The night before they turn sixteen, people are being taken from their homes. Haidee Blacksby turns sixteen tomorrow. Taken by mysterious people in the middle of the night, she awakes to find herself in a strange place with other teens who had been taken. Split into teams they must fight in order to stay alive.


6. Prisoner

I had the same dream again.

This time I noticed the golden eyes lightly etched in the walls and on the bed sheets, so faint that you could only see them when looking at them from the right angle or in the right light.  I already knew that I would find them there, ever since my Dad gave me the necklace it is like they are somehow linked to what is going to happen, like they are protecting me.

I try to move my arm to enable me to touch the pendant, but all I can do is lift my right index finger a couple of centimetres and then lower it back to where it was before I had moved it. The rest of my body remains paralysed, stuck where I lay.

I eventually manage to open my eyes wide enough to see that I am still in the van they put me in, strapped to a stretcher. I can see both of my kidnappers in the front seat,  the man whispers something to the woman and she immediately turns to look at me. I try to close my eyes so she won't notice that I am awake, but they seem glued open watching as she catches my eye and a frown appears on her face. 

"She's awake" she says to the man. The car comes to an abrupt halt as he turns around to confirm.

"How is that possible? We gave her the whole vile of T76, she shouldn't be awake for at least a couple more hours." He replies, I notice the look of bewilderment on his face before he clearly thinks better of it and sets his features in a hard line again. 

"We haven't got any more, we can't put her back to sleep again Phil". The man I now presume to be called Phil seems to think about this and turns back to look at me again, I want to move from under his stare, but my body remains frozen and all I can do is look away from him.

"Look girl," he says " I don't know how or why you are awake yet, but we haven't got the means to knock you out again, so we're going to be kind and let you stay awake for the rest of the journey, but I don't want to hear a single sound come out of your mouth, I will not hesitate to knock you out with my fist, are we clear?"

I don't know how to answer. He clearly expects an answer from the way he is looking at me but whenever I even try to speak all that comes out is a strange gurgling sound. He appears to be getting angry, so I lift my finger up and down like how someone would nod. For a moment I think he doesn't understand but then he seems to get the idea.

"Good" he barks and just like that we are moving again, down what I think is a single track road. I have certainly never been down here and it doesn't look like we are in Greywald any longer, there is no snow covering the road and for miles all around there is no evidence of life. In all honesty I think we are in a dessert somewhere, but I can't really tell how hot it is with the air conditioning being blasted out into the van making it uncomfortably cold.

My attention is turned back to my drivers.

Phil is now speaking on the phone to someone, " Yes Maya and I have picked up number 25, yes everything went well, but there's one problem she's awake." At that I hear silence coming from the receiver and I presume whoever was on the other end has now hung up, but then I can make out whispers coming from the other end, Phil immediately responds with his own whisper and I can no longer hear the conversation. 

Maya sits facing forward, eavesdropping into the call. She has dark skin and her hair is braided tightly to her head in long neat rows. She is extremely muscular and I can see the pistol strapped to her hip. On her right forearm is a tattoo of a dagger and I can make out a snake coiled around its handle. She is still dressed all in black,black cargo pants and a black vest top with large black combat boots, in contrast her eyes  shine a bright blue, they look foreign on her face as if they shouldn't be there but at the same time they appear almost angelic. Just as I am thinking this, she turns and catches me off guard, so I avert my eyes. She laughs at my reaction knowing that I was staring at her, and in that moment she doesn't look like a kidnapper, but like that it is gone and she looks the other way.

Phil has now hung up the phone. Lets just say he doesn't look very happy. I think he is older than Maya, whereas she looked maybe late twenties the wrinkles on his brow suggests he is maybe in his late thirties. His dark brown eyes look sad and his nose is crooked from where it was presumably broken. His hair is dark but you can see patches of grey, showing he is beginning to age. Both ears are lined with piercings and I can now see a similar tattoo to Maya's etched on his neck. 

"Was he cross?" Maya asks Phil, obviously referring to the phone call earlier

"No just curious." He replies "We're nearly there now." I can hear the relief in his voice as he says this. 

I can now make out a building of sorts in the distance, it looks more like a prison or an army barracks and I immediately want to get out of here.

My body no longer seems stuck and my arms start working to undo the belts that hold me down, Phil hears and turns to look at me, so I immediately stop what I am doing.

"Remember what I said girl, we don't need any more problems."

So I spend the rest of the journey in silence looking out of the window.


I have no idea how long it had taken to get there, but we eventually reached the building I had seen. It really did look like an army barracks, high fences topped with barbed wires surrounded the encampment  and various low rise buildings were dotted around the site which seemed to stretch all the way to the horizon.

As we passed through the gates, I got various strange glances and people were talking in hushed voices. 

We eventually reached what I assumed was the main headquarters of the place, as various people in white lab coats stepped out to greet us.

That's when I saw him, standing behind a window in the building, he watched me. He appeared old and by the way he walked I suspected he was, I don't think I knew him but he felt so familiar as if I should be rushing to greet him. Then he was gone, I didn't think much of it, he was just a man after all. 

I hear people shouting outside the van and then the doors are flung open. A man dressed in a suit stands over me, directing a lab technician to inject me with something. 

"Number 25, you're an oddity," he said and gently caressed my face, "take her to the others".

I wanted to run, I didn't like the way he looked at me, the way his eyes scanned my body and his eyes burned with power, but like before I was stuck, prisoner in my own body.


Then it all went black.




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