Living in Transformers Prime

I’m a TransFan who was taken into Transformers Prime, no thanks to Soundwave. I became a Cyber-Organic; the Transformers Prime Version of Techno-Organics. I also cannot die. I’m living in Transformers Prime, in the middle of season 1. Enough said.
In Transformers Prime: Book 2.


15. Airachnid won't give up part 3

“For a blind cyber-organic; how do you picture me?” Airachnid asks.

“I imagine you as a spiderlady with red pairs of optics, spider like body—you know how daddy long leg’s walk--, deathly glare,” I go on. “And this awful sense in heel length. The heel length! Are you scared of my milk productive parts that make my young ‘feel’ instead of feed?”

“Stop mocking me!” Airachnid said, with a scoffle.

“Unless you tell me ‘feel’ was intentional to replace ‘feed’, then no.” I said.

“I didn’t say feel.” Airachnid said.

“Yes,” I said. “You did.”

“Liar.” Airachnid accuses me.

“Actually,” I raise an index finger up. “I’m pretty honest when it comes to words that don’t sound right.”

T-t-t-t-ap  went Airachnid’s legs down the echoeing endless hall. I heard her mutter ‘Cyber Organic doesn’t know when to shut up’ from afar. Hey, I do know when to shut up. She won’t even know that there’s a small Cyber-Organic following her in the next half an hour. That’s what I did. I climbed the walls, hiding among the dark and made these weird arse noises.

“Curreak kureaak oeeo kureea.” I made this sound that sounded like a frog trying to say ‘koreaaa’ or something.


“Who’s there?” Airachnid said.

“KUREAAK—cureaak kureea.” I continue. “Ekkuuurueueuueeuue.”

I definitely sound not me. What? I’m just good at making stuff up as the act goes on.

“Show yourself!” Airachnid shouts.

I felt something slimy near my hand. Oh, what the heck did my hand just touch? With fear on high power there was only one solution to do instead of blowing my cover. I just wanted to hear whatever Airachnid had to say without hearing me speak. I grab this slimy thing then threw it at Airachnid. I made sure to duck behind a large rocky surface.

“AHHH!” Airachnid screams, as she stumbled back down the hallway. “My face!”

I could hear the clatter of her feet knock against the walk making a slight tremor.

Oh man that reminds me of the movie where these gigantic dinosaur worm like creatures surround this small town and burrow under the ground which makes their instinct to kill organisms much more efficient. Basically they were like unpredictable meercats somehow scientifically engineered into a dinosaur like worm that can kill. I love Jurassic Park it’s so good such as the Lost World. I love that installment of Jurassic Park because the Tyrannosaurus Rex came after its baby. At least that’s one of the great aspects I remember from the movie.

I continued this for what seemed like forever.

Maybe half an hour.

“I want out!” Airachnid screams, trying to climb up.

I decided to at least stop it and listen to Airachnid fall when two magic words were spoken.

“Hai Blackarachnia!” I called out. “Nice to hear you are easy to annoy.”

I heard what many can guess a ‘fall’ sound.

“Ivvyy!” Airachnid scream, and then lands on the ground.

I look over the edge just to see darkness. Oh yeah I’m eyeless, go figure. Wish I could see the reaction on her faceplate. That’s one of the disadvantages to being blind around gigantic robots in a universe that should be fictional.

“You are the best spider lady to get a kick outta.” I said, with a giggle.

“I am not.” Airachnid argues.

“Are too.”  I persist. “You are utterly the comedy bag!”

“Punching bag?” Airachnid assumed.

“No,no,no.” I said,shaking my hands. “Comedy bag!”

“That’s insulting.” Airachnid said.

 “Why are you so dumb?” I ask Airachnid, while hearing her elbows screech across the mountain’s inside rocky surface.

One guess is that she’s reaching out for me. So I jump to the other side.

“I’m not dumb.” Airachnid said, as  I rub my forehead while groaning. “Your entire race is dumb.”

“Agreed.” I said. “And your race.  . . .” I then realized what Airachnid inadventurely insulted at the same time. Two words: Cybertroian Organic. “Wait, you just insulted your own race!”  I gasp. “How could you?’

“What.” Airachnid said.

“See?” I said. “You need to take a moment and actually think what you just insulted.”

When you have to think how you insulted your own race, that’s pretty bad.

“I .  .  . I don’t understand.” Airachnid said.

“Cybertronian Organic,gitchead!” I said. “I should really rip off your head, do some techy stuff on it to make you understand, and then stitch it back on, then use the matrix to reboot you. Then you will be much more common sense smarter!” I cheer. “Woooho! I won’t be the only smart cybertronian organic in here! Go me go me go me!”

I slid down the rocky surface.

“Give me an example how dumb I am.” Airachnid probably dared me right then to make a valid point.

She just didn’t know it.

 “You do realize letting me use your servo to smack you is an exact example.” I told her. “Even your actions alone have screamed to me that ya love being around Knock Out, Starscream is your nemesis, and Breakdown is your Psychotrist.”

“That’s not true.” Airachnid said.

I put my hands together.

“Please, you better start acting like a con who knows what is not logical.” I said.  “Oh, I just did a Shockwave. Why does that always happen to me.  .  . . Because I’m tired of being the one who’s sarounded by robots who should know not to do: WHAT I SAY!”

“Hm?” Airachnid said.

“Did you know that Soundwave’s processor is messed up and he genuinely has a good reason to be an idiot right now?” I ask.

“You’re throwing way too much out there.” Airachnid notes.

“I broke down BreakDown on Velocitron during a race and challenged Leobreaker to bet that he couldn’t get  Starscream to declare ‘I am a femme!’” I go on. “Leobreaker did indeed make Starscream say that.” I laugh. “And I once called the seeker a ‘Miss Starscream’ when I dumped a broken airplane in his servos.”

“I didn’t quite hear what you said.” Airachnid said.

“I’m Speedy!” I chirp. “I speak fast like blurr.”

“I did understand that part.” Airachnid said, with a snort.

“Oh and did you know that Nickolas Cage is half Italian and half German?” I ask. “Did ya know that almost every women that’s he starred with in the movies have married him and divorced him. It’s a fact because the latest Ghost Rider’s movie was awful. Breakdown would have been even more paranoid if he had seen Ghost Rider from my world. Gosh he would be so scared of bikers!”

“Ghost Rider?” Airachnid said.

“Imagine a man who can become a skeleton that feeds off people’s souls who did bad things and can make his rides become blazed in fire and awesome design!” I babble. “He can make their dead bodies become dark gray like concrete had been used on them. For example if he does his thing that should be done in the bushes then you would see it as a flame thrower.”

“You are very concerning.” Airachnid notes.

“I’ve watched a lot of good movies such as Predator, Aliens, Hostile, Con Air, DragonHeart,and the list goes on!” I said. “I used to write a lot of gore. But now; I’m moving on from the depressive writing to the bright and humorous writing. I’m trying not to kill characters a lot who were just made. Heck, if I made up my own Breakdown character in 2009 then he would be dead on the spot.”

“Do you always talk this much?” Airachnid asks.

I didn’t need to hesitate on that one.

“I do.” I said.  “I’m the walking Wikipedia who doesn’t do much except talk.”

So basically; after two long hours I finally got out of the cave chasing Airachnid out with her own leg—that I had somehow detached—which is now acting as an energy shooter. Don’t try to apply logic to this situation; because you cannot apply logic to Doctor Who.I heard this WOOsh go over my head. First thought it was Superman, second thought it was a ball, third thought that it was a skinny and long crafted jet. Not Starscream’s kind of jet that can squeeze through tight spaces.

“Here seven legged spiderlady!” I threw her leg. “Fetch it!”

“No!" I heard Airachnia whine. “My leg is covered in slime.”

So I went in any direction and went to find my way home. No I don’t want to be misguided by a gigantic bratty child with eight legs. Airachnia’s not done yet imprinting on mother trucking Knock Out. Come on, we all know who Knock Out really likes aboard the nemeisis instead of the femme’s. It’s that gigantic paranoid medic dude who gets the slide and ditched by Knock Out multiple times in a huge crowd. Well that is tough love for you.

“Hmm.  .  .” I thought out loud. “I wonder if that woopie cushion has been sat on finally by this time.”

I heard three gigantic aircrafts fly into space or where-ever the slag they are headed to.

I’ll find my way: eventually.

________                                       ___________                          ______

  .  .  . .Aboard the Nemesis  .  .  .

  .  . . Two hours later  .  . .

“Soundwave.” Megatron said, as the silent dark gray and purple mech is seen petting a bird like machine on the table. 

Soundwave turns his helm towards Megatron’s direction.

 “If you spy on Airachnid and Ivy much longer; your pet will not have wings to fly away from the beast planet.” Megatron goes on. “And that will be its fate for a stellar cycle; left on the Beast planet. If you continue spying on Ivy and get caught by the humans; I will not let my army go save a weakling.”

Soundwave is silent with one hand on the pet.

“Don’t deny it.” Megatron said.  “Commander Starscream has proven you’ve been doing it.”

The pet becomes part of Soundwave.

“Question: Why do you care?” Soundwave asks.

“I don’t care about- . .” Megatron caught himself in midsentence. Megatron didn’t really know what Soundwave is asking what he ‘cared’ about. His firey optics narrows at Soundwave. He could tell there is something on the silent con’s mind. “Soundwave; spill it.”

“Question: Why do you care about Ivy?” Soundwave asks.

“I don’t.” Megatron said.

“Reply: Your request to put Lockdown in the shadowzone says otherwise.” Soundwave points out. “Add on: Even requesting to stop spying on her.”

“I really hate him.” Megatron said. “More than I do with Starscream and Optimus Prime.”

“Comment: You haven’t answered my question.” Soundwave  said.

“Soundwave if you do not wish to have your spark cables removed, and your spark extinguished.” Megatron said. “Don’t push your luck. Do not spy on the Cyber-Organic, is that clear?”

“Reply: Affirmitive.” Soundwave said.

Megatron turns away from the silent mech and heads down the hall.

“I must get Shockwave to deactivate the tracker.” Megatron reminds himself. “It’s useless.”

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