The Dead Walking 5

(the fifth book in The Dead Walking series!) Some chances ARE worth taking... and in a world like this... you don't have yet a second to decide what chances are the ones worth the risk. I still don't know if I chose right.


13. Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

                                                    One Month Later

                                 *Izzy's point of View*

         I run my hand through my hair, while sighing loudly. Carl's arm tightens around my shoulders reassuringly and I sit up a little straighter, distancing myself. "You really shouldn't sit so close to me..."

         "Honestly Izzy, I don't care if you get me sick," he shrugs and his shoulders brush against mine.

         I turn away from him and cough into my arm. I hate being sick. My throat feels like it is lined with sand paper, I cant even breath from my nose, and the way my stomach feels right now, I'm probably not gonna be able to keep whatever food is in my system down for much longer. Giving up, I let myself lean on him. "You're an idiot," I mutter, shaking my head slightly.

         "I know," he chuckles.

         We still haven't left this house and to be honest I'm both surprised, and grateful. This is the longest we've staid anywhere since WALMART. I know Carl is happy about it to. No one likes moving around all the time. This place feels like home to me now. As it turns out we're still staying in this same room. On the same bed that has held an injured Carl and a very special moment for each of us. I haven't thought about it as much as I thought I would. We weren't stupid about it even though it was kind of a 'heat of the moment' thing. I don't regret it.

         Carl's side is finally starting to heal properly. He can walk without limping and it's starting to heal, which means no more blood. I'm glad about that. Blood and having to basically carry is butt around everywhere is not the funnest thing to deal with. At the time though, it really didn't feel like it took this long for my bullet wound to heal.

          Carl's voice brings me back to reality and I lift my head up to look at him. "Hm?" I ask.

          He smiles, showing his teeth. "I said we should go play in the snow."

          I stare at him for a moment. "Are you serious. I'm sick if you cant tell. Going outside in the cold snow does not sound very appealing right now."

          He looks at me seriously. "Do you wanna build a snow man?"

          I cant help the stupid laugh that comes out of my mouth. "Oh... my... god. I cant believe you just said that!" I say in between laughs. "Sometimes I think you forget what it going on out there," I motion outside. "Building a snowman is the least of our worries."

          "Well it is pretty easy to forget when I'm with you..." the cheesy smile that's already plastered on his face gets bigger and I know he's just trying to mess with me, trying to convince me to go outside.

          "Have you been holding all these little phrases in and you're just deciding to let them all out now...? Because my Carl NEVER says things like this..." I smirk as his smile lessens a little, but only a tiny bit.

          "I have a whole list. My Izzy just never lets me say them," he smirks back at me.

          I shove him playfully. "I'm still not going outside Carl."

          He raises an eyebrow, daringly and before I know it he's standing up. My eyes widen as he lifts me off the bed and throws me over his shoulder, only somewhat gently. At first I'm too shocked to do anything, but after a moment I finally realize we are moving and that is intentions are not something that I'm going to enjoy. "CARL! PUT ME DOWN NOW!" I yell as he walks down the stairs, slowly. I can tell he's trying to keep his balance and then I remember... Oh yeah. He was shot like a month ago. "You're just starting to heal! Do you want to hurt yourself?!" I demand.

           He chuckles and I want to smack him. I take a deep breath and focus on his back as he walks to the door, everyone's eyes on us. I blush madly and I can practically see my face, bright as a tomato. I take another deep breath and shiver as a gust of wind blows against my back. "Where are you going?" I hear Michonne ask.

            "Outside. We wont go far," he tells her and she smiles at us before nodding.

            I hear little feet stomping across the wood floor and Judith appears, giggling wildly as she runs toward us. Beth scoops her up quickly, before waving us to go. It's too cold for Judith to go out. She's probably around 3 now, but we cant risk her getting sick. Carl steps out and I wave awkwardly as he shuts the door behind us. Finally he sets me down and I punch is arm. "What the hell..." I say, defeated.

            He grabs my hand and leads me down the stone steps out into the small front yard where a light layer on snow lays. The little flakes are still falling from the sky, but it's a light flurry. It's really pretty actually and I almost feel like I can breath somewhat normally again. The fresh, cold air has always made me feel better. I sigh and Carl smiles, clearly pleased that I haven't tried to run back inside yet. "I knew you'd come to your senses and decide to come out here with me."

            "Decide?!" I gasp. "You threw me over your shoulder and drug me out here!"

            "True. But I can tell you like it out here."

            "Only because I can breath a little better..."

            "Oh so does that mean I can kiss you?" he smirks, pulling me closer to him.

            I stand on my tiptoes and lean in close to his ear. "Not a chance," I whisper before spinning around and darting away. "I'm still sick and I'm kind of mad at you... plus we're out here. It's too dangerous." The last part isn't entirely true. It is dangerous, but honestly I think that's just my excuse. I feel like crap and well... I don't want  to kiss him when I look and feel like this. Wow my insecurities are really showing...

            His face is filled with amusement and I can see determination in his eyes. Oh crap. He darts forward and much to my disappointment he catches me easily. Even injured he's faster than me. His arms wrap around my waist and he holds my body against his as I struggle to get free. I take a deep breath before pulling us both forward and soon we're tumbling to the ground. I groan as my arm lands awkwardly under me. Carl groans even louder and my eyes widen as I realize I landed on him. How that heck did that happen? He actually managed to spin us around in midair so that I landed on him.

            He takes in a sharp breath and I see him clutch his side. Pushing myself off the ground, I sit on my knees. "Shit. I'm sorry Carl!"

           After a moment he smiles and I know I've been played. Before I even have time to process this I'm being pulled onto him and our lips are connected. I smile against his lips, all my insecurities about being sick gone. His hands are rested on my hips firmly and as he pulls away I see him smile too. "Now was that so hard?" he asks and I kiss him again. So much for not getting him sick...

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