Catherine lives a well normal kind of hidden life. Shes been seperated from her family ever since she was 11. Now she is going to go back to live with her family but the question is can her friends fans handle the new girl?


3. 3

About 30 minutes into the movie Harry went up to his room to go to bed since it was kind of late. And by the end of the movie Liam and Scarlet were both out, looks like Niall and I were the only ones still up. I was sitting between Niall and Liam but Liam fell asleep so now he is kinda laying across my lap sleeping and I can't get up.

"Umm, Niall?" I ask.

"Yea?" he askes looking down at me. Man he is hot and so is Harry but I think Niall is hotter. But shhh Liam would freak if he found out that I kind of liked two of his band mates in more of a friend way.

"Um, A little help here?" I giggle gesturing to Liam.

"Oh, yea sorry!" He laughs a little. He pulls Liam off of me and I help him carry Liam up to the room.

"Now we got to get Scarlet." I say.

"Yep." he responds.

"You know, I'm not even tired! I'm probably going to be up for another hour or two and I don't want to wake Scarlet up." I say as we are coming down the steps.

"Yea same here with Liam..." he says.

"Well I got an idea! How about we put Scarlet in the room with Liam and you just stay in my room for the night?" I ask.

"Yea! Thats a good idea!" he says.

We get Scarlet up the steps and into the room with Liam.

"You know the would be a cute couple!" I say and nudge Niall in the arm with my elbow.

"You sound just like Louis!" he laughs.

"What can I say? I guess he rubbed off on me!" I say causing us both to laugh.

"Sooo,.... what do ya want to do?" Niall asked once we got back into my room.

"Ummm, well we could watch YouTube videos?" I say

"Yea! Let's do that." He says and walks over to the desk to grab a chair.

"What are you doing?" I laugh.

"Pulling up a chair." He says causing me to laugh harder.

"Don't be silly! You can sit up here!" I say and pat the spot on the bed that is next to me.

"You sure?" he says while slowly walking over to the bed.

"Yes, I'm positive! Now hurry up before I change my mind!" I laugh.

"Okay, Okay I'm coming" he says.

"Good." I say with a smile

After about an hour later Niall finialy says something.

"You know Catherine..." He says

"Humm?" I ask without turning my attention from the computer screen.

"I... I think I l-......."He says.

"You think you what?" I ask and turn to look at him. But all I see is a sleeping Niall.

What was he going to say? After about 10 more minutes I fall asleep. Wait me and Niall are in the same bed sleeping. Well Looks like I'm going to have a lot explaining to do tomorrow morning.


The next morning I wake up to find just me in my bed. Where is Niall? Or was it all just a dream?


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