Surrounded By Death

Running from infection, dodging the vicious creatures that only care about your flesh. Join Chris and Hayley as they try and find a safe place to stay, who knows, maybe they will find survivors.


2. The Outbreak

Chris set the alarm for seven o'clock in the morning, he went to bed with his wife, pulled the covers over himself and closed his eyes.

Outside their home people ran out onto the streets, followed by these men and women limping slowly. Chris heard screams and immediately awoke, followed soon after by Hayley. Chris stepped out of bed and went over to the window, pulling the curtain back a small amount but enough to peer out of the window. Men and women were running, there were bodies on the floor and more men and women looming over them, ripping flesh from the corpses.

Chris pulled the curtain back and told Hayley to be quiet and stay in the bedroom, Chris opened the bedroom door and started to make his way downstairs, he walked across the landing and down the last few steps. He got his keys from the dining room table and slowly walked over to the door. He was scared, he had no idea what this was. He unlocked the door and the clicking sound the key made in the lock sounded like an explosion, he opened the door the tiniest crack, men and women were still running through the streets, trying to escape whatever it was that was chasing them. One lady was cradling a little boy and she tripped, another man ran past picked up the baby and carried on fleeing. The lady tried to get back up but as she did so she staggered and a deranged being grabbed her ankle, this creature was just an upper body and it took a chunk out of the lady's ankle like it was butter. Chris gasped and one of the creatures turned and fixed its eyes on him, Chris froze, the what looked like a man charged, Chris couldn't move at all. The man was two steps away from Chris when Hayley pulled Chris away from the door and slammed it shut, locking it and staring out of the window.

"Are you OK?" Asked Hayley, she hugged Chris and then sat him down on the first step of the stairs.

"Yeh, I'm fine," came the reply. Something banged on the window...

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