Is it greener on the other side?

(sequel) He has everything but me (PART2)


12. A plan now

I was at the doctor's visit, the first of many visits I would have to do. He examined me and he inspected the sound from the baby. 
"Second month?" 
I nodded. He smiled and he sat down. My doctor knew everything about my disease, and he seemed pleased with me. 
"And Harry's entirely with you on this, to become parents?" 
I swallowed. 
He nodded. 
"Of course, you should be honest." 
"It's not his child. It's Niall who's the father, but Harry wants to be the father now." 
My doctor looked at me for a long time. 
"And what do you feel about not to tell this to Niall?" 
I hesitated. 
"I don't know!" honest answer. "But I don't want him to be..." 
I stopped and I looked down at my own hands. 
"I wish it wasn't his child. He's not a good role model and I have no future with him. Harry's safe and he's a good role model for my child."
My doctor showed neither sorrow or joy, or if he understood. He smiled and he nodded a little bit. 
"It's not my place to say what you should do. If you choosing to write Harry's name on the paper, when the baby's born, I will stand behind you." 
I met his gaze. 
"Thank you!" 
He smiled weakly. 
"Only you know what you want, then it's okay for me. I will ensure that you stay healthy and that the baby growing as it should, more I can't do for you." 
He laughed a little bit. 
"I'm sworn to secrecy, and I can't tell the truth to Niall. Trust me!"




Harry smiled when I got home. He took his hands over my eyes, and he stood behind me. 
He giggled. 
"A surprise, just a little thing that I've found!" 
I felt that he steered me toward the bedroom and when we entered the room, he took his hands away. I realized that we weren't in the bedroom, we were in one of the guest rooms and there was a crib standing on the floor. I was startled. 
Harry took his arms around my waist and he hugged me from behind. 
"I just wanted to mention that I have been thinking and I want to be with you all the way through this., I trust you and I love you."
My heart ached and I felt the love radiating from him. 
"Thank you!" 
He smiled and he kissed my neck. His hands slid over my stomach and down between my legs. I hesitated. 
"I'm pregnant?" 
He didn't care. He pulled up the dress and quickly slid one of his hands down between my legs. 
"And?" He kissed my neck again and he made ​​me groan. I spread lightly on the legs and directly he let a finger slide into me. I closed my eyes and quickly he began to loosen up my body, my mind. 
"I want you, now!" it came out hoarsely from Harry's lips. He unbuttoned his pants and I felt how he pulled them down and he let loose his member. It stood up against my back. The hand left my sensitive part and with two light hands, was my panties down to the floor. Harry pressed himself against me and I felt his member slid up and down over my butt. I felt myself losing all inhibitions and I wanted him. Harry spun me around, so that I was standing with my stomach against him. He quickly lifted me up, with his hands under my butt. I took my hands around his neck and I felt how he lifted me up, so that his member was pointing straight at my hole, then he lowered me. I moaned and I looked straight into his eyes. Quickly, I took my legs around his waist and I felt him fill me.


Harry groaned. He started to lift me up and down over his cock and I ended up in the mist country. He moved on the hip and I felt how he filled me and slipped out, how he filled me again and slipped out. It was as he wanted to tease me and I bit my lip. Eventually, he began to move faster on the hip. He brought me up and down at a faster rate and I pressed my face directly towards him. I bobbed up and down and it was totally wonderful. I kissed him and our lips were mad at each other. I couldn't be still, and I tried to help him with the movements. It was a different position, but it was perfect. I moaned and I groaned. It was as if he came straight for my g-spot and I shook every time he penetrated. I moaned, I kissed him and finally took it over everything. I felt the orgasm came and I pressed myself against him. He was moving rapidly up and down, and I felt myself shaking in his arms. I ended the kiss and I bit my lip hard. Harry smiled and I saw how much he loved to give me an orgasm.


Afterwards Harry thumped me up against the wall. He slammed right into me and I felt him almost desperate unbuckled the entire body. He came and he pressed in his cock into my hot body. He filled me with cum and he shook. I felt how he bumped into the last times, and then he became quite still in the body. 
"We are getting married?" 
I was startled. 
Harry lifted his head and he looked straight into my eyes. 
"A small wedding, just some witnesses and we?" 
I smiled and I realized he was doing it for my sake, for the child's sake. 
"Okay, when?" 
He grinning. 
I hesitated. 
"But the clothes and ..." 
Harry kissed me just for me to be quiet. 
"I don't care if you get there naked or with clothes. It's you I want and I don't need to experience all that again."
I grinning. 
"You're serious?" 
He nodded and he smiled. 
"I mean always serious when it comes to you. I want you and I need rings that tell everyone that you're mine, now and forever."

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