Reflections || h.s

[Book 1] "When I was younger my mother told me to be careful when trying to fix shattered things for you could cut yourself on their pieces." || Reflections A Harry Styles Fan fiction.


1. prologue || Reflections

 Reflections || h.s


[ Coming Soon ]

"Its when I feel you, look at you, or think about you.

I find myself no longer able to breathe.

But I know I'll be just fine- because the only thing 

I need to inhale

is you." 


Everyone in this corrupted world was born with a small tattoo on your left shoulder. The person who has the exact same tattoo is your soul mate. Everyone has one including the insane, gay, straight etc. But the law states that having more than what you were born with is illegal and not right. 

+ + + + +

WARNING: Contains bad language, violence and some sexual content. 


Harry Styles as Himself

Emily Rudd as 

Zayn Malik as Himself

Liam Payne as Himself

Niall Horan as Himself

Louis Tomlinson as Himself

Adelaide Kane as Sophie 





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