foot is not a piano.” Optimus Prime comments.

 “Soundwave has chicken legs.” I said.

“Two giant robots are staring at you.” The IDS said.

One time Megatron threw me into outer space without a space suit. Overall: I didn’t die. It was fun crashing into a planet that had fluffy clouds and adorable animals, plus they made electrical currents come off them. The planet was called Life Fluff; no seriously felt tired around these cloud cute creatures so much it felt like closing my eyes would end up in a coma or something. Four days later I had brief consciousness to see the planet was ablazed, the creatures were screaming in utter pain, and it was Knock Out enjoying the flamethrower on them.

“Why do chicken legs matter?” Arcee asks, as Optimus made more trembles on the ground.

 And the thing is; Starscream was the one who had been forced to get me with Knock Out.

During the blaze on Life Fluff I distinctively remember seeing dark claws and some snarky remark ‘Amy doesn’t look good in pink’ or something like this ‘How can a Cyber-Organic cling on to life by a single thread?”. Starscream refused to tell me what those creatures were doing, so did Megatron and the other Decepticons. When we left the planet it was a big fluffy ball of volcanic flames.

“It’s somewhat of a counter argument with the piano legs.” I argue.

“For a child, you make confusing arguments.” Optimus said.

“I’m not a slagging child, I’m eight-fragging-crapping-teen years old!” I reminded him. “And yes, I know cyber-slagging-fragging-tronian slang.”

“Giant toaster oven is aimed at the endless hole.” The IDS read.

“Giant Toaster oven?” I ask. “I thought it would be a cannon.”

“It’s not a giant toaster oven.” Arcee said. “It’s a gigantic customized, Cybertronian designed boot with a heel representing the trigger.”

“Okay, two conflicting descriptions.” I wave my free hand. “I don’t give a scraplet about the actual description.”


“There.” Optimus said, after the brief freezing sound had ended.

I heard this raccoon squirrel like sound similar to a screw being set by a screwdriver rattle from behind Arcee—I could tell she is behind me because Optimus is in front of me—and light footsteps similar to a dog getting ready to pounce onto a bone. My ears had been trained for sounds like these, well getting into a conflict with a Scraplet without Autobots or help can certainly leave you with unforgettable memories.

“Scrappllettt!” I shriek, reaching my arm out upwards.

My arm then went over Arcee’se helmet, scooped down, and grabbed the scraplet.

“Freeze le sucker!” I proclaimed. “With mah hand inside, do it!”


“Ivy . . .” Optimus said, lowering the scraplet-freezer.

“Your arm extended.” Arcee finishes.

I groan, feeling my forehead with the IDS.

“Ah man.” I whine. “This better be gone in two months, because I’m sick of these powers popping up randomly!” I heard something get broken off from ice. “Can’t my body decide on one power for once?”

Arcee and Optimus stood around me.

“Blue robot is holding a frozen hand with a pink Gir.” The IDS said.

“Did you just tear my arm off?” I said.

“Only to your elbow.” Arcee said.  “And it’s not bleeding.”

I fell over, and, got knocked unconscious. I couldn’t hear a thing. You hear what I’m saying?

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