An Anthology of Poems

Just some poems I've written over the years.


6. The Naming Game

A good name

for a person

would be

Karen Brokovitch,

Samuel Morris,

Cassidy Burla,

Gwendolyn Travers,

Annalise Ophelia Evans,

Jenefir Ronnal,

or Rachel Newal.


A thrilling title

for a five-inch novel

would be

Into Oblivion,

Careening Into May,

Typing Brick Walls,

Surviving Death,

Disguising Voices,

No Other Way,

or Enter Christine.


Some band names?

Night Terrors,

Avian Alien,

Night Submarine,

Simon and the Impending Pandas,

Yesterday’s Loafers,

The Naïve Friday,

[Insert Disc Here],

Harry and the Endnotes,

or The Invulnerable Toadstools.

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