Must Read Movellas [CLOSED]

Stuck on good movellas to read? Well stop right there and read this! It has a huge variety of movellas to use from fan fictions to crime. Anything you want to read, we should have! [CLOSED DUE TO THIS HORRID THING CALLED SCHOOL AND HOMEWORK] The fantastic cover was made by Mirlotta!


1. Hello There!

Welcome to this super fantastic, totally awesome movella!

Judging by the cover I presume that you know what this movella is about...

No... Can you explain?

This movella is for your use! If your clicking round Movellas, no idea what to read then this is for you! This movella lists all kinds of movellas, from fan fiction to crime.

That sounds awesome! But I have a movella that isn't on here...

Have a movella to recommend? 

Yes I already said that!

Why not paste the link (or the name and author) in the comments below and I will read it and a chapter on it!

Ok, that sounds easy. But what do the chapters include?

The chapters include:

The title (obviously)

The author (obviously)

The genre

Good points

Characters involved

Why you should read it

The link to the movella

The link to the author's profile

Now what?

Now go flick through! Find some movellas that you never know, might end up on your favourites!


Please note on the 'Characters' section, when you read the chapter it may only have 2 from where it wasn't finished and I reviewed it. So when you actually go read the movella, there will probably 10, 15 characters.



(Basically this is a list of all the movellas I'm currently trying to read and review. As soon as anyone comments a movella it'll go on here!)


The Third Door

The Secret Illusions

Emerald Eyes



The Mark

I Almost Killed My Crushes Mom



Triangular Lives

Day of the DEAD

Luke and Rylie



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