The Dead Walking 5

(the fifth book in The Dead Walking series!) Some chances ARE worth taking... and in a world like this... you don't have yet a second to decide what chances are the ones worth the risk. I still don't know if I chose right.


5. Third 'Not' Date

         "If we're gonna be staying the rest of the day then I want to do something. Come on!" I grab Carl's hand and pull him up.

        "Where are we going?" he asks as I pull him towards the woods.

        "I'm going to need your help though," I tell him.

        Once I find a good one I stop. "What are we doing?"

        "WE are going to climb this tree," I state.

        He sighs. "But look how high the first branch is... how are you going to get up there? Your ribs are broke remember...?"

        "Oh just boost me up or something," I insist.

        He rolls his eyes. "Grab a hold of the branch," he tells me. I grab a hold of it and Carl puts a hand on both of my hips. "Are you ready?" he asks. I nod and he lifts me off the ground. I put one foot on the tree trunk and try to push myself up, but I just cant. Just the slight pain almost makes me groan. I hold it in and try again. "Here, I'll try and push you higher," he suggests. His hands are still on my hips, but he cant get me any higher that way.

        "Carl..." I say, pain clear in my voice.

        He sighs and moves his hands down some so he can get more momentum... leaving him practically touching my butt. I am able to pull myself up and I take a seat on the branch, catching my breath. "Wow you'd think I would be the awkward one in that position," I roll my eyes.

        "Oh you think I felt awkward?" he raises an eyebrow. "No I don't think so... I thought you would feel awkward," he smiles.

        "Oh my god..." I shake my head, smiling. "Just get your butt up here."

        I move up to the next branch so he can climb up. He stands up and we're even heights. He starts to lean forward to kiss me, but move away and climb up to the next branch. He looks up... his eyebrow raised. "Oh you wanna play that game?"

        I smile and make keep climbing with Carl right on my heels. Once I get about half way up I get too tired and the limbs become to thin and scattered to keep going. I stop and take a seat on one of the thicker branches and lean back against the trunk, holding onto the branch above to keep my balance. Carl climbs one branch above me and smirks. "I win."

        He climbs back down to wear I am and stands there, holding onto the same branch as I am and shakes it a little bit. "Gah! What the heck Carl?" I say starting to fall to the side. He wraps an arm around my waist catching me. He gives me a quick kiss before balancing me on the branch.

        "I wouldn't let you fall Izzy," he smiles.

        "Whatever," I roll my eyes.

        "So... about the whole getting down thing... how's that gonna work?"

        "Eh... I'll be fine... just let me catch my breath from the mini heart attack you gave me!"

        Just then I hear the sound of a walker below us. I look down to see it wandering around. It's not a threat. We're up here and it's down there. I ignore it and turn back to Carl. "Well I don't think I got the proper winning kiss," he chuckles.

        I turn on the branch so I'm sitting on it almost like a bench. We both lean forward at the same time.


                                       *Carl's point of view*

         I put my hands on either side of her on the branch as our lips touch. Her lips are soft against mine. I'm used to the feeling of kissing her. The way our lips move... the way her breath mingles with mine... and it's one of the most perfect things in the world. It makes me want to never let her go... to make sure there is never an inch between us. I've never really told her that, but I think she feels it too.

        I pull away and she smiles. "Better?"

       "Much," I smile.

       She steps down off the branch and onto the one I'm on. "If we're gonna get down then you're going to have to go first. So you can catch me at the bottom," I explain.

       I nod and start to make my way down, checking every so often to make sure she's making it down okay. She's a lot slower than me, but she looks steady. Once I get to the last branch I jump down and wait for her to make her way down. The walker's still down here so I kill it while I'm waiting. She finally gets to the bottom and takes a seat on the branch. I walk over and stand somewhat under her so she can jump down. "Alright... you can jump," I tell her.

       She nods, looking slightly nervous before pushing off the branch and falling into my arms. I guess I didn't really think it would be that hard, but the impact sends me falling backwards. I groan a little as she lands on top of me. She's cracking up laughing. I start laughing too. "At least you broke my fall..."

        "I sure... did," I say positioning my back so the gun isn't digging into me.

        She rolls off of me and lays on the ground to my right. We stare up at the tress... all forming together at the tips making a canopy over the forest. I look over at her arms all sprawled out and twine my fingers with hers. She has small hands, making them feel fragile... but they're not. She looks over and smiles. I can forget when I'm with her. Everything that's happened just feels like a bad dream.

         I stand and help pull her up. "Are we going to go back now?" I ask. I really don't want to. I like being out here with her. Where we can be alone, where we can be ourselves.

        She shakes her head. "Not yet."

       She pulls me along the small trail leading through the woods. She stops at a little grassy spot and we both sit down. After a moment she slides down and lays her head in my lap, staring up into my eyes. I take a strand of her hair and play with it for a moment, twirling it in my fingers. She's still wearing my hat and my shirt. I smile.

        "What?" she asks.

        I shake my head. "It's nothing."

        "Mmhmm," she rolls her eyes.

        I laugh a little. "What do you think this is? Our third 'not' date?" I ask.

        She giggles. "Around that."

        "I wish we could do something special. Like go to an Amusement Park... or... go to a real park," I sigh.

        "This is nice... I don't really mind," she shrugs.

        "It is. But I don't know... it would be fun to do something normal with you," I tell her.

        She nods. "So how much longer do you think we have before they come looking for us?"

        "Not long. They knew we came out here, but we've probably been gone for a couple of hours."

        She sighs and sits up. Her jeans are covered in a layer of dirt making them look more gray than blue. I don't understand how she wears the tight things all the time in the summer. She stands up and brushes some of the dirt off of them and I stand up too. "So whatever happened to that cat?"

        "She ran off when it heard the gunshot," she tells me.

        "Ah," I try to fake a smile, but I just cant. The only thing I can imagine is what happened when that gunshot went off. The thought makes me shudder.

        "I'm so sorry Carl," Izzy puts an arm around my shoulder and gives me a small hug.

        "No... it's okay," I say, pushing her lightly away.

        We don't say anything as we walk down the trail, making our way back to the group. Once we step out of the woods I am able to see them just a little ways up the grass. All their eyes shoot up at the sight of us, but none of them seem to worried. Good I think. I set my stuff down on the ground where we slept last night and I sit down. I notice they have a small fire going and I scoot my way over and Izzy takes a seat beside me and there we are. The whole group sitting around a fire, trying to keep warm... and my dad's gone.



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