Frozen 2

Elsa (queen of Andrelle) wants to find her true love, but a cunning emperor know as Agnar wants to take over the kingdom and sends his son into the palace as a spy. But his son (Onni) soon finds something that he wants to protect from his father, but could it be too late and will Elsa find her true love?
The sequel to Frozen, a magical and heart warming story full of love and adventure.


11. Awaiting their return

Chapter 9 Awaiting their return

"Oh gosh! I hope those two are okay, I wonder if they found each other?" suggested Olaf "That would be pretty good," giggled Olaf.

"Yes it would Olaf, I hope your right. It looks absolutely frozen out there, I wish they would come home soon," said Anna with a worried look on her face. "I'm sure they're probably coming home as we speak," said Kristoff reassuringly, he gave Anna a kiss on the forehead and gave her a cuddle to sooth her worries. "You sure?" shouted Olaf

"Sure!" replied Kristoff

"Phew! Well at least we have one person who knows what's going on!" giggled Olaf. Kristoff and Anna smiled, Olaf always warmed up the situation even though he was made of snow; Olaf definitely had a big heart full of warm love and cheer.

All three of them stood by the window looking into the darkness, although Olaf was mainly looking up at the stars; fascinated by their little twinkles. "Don't you think stars are pretty?" asked Olaf

"Yes they definitely are!"Replied Anna, she felt a big nudge on her back, "Hey!" She turned around and saw Sven trying to look as innocent as possible. "Hey, Sven it's not nice to nudge people," said Kristoff, who gave him a stroke on the head. "Well, I'm sure he didn't mean too, did you?" said Anna as she gave Sven a giant cuddle. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, "I'll get it!"Shouted Olaf with excitement. He quickly ran to door and opened it wide with a ginormous smile on his face. "Hi Olaf we're back!" said Elsa. Her hair was plastered to her face and they were both soaking wet, but there was a sort of feeling around them that made Olaf wonder if something very special had happen, like a dream coming true. But he soon realised that he hadn't even spoken to them yet, so he quickly replied."Yah! You guys are safe, but very wet. Come on, come inside and get warm," Elsa and Onni sat by the fire wrapped up in blankets, "You two better not do that again you had me worried sick. Luckily your safe," said Anna and she gave them both a big hug. Onni felt slightly uncomfortable, he had never thought of Anna ever worrying about him. "Maybe she was just worrying because I was with Elsa" thought Onni.

He decided to go outside to the barn to say goodnight to Sven, when he arrived Kristoff had just finished singing Sven's lullaby. "Sorry he's just got to sleep he's been worried about you all night," said Kristoff "Are you alright? If there's anything wrong just say, I'm a friend you can trust me," Onni looked at Kristoff with a worried look on his face and tried to smile." I'm fine Kristoff,"

Onni walked off, trying not to get Kristoff's attention, he sat on a bench in Elsa's garden. The flowers glittered in the moonlight and the aroma around him made him feel relaxed. He looked up at the stars dreaming of his mother looking down on him "Mother please help me, I told dad about what happened to you and he didn't believe me, he accused me of betraying the family. I think he is going to try and destroy this Kingdom, because of me.... and I have no idea how to stop him...” Onni looked out into the darkness. Slowly everything started to turn black and he began dreaming the nightmares that he thought were going to come true.

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