Frozen 2

Elsa (queen of Andrelle) wants to find her true love, but a cunning emperor know as Agnar wants to take over the kingdom and sends his son into the palace as a spy. But his son (Onni) soon finds something that he wants to protect from his father, but could it be too late and will Elsa find her true love?
The sequel to Frozen, a magical and heart warming story full of love and adventure.


16. The Recovery

Chapter 14 The Recovery

Elsa knelt down to the ground beside Onni's unconscious body exhausted. "Olaf you go and check everyone outside and see if their alright, I'll stay here with Onni,"

"Okay if you’re sure,". The little snowman quickly ran to palace gates ready to complete his orders.

"Onni are you alright? Please wake up! Onni!". Elsa sat beside Onni crying her eyes out wishing he would wake up, "Onni why won't you wake up?" Elsa knelt down and gave Onni a kiss on the cheek, and a snowflake landed in its place. "I love you Onni," whispered Elsa, who gave Onni a hug wishing he was alive.

Then she heard a voice, “I love you more,"

Quickly Elsa let go and turned to look at Onni's face his eyes were just opening and he had a slight smile on his face."Onni! You're alive!" She gave Onni a giant cuddle, she was so relieved. "Onni if you hadn't woken up I don't know what I would have done!"

"Well I'm awake now and...What happened?" Onni saw the dragon lying on the floor.

"Oh I managed to create a giant spear out of ice and I aimed a perfect shot. Sorry, I had to do it though, he threatened to kill you and he nearly did,"

"Oh well...thank you...for saving my life. I better go and see if he's alright,"

"I'll come with you,"

Onni stumbled across the room, trying to walk as best as he could. Eventually they got to the lifeless dragon body; Onni gave it a little shake and said "Father?” Suddenly a gleam of dark red light arose from Agnar's dragon chest. It started disintegrating the dragon until eventually all that was left was Agnar's original body. The dark red light tried to fly away but quickly Onni and Elsa destroyed it using their powers. All that was left was Agnar, who suddenly seemed different, quite different to Onni, he seemed like he had changed back to his old self. "Father, are you alright?"

" happening?"

"Hey Father it's me Onni!"

"Son! You've got to save me quick! I've been cursed by selfish magic you have to save me before it’s too late!" Agnar grabbed Onni by the collar "Please for your father,"

"Father calm down we got rid of the magic...well at least Elsa did," Onni looked at Elsa and smiled.

"Well thank you very much...Elsa! You're a very kind, beautiful, young lady,"

"Well thank you!" Both Onni and Elsa helped Agnar to stand and as soon as they did a little snowman jumped into Onni's arms "You're alright! I got so worried; don't ever do that to me again Onni!"

"I'll try not to,"

"By the way I love your powers they're so... fiery!"

"Well...thank you,"

"Oh, who is this strange young creature?" asked Agnar, with a concerned face.

"Oh right you don't remember...well this is Olaf!"

"Hi I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs!"

"Well nice to meet you Olaf!"

"That was a much nicer greeting!" whispered Olaf to Onni, “Shall we restart the ball, Elsa?"

"Well we better tidy up first!"

Soon everyone in the castle was putting all their effort into tidying and the castle was becoming cleaner by the second. While cleaning Onni decided to go over and talk to Kristoff, he imagined that he wasn't feeling too happy about the way the proposal went.

"Come on Sven let's put this pillar in its rightful place!

"You need a hand?"

"Yeah this is the last one and Sven is getting tired,"

"What no I'm not!" Quickly, replied Sven in a series of annoyed grunts.

"I know you're not tried buddy, but Onni you can still lend us a hand,"

First they wrapped string around the pillar, then Kristoff created a tight knot and he strapped the rope to Sven's harness. They pulled the pillar across to the side lines so that the next morning they could put them back in place, but for now the ballroom was being held up by 6 of Elsa's giant icicles, which was a pretty clever idea. After they were finished Kristoff and Onni sat down for a drink, "Well thanks for your help Onni it definitely made things go much smoother, also your fighting skills were amazing and you didn't tell me you had super strength too!"

"Yeah well I guess now you know, but to be honest with you I didn't do that much, but anyway shouldn't you be with...,"

"Anna, yeah I know. But your dad kind of ruined the special moment and now I'm even more worried she's going to say no, I already had everything planned...but now...I don't even know how to begin,"

"Yeah sorry about my dad, he did kind of ruin it. But it's never too late, we are going to do this and we are going to do it today!"

"But how Onni? How are we going to make it special?"

"Well it's getting late, so how about...a dinner with the stars,"


"Don't worry about setting up the tables and stuff, me and Olaf will deal with that, come on Olaf we've got work to do!"

"Ooo goodie! Don't worry Kristoff I'm a great at this kind of stuff, it's in my job description after all!" Olaf winked at Kristoff,"We will be done in no time! So let's go get ready for a proposal!

"Shhhh! Olaf, we are trying to make it a surprise,"

"Oh yeah sorry I'm just so excited!"

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