An Anthology of Poems

Just some poems I've written over the years.


4. Ode to a Bobble-headed Turtle

It came from nowhere

and everywhere.

It feels like the smooth slipperiness

of a rounded rock

and it knows how the universe began

and how it will end.

A stranger will know not its majesty.

I alone understand its true purpose.

It is the color of the leaves of the pine tree

outside my window.

It whispers of the wonders of the universe and beyond

in a language no one but it understands.

Every night I wonder

if it will ever tell me all it knows.

Perhaps it pines

for someone to share with it

the wisdoms of the world.

It teaches me patience

and I know not where it has come from.

But that is the true wonder

of the bobbleheaded turtle

on my bookshelf.

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