The night before they turn sixteen, people are being taken from their homes. Haidee Blacksby turns sixteen tomorrow. Taken by mysterious people in the middle of the night, she awakes to find herself in a strange place with other teens who had been taken. Split into teams they must fight in order to stay alive.


10. Tears

"I thought it was you" he said, wrinkles lined his face and his eyes were black in colour. "None of the others are like you Haidee, you're special"

He drew a gold pocket chain from his pocket and on the back was etched a human eye, simple yet alluring in design, I felt drawn to it.

"Where the hell am I?" I demanded "and why was I hooked up to that machine?"

"You will learn in time, dear Haidee, but for the moment why don't you just relax, have some tea"

Although he appeared harmless, his voice commanded me to follow him. It pulled at every fibre of my body and ensured I wouldn't disobey. 

I found myself taking a seat at an ancient desk which had rooted itself in the very centre of the library, the man taking the seat opposite me. He tapped the desk's surface until a screen appeared, then focused hard on whatever was displayed there. 

"You seem to have made a great impression upon your team Haidee, they do appear to be worried about your...awakening" 

Before I could comprehend what was happening the screen rose from the desk and orientated itself so I could peer into the depths of the image displayed upon it. Gabe and Xander stood in an empty wasteland of desert looking completely confused whilst Will paced restlessly behind them. He was fuming. 

Gunshots cried out from all around them, and I could see Gabe crumple in pain. Then the screen falls black.

I fight his hold on me, struggling to take back my own body and regain control. Yet I can feel him just like before holding me down, forcing me to obey. I need to know Gabe is ok, anger courses through my veins and I can feel my heart rate increasing.

Then just like that he is gone from my mind, from my body.

I stand up, and the chair clatters to the floor behind me, I can hear the blood pumping through my veins and my raging breaths echo audibly through the room. I feel alive.

"Fuck you" I hiss at him with all the hatred I can muster.

He seems taken aback but then that same smug look returns to his face

"Oh you are so much better than I imagined Haidee" a voice calls from behind me

I turn around to find the barrel of  a gun pointed in my face, but it doesn't stop me from noticing who it's carrier is. The man in the suit, he still has the same possessive glint in his eye.

"Lucian, take her away" the old man ordered

Lucian, that is his name.

I feel a sharp sting at the back of my head then everything goes black

I wake up in a cold sweat, his name echoes through my mind like a distant memory. Will and Gabe lay motionless across the room, but I can see the glint of Xander's eyes even in the darkness of the room. 

"Are you ok princess?" he whispers

Now I think about it I really don't know, what on earth is happening to me.

When I don't reply I hear the rustle of the sheets being moved and then the soft pad of feet across the metal floor coming towards me. A shadow forms in front of me and then the bed dips as he sits down.

"Hey I know you are awake" he whispers "Are you ok? Before you woke up you were really talking and moving around. I didn't know if I should wake you"

"I'm...ok" I reply "I just keep having this dream and it feels so real, like it is a message to me"

"It's probably just your imagination, don't worry about it, we all have those dreams" I can sense him thinking about it, but his words have not convinced me, something is wrong.

"Yeah...why are you awake anyway?" I ask him 

"I can't stop thinking about her" I didn't have to ask who her was " I just can't believe they took her, I feel so bad, what if she's dead"

"We all feel responsible Xander, but we need to move on we only have each other now, we can't do anything about it now, but we owe it to her to keep going." I say in an attempt to make him feel better.

After a few moments he finally replies "You're right, damn you Haidee why do you have to  be right?" I know he is crying, so I pull him down to lay next to me and wrap my arms tightly around him. I can feel his warm tears against my chest and his sobs echo through my mind. 

After a few minutes, his muffled sobs turn to heavy breaths and he eventually lifts his head so he can look into my eyes.

"I'm sorry" he snuffles

I can see the despair in his eyes, he doesn't look like the confident Xander I saw when I arrived, instead of his signature smirk, his bottom lip wobbles as if awaiting an onslaught of new tears and  where once his brown locks stood perfectly sculpted they now lay chaotically on top of his head.

" It's OK Xander" 
He yawns and stretches against me. 

"I need to go back to bed" he replies trying to get up

"Xander why don't you just stay with me tonight"

He doesn't even reply, as if he was waiting for me to offer. He pulls me against him and wraps his arms around me, my head lay against his firm chest. Before I know it I fall into a deep sleep there in his arms.





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