Surrounded By Death

Running from infection, dodging the vicious creatures that only care about your flesh. Join Chris and Hayley as they try and find a safe place to stay, who knows, maybe they will find survivors.


3. Escape

Hayley and Chris started to walk up to the window, they walked so slowly it seemed like an eternity before they reached it. Chris reached out his hand, and clasped the fabric that was the curtain. He cautiously pulled it back, as he did so he started to see a hand, but it was splattered with blood, he carried on pulling it back until they could see everything, a woman, blonde hair and a torn skirt blouse and a plain shirt. She wasn't normal, she didn't look normal, she looked. Dead. It was about four o'clock in the morning now and it was pitch black, streetlights were off and there were still screams and mad men running around the streets.

The lady banged the window again and let out a kind of snarl, showing her yellow teeth with bits of flesh stuck in them. She screamed an extremely high pitched squeal, alerting every other deranged "dead" people, some carried on with the chase, others started to make their way over to the window.

About seven "dead" people were banging on the window, Chris finally came to his senses and backed away holding Hayley's hand.

"Come on, lets go" Said Chris getting his keys, he went to the living room and started packing bags with food and knives, he ran upstairs and Hayley followed.

"What are we gonna do? Where the hell are we supposed to go Chris?" She shouted on her way up the stairs.

"We are gonna pack our bags with whatever the hell we can and leave, we will take my car and we will get the hell out of here." He put as many clothes as he could in both the bags and he then threw one to Hayley.

"What are these things?" asked Hayley.

"I don't know, but I don't want to stay here and find out, they are dangerous I have seen what they have done to people." They both started making their ways downstairs and to the back door. "We are gonna have to be quiet, it seems they're attracted to sound we don't want them to see this or hear us."

They got into the garden and then went over to the gate, opened and Chris took the first step out, scanning his surroundings, he took another, he had a kitchen knife and they were only a few steps away from the car, he unlocked it and took one more step he was just about to open the door of the Audi A7 when a hand shot out from under the car like a lightning bolt and grabbed Chris' leg.

He jumped back resulting in him falling over and dropping the knife, Hayley screamed attracting the attention of more "dead" people. She grabbed the knife and plunged it into the arm of the creature. It didn't flinch, a head emerged from underneath the car and Hayley stabbed it five times, eventually the "dead" person went limp and stopped moving.

He got up and they both jumped in the car, he started it up, more "dead" people were banging on the windows of the car and Chris stepped on it and drove off knocking a few over and crushing their heads.

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