Must Read Movellas [CLOSED]

Stuck on good movellas to read? Well stop right there and read this! It has a huge variety of movellas to use from fan fictions to crime. Anything you want to read, we should have! [CLOSED DUE TO THIS HORRID THING CALLED SCHOOL AND HOMEWORK] The fantastic cover was made by Mirlotta!


4. Lucky Girl by whatthefanfiction

(Before you start, yes this is my second account. But people want good fan fictions so a bit of self-promotion ;) Just read...)

Title: Lucky Girl

Author: whatthefanfiction

Genre: Bandom Fanfiction


Good points:

Unlike some fan fictions, this actually has proper grammar and punctuation. I'm not saying that all fan fictions don't have any proper grammar and things but there are some poor ones that really need to be improved. I think we all know it...


Tia- The main character. Large fan of 5SOS and a Youtuber.

Laura- Tia's best friend. Obsessed with the internet and fashion.

5SOS- Well, 5SOS...


Why You Should Read It:

It is a good fan fiction. The plot line is good and was created by @elliep.


Link to movella:

Link to author: 

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