Surrounded By Death

Running from infection, dodging the vicious creatures that only care about your flesh. Join Chris and Hayley as they try and find a safe place to stay, who knows, maybe they will find survivors.


5. Nowhere to Run

They carried on limping towards Chris and Hayley, They both backed up until their backs were touching the wall of dead Randy's house. Hayley was shaking again, Chris grabbed her arm and yanked her into Randy's garden, he slammed the gate shut. The "dead" person who was once feeding on Chris' best friend snarled at them both.

"Stay back honey," Chris said to Hayley, he still had the kitchen knife in his hands, he walked up trying to make himself big to see if it would scare the "dead" person, but it just kept coming, Chris jumped and shoved the knife into the "dead" person's head, it stumbled and fell, but then got back up and carried on.

"It didn't touch the brain," Hayley whispered. Chris kicked it and it fell back, Chris tried to get the knife back but the "dead" person swiped and cut Chris' shirt. He stayed balanced and kicked again, now it was on its back, Chris ran around it and grabbed a pole that was outside Randy's back door, long, metal and it was good enough to keep some distance between them both.

He prodded the "dead" person and it didn't move. Chris took a step closer, nothing still.

"Is it dead?" asked Hayley. She walked over to Chris, being careful to stay a few feet away from the "dead" person.

"I don't know," said Chris, he took the knife out of the "dead" person's head and then kicked it. It moved, it wasn't dead. They both jumped back again and before it could get up Chris plunged the knife deep enough into it's head to stop it this time. They both let out a sigh of relief.

The gate door started to shake and loud banging sounds came from the other side, they let out high pitched squeals and it almost deafened Chris and Hayley. Just then screams came from down the street, this was not from a "dead" person though, it was a human's scream, someone was in trouble. But then who wasn't right now. The screams attracted the "dead" people away from the gate door and they started limping in the direction of the scream.

They were safe. For now...

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