Must Read Movellas [CLOSED]

Stuck on good movellas to read? Well stop right there and read this! It has a huge variety of movellas to use from fan fictions to crime. Anything you want to read, we should have! [CLOSED DUE TO THIS HORRID THING CALLED SCHOOL AND HOMEWORK] The fantastic cover was made by Mirlotta!


18. Remember Me by TheTravellingLemon

Title: Remember Me

Author: TheTravellingLemon

Genre: Paranormal and Supernatural


Good Points:

This is the first movella about death that is both funny and serious that I've read in a long while. It has a huge dollop un-believable wondering about death and past, a sprinkling of hilarious humour and a drizzle of pain which is all topped off with pure genius.



One, mysterious person who presumably died in a car accident.


Why You Should Read It:

Haven't I said enough? TheTravellingLemon looks to be an aspiring author to watch out for.


Link to the movella:

Link to author:

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