Heroes : Fixing the broken

I do not own any of the themes belonging to Tim Kring or anyone who owns the Heroes Franchise. Any characters, places, themes or ideas belong to their respected owners.

Only moments after the end of season four, we find out what it takes to heal the deepest of wounds. When no other option apart from moving Claire to Sylar's apartment has to happen quickly, what will it take for the duo to realise that they really aren't that different after all and they both need eachother to survive? What happens when the wish Claire has had from the start comes true and it's all down to Sylar and Peter to save her? Will the group be able to stick together and stand strong against the never ending tide of the press? Or will they find out that some things can never be healed?
Even the most broken of people need someone to help them heal...


12. Chapter Twelve

Chapter twelve


"Gabe stop!" Peter shouted at Sylar as he continued to speed walk his way through the streets, completely ignoring Peter. Sylar turned around to face Peter which a look that should of scared him, it would have scared him a few months ago. But not now.


"Look Gabe I get it that your stressed, I am too but would you just stop this for a second and think? We've been running around for hours and we haven't found any evidence of her so just stop for a minute." Peter looked Sylar square in the eyes with a look that practically begged him to defy.

"Your right Peter. Let's just stop the search when we are getting closer to her. Let's just give up and go home, eh? Brilliant idea. Why don't you run along and I'll find her and you can stop annoying me." Sylar sneered, his eyes never leaving Peter.

"You know what? Running around New York at three in the morning isn't going to solve anything and you know it! Stop trying to be the hero for once and just actually think!"

"Don't push me Peter. I'm not trying to be the hero, But it's a lot more than what your doing right now."

"No I'm not your the one demanding that we drop everything and run for her."

"What did you want me to do, Huh? Forget about her? Whatever." 


Sylar had unconciously moved closer and closer towards Peter to the point where they were practically touching. He gave Peter one last look before pushing Peter away and turning back down the alley he had found himself in. He heard Peter sigh and then he heard the light click of footsteps behind him and then...


Two dark figures stood at the bottom of the long alley. 


Sylar darted behind one of the large, dirty, damp bins and pulled Peter with him. He knew that if they had anything to do with Claire, they had to sit and wait to see what they knew about her. It wouldn't be a problem for him, he did have super hearing afterall. So, he closed his eyes and he forced himself to concentrate on their sound waves, honing in on them until...


"Where shall we dump her?" 

"Dump her here. Hopefully her psychopath friend will find her before he finds us too."

"I agree. Come on lets get out of here, Boss is probably waiting for us." 

"Yeah your right."

He then heard a loud cracking noise and then nothing but white noise coming from them. They must have moved too far away.


He re opened his eyes and found that Peter was hunched infront of him with a concerned look in his eyes. Peter didn't even have time to question him before he stood up and darted around the bin, sprinting towards the place where the two men had once been and then he saw a pale hand catch the moonlight as it lay unmoving.


He hesitantly walked towards the hand, hoping that it wasn't Claire's hand and that she was fine. Then he saw her. 


He saw Claire.


He quickly sprinted to her side when he noticed how she was bruised everywhere and there was a pool of blood already surrounding her. He was shocked, Claire was supposed to be indestructible yet those two idiots have made her like this...


He felt the comforting rage and hunger sweep through him as he thought about what people have done to Claire. He knew he had to stop this feeling. This feeling was dangerous. This feeling was murderous.


He had to fight it. He shook his head and re focused on Claire, now aware that Peter had wordlessly joined him. Or maybe Peter had said something, all he could hear was a sharp ringing in his ears. He watched as Peter raised his head to look at him and he hoped Peter wouldn't notice how far into himself he had been forced into. How close he is to killing again. How much he needed the help.


Peter raised his hand and shook his shoulders, this simple action seemed to bring everything back into focus. 

"Gabe. Hey Gabe? You with me? She's in a really bad state and we need to get her back to the apartment quickly and then I can help her but I need you to lift her gently and without too much movement. Can you do that? Just hold on buddy she will be fine i promise." Peter smiled at him, and he decided that this internal war would have to continue later and with the person who hurt Claire. 


So, he picked up Claire and lay her head onto his chest slowly before catching her legs on the other arm and then looked at Peter as he put both of his arms onto his bare skin on his hand and absorbed his flying ability. Both men looked at eachother, then at Claire before shooting off into the sky.

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