The Dead Walking 5

(the fifth book in The Dead Walking series!) Some chances ARE worth taking... and in a world like this... you don't have yet a second to decide what chances are the ones worth the risk. I still don't know if I chose right.


8. You Cant Save Me

            Carl walks over to me and helps me stand up. He pulls me close to him, holding my face to his chest. He strokes my hair gently. He doesn't say anything. What he did just a moment ago... I'm still not sure what I think of that. I don't... I CANT blame him for it though. It's true... we're all a little insane... we're all crazy. "I-I'm sorry Izzy. I'm sorry," he whispers.

            I shake my head. "No. Don't apologize.," I push myself away from him. "We have to go help the others."

           He narrows his eyes, but nods. I grab his hand and pull him along the wall as we make our way to the stairs. I cant here anything. I stay to the right of the stair case and creep down the steps as quietly as I can, with Carl on my heels. I rest my hand on my pistol, ready to whip it out at any time. I take a deep breath and jump around the side, my pistol out and loaded. No one's there. The room is empty.

           They're gone.

           I turn around to face Carl. His face is blank... emotionless. I can feel it though... deep insie of me... the pain... Here we go again. Running. Hiding. Fighting. It's just an endless cycle. As soon as things start to go right, everything just goes wrong. Turns to hell. There's so many places they could be... so many thing that could happen to them. We might never find them again.

           With a sudden burst of energy I run to the open back door. It takes a moment, but I hear Carl follow. The back yard is small, maybe 50 feet until you're met with woods. They had to have gone in here. They cant have to much of a head start... maybe 10 minutes... that's it. I push a little harder, but feel Carl's strong hand grab my arm.

          "Izzy... what are you doing?" he demands, shaking his head.

         "SOMETHING! I'm doing something! I'm going to find them!"

         "Izzy even if we do find them we cant fight that many people! They'll kill us and then they'll kill the rest of them! Don't you see?!" his eyes are wild again.

         "You cant save me!" I scream. "I'M GOING TO DIE. We all are! And you cant save me! If I'm going to die today it's going to be for the people I love," I lower my voice at the end.

         I spin around and start walking away, but he grabs me by the waist and spins me around to face him. "What about me Izzy? Don't you love me..."


        "We CANT fight them ourselves. It's a suicide mission and YOU KNOW IT! You know we cant! Just stay. Stay with me."

        I see a tear slide down his cheek and I wipe it away with my finger. I cup the side of his face gently with my hand. He holds it there and seeing his face, all wrinkled and scowled, tears running down his face... it makes it so much harder to say the words. "I have to try." I whisper

        I let my hand fall and his hands fall away from my waist. I turn and around force myself to take the first step forward. I know he'll follow me. He wont let me go alone. But I also know that this changes things... a lot. Because... the truth is... I just chose to risk my life... to save the group... than to stay with Carl.

        I push a little harder and soon I'm sprinting. Sprinting towards the unknown... sprinting toward my fate. I honestly don't think I can save them all. There has to be a lot of them if they were able to kidnap our whole group and I'm injured, making it 2 times harder.

        I've known since the first day I met this group I couldn't leave them. They took me in. They cared for me... like I was family. 3 years isn't that long... but it is now. Being with a group for 3 years, always looking out for each other, saving each other's lives. It brings you closer to people than just the average 3 years. And Carl... my heart aches at the thought. 3 years has felt like a lifetime with him.

        And I know that risking my life for these people is a choice I wont regret... it'll be an honorable way to die. I keep running, deeper into the woods. I don't look back. 

        I can hear something up ahead and I slow down. I duck behind a tree and peek my head around the trunk and see a small cabin. The small widows it has are up high. Maybe 6 foot. The wood is a lighter brown with specks of black and a muddy brown. It's pretty really. The roof slants at the top forming a somewhat awkward triangle. It would be a nice place... if I didn't know that my group was locked up in there.

         I feel Carl come up from behind me. I look straight ahead even when he rests a hand on the trunk beside my face to see around me. I just keep looking straight. If I look at him now... I'm afraid of what I'll see. Hurt... anger... betrayal... all of it. And to know I caused it... is just too much. I squeeze my eyes shut... fighting back tears. I know that there's about a 90% chance that I'm going to die trying to save them... and Carl probably hates me for that. Here I am again... risking my life. But he has to understand. I cant just sit here and watch the whole group be tortured by these people... I have to try something. They would do it for me.

         I run out of the safety of the trees, staying low and ducking to the side of the house. I peek my head around and see a man at the door, guarding I guess. I reach for my pocket and pull out my smaller pocket knife. I pull back, preparing to aim and throw my self around the sound, sending the knife flying into the mans skull. He falls to the ground without a sound and rush forward to retrieve it. Instead of putting it back I keep a hold of it with my right hand. I have deadly aim with it... and it's silent, giving me a good advantage.

         The door is a darker brown than the rest of the house and the door knob is a strange shade of bronze. I reach for the handle, but before I can wrap my whole hand around it Carl is spinning me around. Before I can make out a word his lips are crashing into mine. His hands are sturdy on my hips and his lips are fierce against mine. I move us alone the side of the house away from the door so that no one can see us. I wrap my arms around his neck pulling him even closer to me. It's hard to really enjoy it... there isn't much emotion from either of us... not much romance.

         I can feel us slowly starting to break away. Not literally... but deep down. All of this is tearing us apart, creating a wall between us... a wall that drives me insane. He pulls away a little and slides his lips along my jaw to my ear, leaving my skin tingling and the butterflies in my stomach to fly around crazily. I'm a little shocked and I guess I'm supposed to feel a little awkward... but I cant find a single cell in my body that rejects the idea.

         "Whatever happens Izzy... I'm not gonna let them hurt you. We will try, I promise. We are going to beat this thing," he whispers, quite intensely into my ear... and for once I actually believe we can.



         Welp... here's your guy's chapter you have been demanding to get. It's kind of short... and I don't know I like it but it doesn't have like any action... but whatever. Next chapter will be a lot more exciting. Comment what ya think and don't forget to like and favorite! Love ya guys!

                                                   xoxo~ Samantha

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