Is it greener on the other side?

(sequel) He has everything but me (PART2)


17. "You are mine!"

"I have a name suggestion!" 
Harry crawled into bed and he lay near me. It was my first day in the house with our girl and everything was so new. 
Harry smiled big and he kissed me lightly on the forehead. 
"Lilly Styles?" 
I could feel how my entire stomach tingled. I tried to see if the name suited her, and actually it was a good choice. 
Harry peered over at the crib, which stood at my side of the bed. 
"Because I like the name. I think she will be liked and why not choose an easy name?" 
I smiled lightly giggled and I looked at him. Harry's green eyes shone and I saw that he was happy. He was everything that I wanted and I realized that I didn't deserve him. Or did I?
"That sounds perfect," I whispered quickly, and he met my gaze. I saw at Harry that he was happy that he got to pick her name. 
"So her name's Lilly?" 
I nodded and I crawled into his lap. I laid my head against his chest and I could feel his arms slid around my body. 
"Lilly Styles." I said with the weight of her name. "That sounds great!"




I come quite soon into the habit of being a mom. I nursed Lilly often and sometimes I didn't sleep much during the night. Harry tried to help with everything and I was eternally grateful. The days included Lilly, food and sleep. It was as if I fell into a circle that couldn't be beaked. In the end I just had to go out in the fresh air. I made ​​sure Lilly was soft in the stroller and then we walked out to the street. I chose the park because it was more quiet in there. I felt my lungs were filled with air and it was just nice to not have to sit inside the house.


It didn't take long until I felt stalked. It was just an uncomfortable feeling that I felt, and when I veered off towards another path, I turned around quickly and directly I saw Niall. He seemed to play unaware of my presence, but I saw in his eyes that he knew I was there. It ended up with that I was standing still and I just stared at him. Niall therefore came up to me and he didn't drop me with his eyes.
"Please stop!" I whispered. He was unsure and he stood with a few meters between us. I saw how he looked at me and I knew he saw the change. I hadn't slept for half the night and I certainly looked like a mother with a child. 
"How's everything?" 
I swallowed. 
"Awesome!" even though it was a lie. I was tired. He took a few steps til towards me and he almost looked like he would cry. 
"How did we come here, like this?" 
I tried not to be influenced by him. 
"I'm out with Lilly," I replied cold. "I have no idea what you're doing here." 
Niall sighed. 
"I mean, how did we get to this point, it's so wrong between us?" 
I sighed. 
"You cheated, you didn't want to marry me and you don't want any children."
Niall looked quickly on the cart, but his eyes slid back to me. He wasn't the least interested in our daughter and immediately knew I had made the right choice. Niall wasn't ready to be a father and he would never be a good father. 
"I love you?" 
I sighed. 
"Congratulations Niall, at last, you might feel something, and maybe you feel the same pain I felt?" 
He didn't understand me. 
"But darling,,,," 
"I'm not your sweetheart." I whispered quickly. "I'm Maggie Styles, married to Harry and together we have a daughter." 
Niall walked up to me and before I could react, he took my face between his hands. He looked straight into my eyes and he held me with panic. 
"No, stop!"
I felt my courage came back, into my body. It was like I didn't got any more feelings over for him. All the feelings were gone and I just saw an idiot in front of me. 
"Let me go!" 
Niall didn't care. He forced me to kiss him and I felt his lips were pressed against mine. It was as if he desperately searched for a single sign that I wanted him. When I didn't respond the kiss, he was almost angry. He quickly backed me up against a tree, and actually, I was scared. 
"We were perfect together." 
I swallowed. 
"Niall, I scream if you do something stupid to me."
He moaned and I felt that he had boner. 
"Whoops, no one will hear you." 
"The park's filled with people." 
He changed and his eyes were almost black. He looked coldly down at me and he pressed himself harder against me. I felt his hands grabbed my waist and he tried to separate my legs. I refused. Niall took a leg and quickly he pressed his knee up between my legs. I whimpered. 
"Please stop!" 
He groaning and he just started pushing harder against me. He tore off my panties, and he undid his fly. Now I was scared. I hesitated but finally I did the right thing. I screamed, I kicked and I resisted. He held me tighter up against the tree and he forced my legs up. I felt how he got his dick to almost penetrate. I screamed louder and I screamed so that I couldn't hear my own thoughts. Hard, fast and with pain he penetrated. He filled me and I had no idea what I would do. He quickly began to pump straight into me and one of his hands slid up over my mouth. He held it tightly against my lips and he groaned aloud. I felt how he repeatedly slammed right into me and I ended up in a fog. This couldn't happen?


When Niall was finished, he released me. He pulled up his pants and he gave me a warning glance. 
"You are mine!" 
He left me. I sank down to the ground and I felt pain everywhere. The pain of his rape, and I hated him. I began to cry and there after I ended up in a fog. 
"What happened?" 
I heard a friendly voice, but I couldn't answer the question. I cried and I fell down in the fetal position. The person called the police and ambulance. I wasn't aware that they even got there. The only thing I felt was emptiness, assault and I was ashamed.

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