Must Read Movellas [CLOSED]

Stuck on good movellas to read? Well stop right there and read this! It has a huge variety of movellas to use from fan fictions to crime. Anything you want to read, we should have! [CLOSED DUE TO THIS HORRID THING CALLED SCHOOL AND HOMEWORK] The fantastic cover was made by Mirlotta!


5. The Autumn Child by White Ravens

Title: The Autumn Child

Author: White Ravens

Genre: Adventure


Good Points:

This movella is all kinds of good. The language used is good, the punctuation is good, the plot line is good, the author is good. But for this, good is an understatement. It should be replaced with amazing or astounding or SUPER AMAZING FANTABULOUS...



The Autumn Child- The main character, the child nature changes the rules for and stops her from stepping in traps or produces the berries she craves.

Sami Niewinny- The person with exceptional hearing. Warns the kids at school when Immunisation Day is planned.


Why You Should Read It:

You can't not read it. That's all I have to say.


Link to the movella:

Link to the author:


Recommended by: @Raven711

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