The night before they turn sixteen, people are being taken from their homes. Haidee Blacksby turns sixteen tomorrow. Taken by mysterious people in the middle of the night, she awakes to find herself in a strange place with other teens who had been taken. Split into teams they must fight in order to stay alive.


11. Unknown

I wake up trapped against a firm chest, two arms circled around my waste. When I try to move the arms only grip me tighter and I am forced impossibly closer to this body beside me.

"Where do you think you're going beautiful?" Xander. The events of last night unfold in front of my eyes and I am reminded of his frailty, but when I look up towards his face his signature smirk has since been replaced. 

Instead of answering I simply pull him closer to me in an attempt to fall back to sleep. 

However, I am soon disturbed from my comfort by the sound of a throat being cleared behind me. 

"We need to be ready in five minutes" I know it is Will by the gruff and abrupt nature of the statement, I roll over so that I am now facing him and I can see that a slight frown has formed on his lips.

I step up out of bed and I can immediately feel Xander's presence behind me. 

"What is it now?" he asks

"I don't know, we just received a message this morning, from god knows who, telling us that we need to be ready by 8:00 and it is currently 7:55 so get ready" then just like that he storms off. I don't question any further before beginning to get ready, dressing in the ordinary black vest and cargo pants, both of which feature the team slogan: loneliness.

Exactly five minutes later we all sit on the sofa waiting for something to happen. Voices are just audible, yet indistinguishable through the walls surrounding us. Eventually I give up on trying to make any sense of what is going on and I focus on my own heavy breaths.

Not long later the wall peels back to reveal the man I now know to be Lucian. 

"Good morning Loneliness, I am glad to see you are awake. If you value your lives I suggest you follow me immediately."

He turns on his heels then stalks away from our room. I make the move to follow but I feel Gabe's grip on my arm.

"We can't trust him" he says

"We can't just ignore his warning either" I reply, whatever may be out there is probably bad but there is no telling what they will do if we don't leave.

"You have ten seconds" Lucian's voice echoes from down the corridor

"We need to go" I demand. I again start making my way towards the door, this time they don't hold me back and I can feel them following me as I slip through the opening. Once we are all through it, it clamps shut behind us and I immediately begin to regret my decision .

"I see you have made the right choice" Lucian says reappearing in front of us "now come on we have not got all day" as we move along the corridor I can't help but wonder where we are going. I can feel Gabe's breath on my neck as he walks closely behind me, tickling the fine hairs located there. Lucian takes a right off of the corridor and we approach two large gates ahead of us. The darkness which lay behind makes it impossible to even guess at what might be located there. He stops just before we reach them and roots inside his suit jacket looking for what I presume to be something important by the way his face pulls into a grimace when he does not find what he is looking for. Eventually he pulls out a key which fits perfectly inside the gate lock and as he turns it I can hear the clank of the lock sliding open. Before he pushes the gate open, he turns back to us and stares directly at me. His dark eyes bore holes into me and I suddenly feel exposed. Sensing my discomfort a smirk appears on his lips before disappearing quickly as if it had never been there at all and I doubt that the others would have even noticed it. 

"Right, you will remain in here until I come back to release you. You will not be alone." Lucian smiles darkly at us and then proceeds to force the gate open, the hinges screeching as the entrance widens. He beckons us forward towards the entrance and taking cautious steps I approach him. I can still sense the others following behind me, but before we reach the door Xander moves in front of me shielding me with his body.

As we move by him Lucian reaches out and grabs my arm, he stares deep into my eyes as if searching for something they might contain, "Take care Haidee Blacksby" he whispers. I can't move, I feel like his stare is trapping me in that moment, in that place and I can feel myself beginning to panic. Gabe stiffens behind me, before pushing me forward bringing me back to my senses. As we step through the gate, darkness engulfs me and I struggle to see Xander ahead, yet his hand still manages to seek out mine.

Again the gate screeches as it is moved again but before it can shut Will's foot  blocks its path.

"What is out there?" he asks

Even through the darkness I can still see Lucian's glinting smile and staring eyes, and his whole persona seems to have changed into something I can only describe as psychotic.

"Who knows" he laughs 

Then the gate crashes shut and the lock clicks back into place, taking with it any light that once may have existed.



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