Is it greener on the other side?

(sequel) He has everything but me (PART2)


9. Changes

Niall held my hand tightly as we walked along the street. I saw a new country, new things and new Niall. It was as if everything was new and I felt confused. Niall wanted really to be with me? Did he really just want me and he was ready to try even more, just because I would stay?


"Are you hungry?" 
I nodded weakly. 
"A little?" 
Niall took me to a small local restaurant and they had just regular food, like the Italian ate. It wasn't something as Niall used to do, or choose, and I was surprised when I sat at a table in the shade of some trees. This was his choice and it wasn't a luxurious place.
"They can still have good food." Niall said with a wry smile. I didn't recognize him. Who was he?
Niall laughed and he took my hand across the table. He envelope it tenderly and he stroked my hand with his thumb.
"Isn't this what you want?" he whispered. "That we should be like before, and I'll show you that I care?"
"Yeah,,,!" I whispered. "But I'm not used..."
He interrupted me.
"You'll get used again, sweetheart."


It was like a dream. Niall held my hand and we walked along foreign streets, yet I felt safe and I laughed, I smiled and I felt loved. It was as if the old gorgeous Niall had come back and I still had feelings for him.


Niall kissed me lightly and we sat out on the balcony. He came out with two glasses with drinks and he sat down next to me. 
Our glasses rang when they met each other and I tasted it. He had done a wonderful drink to me and I just enjoyed. 
"Now it's your moment." said Niall, almost as if he wanted to convince me. "I'm here for you and you should just be."


Niall seduced me. He took my hand and he put me on his lap, with one leg on each side of his hip. I felt his unbuttoned his pants, took out his boner and he pulled my panties to the side. I felt how he penetrated and with our clothes on, we had sex. It was as if everything just dropped. He wanted to try new things and he cared about me. He kissed me and he caressed me and I came. He filled me with cum and he seemed to have forgotten that he didn't want to make me pregnant. It was as if he really had become a different person and I slowly I began to love him again.




I woke up when Niall was talking on the phone. 
"Yes, I said that Russia must have the money tomorrow. Otherwise, they will back away from the deal." 
I followed him with my eyes. Niall stood with just underwear on and I loved what I saw. He was a mature, good-looking man and he had everything that I wanted. He looked quickly at me and he smiled a little crooked. 
"No, I gotta go." 
I was almost surprised. He wanted to end the conversation? He did so and then he threw himself over me. He crawled quickly under the covers and to my great surprise, we had sex again. It was as if he didn't get enough of me and he wanted me again and again. I was just happy and I couldn't say no. Niall was wonderful and he showed that he was mine. He showed that I was his and he showed that no one could come between us, not even Harry.


"I just have to go and make up a business in the afternoon." 
I felt that his body was sweaty and we breathed quickly. He lay still on top of me and he was breathing heavily. 
"That's okay." 
He smiled and he raised his head. 
"A couple of hours, that's all." 
I pulled my hands through his hair and I nodded. 
"I can take a walk?" 
He kissed me and he smiled at me. 
"YOU are wonderful." he said hoarsely. "You are perfect in every way and I'm happy to have you with me." 
I blushed. 
"Same to you."




It was wonderful to walk around the streets and I was happy. I looked at the old house and the things that were relics of the past. Italy was a wonderful country and the people smiled when I smiled at them. I loved the atmosphere, the smells and everything. 


The phone rang and it wasn't Niall. 
"How are you?" I heard Harry ask. I hesitated, but I decided to be honest. 
"I'm a new woman." I said quickly. "Nill has changed and he has begun to show me love again." 
Harry laughed. 
"And you believe him?" 
I sighed. 
"Yes, because I'm married to him and he loves me." 
Harry snorted and I could hear that he was amused. 
"Don't trust him." 
"HE'S MY MAN and you have nothing to say."
Harry laughed, and I could hear that he didn't share my opinion. 
"The truth's so far away so that you're living in a dream world." he said happily. "Niall traveled away with you just because you are going to stay in your boring relationship. Can't you see what he does?" 
I swallowed. 
"It doesn't matter what you say!" 
He didn't care. 
"Ask him then who Emma is, or if he has met Candy in a long time? There are many names and many people."  
"You lie!" 
He laughed, 
"Ask him and look into his eyes if he's lying. You should see the difference."
"Who are they?" 
Harry knew more, but he said only a small part. 
"Rich, beautiful girls with big breasts, slim waist and they do everything to get him to stop his dick in them." 
I almost choke. 
"Now you're a little too vulgar!" 
Harry disagreed. 
"He not only with them, he has one in each part of the country and he's willing to give them a little piece of his body, only to feel that he can still attract others." 
I was close to hanging up. 
"Stop it, Harry!" 
He seemed to understand that I was angry. 
"Just ask him!"

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