The night before they turn sixteen, people are being taken from their homes. Haidee Blacksby turns sixteen tomorrow. Taken by mysterious people in the middle of the night, she awakes to find herself in a strange place with other teens who had been taken. Split into teams they must fight in order to stay alive.


1. Inevitable

It was inevitable.

I knew that they would come. They always do.

My father somehow managed to cling to the hope that just this once they would forget, but I knew better.  They never forget.

It had been nearly two years since the first one was taken. I couldn't remember much about it, but one thing was for certain everything changed after that first dreadful day.

Since then twenty three others had gone missing. 

They were always taken the night before they turned sixteen. Even with this knowledge, no one ever succeeded in stopping the perpetrators  and no one could ever remember anything about it the day after, just that their child or sibling was no longer there.

No one knew where they were or who had taken them or even if they were still alive, but everyone clung to the hope that they were somewhere out there safe and well.

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