That Girl

Melanie Watson was a normal 17 year old who was best friends with Jack Johnson. He was leaving to go on tour with the boys. What does she do? Does he invite her? Does she go on tour with them?


4. Secret is out

"Cam we are dating. We have been dating for a year now." I said as I looked away.

"What? Does Jack J know?" 

"No he doesn't know. Please don't tell him."

"Maybe I will-"

"You don't have to cam. I just found out." He said as he slamed the door and ran back into the room, Crying. 

I started crying, I made my best friend Cry.

I ran out of the hotel, sobbing. Their were fans there, they just started at me and I continued to run. I ended up at starbucks. I took my phone out and called my best friend, Haley. 

"Hey." She said as I sobbed into the phone.

"What's wrong?"

"I... I told Cameron Dallas that I was dating jack G."

"And.... oh...."

"Jack over heard us."

"Im so sorry."

"He is crying, because of me." I said as looked at my wrist. I have been clean for so long.

"Why did you Cameron?"

I told her the whole story as I ran back to the hotel because I saw the boys looking for me. I ran to my room and hung up the phone. I locked myself in the hotel bathroom. I slit my wrists a couple imes untill I started feeling droswy. I heard some knocks on the door and then I passed out.

**Jack J's P.O.V**

"HOW COULD YOU?!" I screamed at Jack G. We were in Taylor's room. He boys went to lo

ok for Melanie. Her name stung my stomach. That liar.



"Jack, im sorry."


"I really am."

"You knew I liked her."

"No I didn't."

"It's pretty obvious"

"Well... she liked me."

"So did you ask her out?"


"Did you do her?"

"No i didn't fuck her."


"I didn't fuck her. She didn't wanna take it that far, god damn. Shes a virgin"


"GUYS. SHE IS BEING RUSHED TO THE HOSPITAL." Nash screamed as he opened the door.


"She locked her self in the bathroom. She slit her wrists and lost to much blood."

"I know why. She hasn't cut for a while. The last time she cut was when she made me cry. She only cuts when I cry, and its her fault." I said.

"Come on, let's go."



**Melanie's P.O.V**



Everything was black. Then I woke up and saw Cameron & all the boys. Jack J was sitting and not looking at me. I sighed.

"Melanie, your okay." Jack G said as he smiled. I half smiled. 

After a while, we got to leave.

I tried to talk to jack but he ignored me.

"Jack please."

"Just leave me alone, I want you out of my life, never talk to me again."


I want you out of my life. THat ran threw my head the whole night as I layed In bed beside Jack G. 

"He will forgive us, I promise." He said as he wrapped his arms around me, and pulled my body to his.








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