The night before they turn sixteen, people are being taken from their homes. Haidee Blacksby turns sixteen tomorrow. Taken by mysterious people in the middle of the night, she awakes to find herself in a strange place with other teens who had been taken. Split into teams they must fight in order to stay alive.


8. Trial

The dream was the same, except this time I noticed that my current companions were also in the wards, laid in the beds either side of my own, Xander and Addy to my left, Gabe and Will on my right. Even though I wasn't close to them, I still felt the sharp pang of anger towards whoever had put us in there just knowing that my companions were defenseless against...well I don't know what, there didn't appear to be any danger, but somewhere deep down I knew it wasn't safe.

When I woke I could feel the other looking at me, there gazes crawling up my back.

I sat up and looked around, rubbing my eyes to adjust to the light.

No one was there.

I was no longer in our room either.

This room was extremely large and the ceiling very high. The walls were all grey and no windows or doors were visible. The only piece of furniture that was present was a table in the very centre of the room about five metres from where I currently sat, apart from that it was eerily empty, my breathing echoed audibly across the expanse of the room. I could see the security camera watching from its position on the ceiling and chills danced up my spine as it moved it's lens across the room.

Where were the others? It was an involuntary thought yet somehow it stuck in my head, in all honesty  I felt helpless by myself and I would have much preferred the company of any one of them.

To make matters worse the lights were fading till it was pitch black and I couldn't help but feel at risk. A projection like the one that had appeared last night lit up the wall. Only one word was written:


The lights turned back on and I immediately stood up from where I had woken. I looked around for an exit but there was not one to be seen and I realised I was no longer alone.

I could see them watching me, four figures clad in black, all silent, all still, one against each of the four walls that enclosed me. I can hear my name, like a whisper carried by the wind calling me, it seems to fill the great void of silence that surrounds me then vanishes to nothing.

The figures are about forty metres away from me, but it's hard to tell, they seem to be so far away yet I can clearly make out there features as if they were actually right next to me.

Escape wouldn't be easy. 'You have to fight your way out', the comment rose in my head, a voice so familiar yet so distinctly new. As if on cue I could hear their footsteps coming towards me.

I am not strong enough. I can't take on four people....if they are people. I should have listened to my Dad when he said I should take self defense lessons, but I didn't see the need, not in Greywald.

Now I do.

I think of my team they are sure to be able to fight them off, I would let them down.

I have to escape.

I look up again, the figures had stopped making their way towards me and were now stood maybe twenty metres away from me gazing in my direction.

I started to move towards the table I had seen earlier.

Then they started running. Hurtling towards me with inhuman speed. I had no idea what these things were.


I keep running, I try to go faster but my lungs can't take in enough oxygen and my muscles ache, I can hear them gaining on me. Somehow I manage to find enough energy in order to reach the table. I turn to look behind me and immediately regret it they were only metres away.


I turn back to the table.

There was nothing there. I should have known it would be too obvious.

They had got me.

One of them pushed me to the floor, pinning  me down and I struggle under it's grip. The others simply watched as it began to unsheathe a knife form it's side. I am going to die. I try to hit him, to kick him but all that did was encourage the others to come and hold down by arms and legs so to stop me.

I look up, my head now under the table, something was positioned in the corner. Black and polished.

A switch.

The knife is now held above the creature's head. The switch is my only hope, I have to reach it, both of my arms were held by the others, but the one on my right didn't seem as strong.

The knife came towards me, it was now or never. I pull my right arm viciously out from under the creature on my right causing it to topple precariously as if it was merely a building crumbling under the force of an earthquake, I immediately stretch to flick the switch, feeling it's cool surface under my fingertip.

I can't watch as the knife plummets closer.




It clatters to the floor beside me.

They are gone, instead replaced with the scent of overheating electronics and a fiery heat that scorched my skin.

I got up quickly, pocketing the knife and looked again at my surroundings. A trap door was now open beneath the table. It had to be the way out. There is nothing left to do but let myself slip through it.


I woke back in our room, I was the first back, I really hoped the others were okay.

When I turned my head to the side I saw the same man I had seen the day before. He was again dressed in a suit: grey trousers and jacket with a blue dress shirt. I could see now he wasn't much older than myself, maybe twenty and he was the complete opposite of ugly.

"What do you want?" I hiss, remembering the way I had felt about him upon my arrival. He still had that same glint in his eye as before. I could only describe it as possessive, maybe even objectifying.

"You were the first out 25, very impressive," he sounded bored and his words were laced with sarcasm, "You know you were only in there five minutes"

It had felt much longer.

But before I could ask him any more he stood and left through the wall, which peeled back to allow him to glide through before slamming shut again.

I felt better once he had gone.

Only then did I notice the silver object laid next to me on my bed. Knowing full well if they found it they would take it, I hid it in my trunk, savoring the feel of the knife in my hand.


I don't know how much time had passed before Will came back into the room but it felt like an eternity, I was desperate for any company after my ordeal.

A chute opened above the head of his bed and he emerged from the opening landing back on to his bed, his body twisted in an awkward position. I immediately get up and go to his side.

I try to move his body so he would be more comfortable but every time I move him, he grunts in pain. 

I eventually manage to move him in to what I assume to be a comfortable position, but his features are still pulled in a grimace. I notice the bruises beginning to form on his face and the cuts on his jaw, I can also see the blood soaking into his shirt from what I can only presume to be a knife wound.

He had obviously fought his way out.

I go to the bathroom to get a towel to clean his wounds and then return to his still unconscious form. I also manage to find a first aid kit, but I don't know what use it will be.

I return to his side, then start by wiping the dried blood from his wounds, I find the liquid labelled disinfectant and use it to clean them out.

I eventually get to the knife wound. I peel away his vest to reveal his bloody chest. The cut ran all the way across his abdomen, it wasn't as deep as I first thought but blood still oozed out of it.

I follow the same procedure as before, then apply a dressing, winding a bandage around his body to cover it. I couldn't help but feel his defined muscles as I carried out the process. He looked extremely handsome laid there, but I would never admit that to his face.

Just as I was getting up to leave, he seemed to wake up and upon trying to sit immediately fell down in pain. I find the pain killers from the first aid kit and get him a glass of water, placing them on his bedside table, I then help him to sit up so he can take them, all the time he was wincing in pain. With my help he manages to get them down him and he seems to relax.

"You're not injured" he observes.

What could I say, I didn't even know whether we had just experienced the same thing, so I just look at him.

"How did you escape then? The trapdoor only opened when you had killed them all"

He said it so casually, the thought of killing anything made me cringe.

"There was a switch under the table" I reply

He just looks at me.

Then he laughs. It takes me by surprise, yet I can't help but smile as well

"I can't believe you made it out before me, thanks for looking after me though," he whispers the last part, his hazel eyes looking straight into my own green ones. For the first time he seems to remember we are alone, "I hope the others are okay."

That is all I had been thinking about since I got back, the others. I sigh, "You wouldn't believe how happy I was when you came back even though you were so injured just so I wasn't alone. I just want the others to come back now."

His eyes were on me again.

But my focus was no longer on him.

Gabe came crashing down from the chute above his bed.

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