Surrounded By Death

Running from infection, dodging the vicious creatures that only care about your flesh. Join Chris and Hayley as they try and find a safe place to stay, who knows, maybe they will find survivors.


4. Randy

"Where are we going?" asked Hayley. She was looking through the bag that she was given by Chris. It contained clean clothes, two pairs of sunglasses and a small pocket knife. She guessed that it wasn't for killing the "dead" people, it was too short and most likely blunt.

Chris replied, "I don't know, maybe we could go to Randy's." Randy was Chris' friend and had been for at least twelve years. "He has always been crazy about these things, zombies. I'm not calling them that though. He had an underground bunker built for fear of this happening. And it has." Chris switched into third gear and swerved around a "dead" person ripping the flesh off an old lady and sticking it in it's mouth.

"Did you see that when I stabbed the thing in the arm, it didn't flinch, like it doesn't feel pain, it just carried on trying to eat you." Hayley was shaking with shock, she had been ever since they got in the car.

"I know," replied Chris, "It only stopped when you put the knife in it's head. Like it was the only thing alive in it's mindless body." They had arrived. Chris stopped the engine and took the keys out, he opened the car door and cautiously walked up the path to Randy's house. Hayley followed right behind and grabbed hold of Chris' arm. He turned around and looked at her.

"Be quiet." she said. "Listen," they both went silent and listened, for ten whole seconds. They could both hear a slight growling rasping sound. Chris walked over to the gate and put his ear to it, that sound was coming from Randy's garden. Chris reached for the handle, taking the sharp kitchen knife from his pocket and preparing for everything. He opened the gate and there it was.

A "dead" person chowing down on Randy's dead body. It looked up as soon as it head the creak of the gate, it had part of an organ hanging from it's mouth and blood dripping down its chin. Chris slammed the gate shut and turned around. Hayley was standing there frozen and staring straight ahead, right where fifteen "dead" people standing there limping towards both of them.

"Oh crap" muttered Chris.

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