Love, Loans & London

When Nicole and Ditte moved to London, they expected adventure, elegance and joy. But what did they end up with? Loans up their asses, a crappy apartment and two low paying jobs. But despite all of that they never stop laughing and trying to make the best of it. But what happens when suddenly five handsome guys enter the mix? Follow the girls in the amusing tale of:

Love, Loans & London


7. Chapter Seven – If I Were a Dog, My Tail Would Be Wagging

Chapter Seven – If I Were a Dog, My Tail Would Be Wagging


Ditte’s P.O.V


Must. Open. Door. Too. Tired.

I slowly open the door, almost passing out on the floor, as soon as I enter out tiny flat. I throw my purse and jacket on the couch, dragging my self into the bedroom. Nicole is already sleeping, damn she is lucky. I quickly strip down and pull one of Nicole’s t-shirts over me. I very sneakily lay down in the bed, careful not to wake her. Soon enough sleep takes over and I enter dreamland.


* * *


I slowly wake up by a sudden cold. I notice Nicole tangled up in the comforter leaving me with nothing.

“Stupid… Nicole” I grumble as I stand up and pull on some sweatpants, and head out into the kitchen quietly closing the bedroom door trying not to wake her.  I grab myself a bowl of cereal and walk into the living room with my computer. I shouldn’t be able to have a computer with me and Nicole’s financial state, but it was a gift from my parents back in Denmark. I start scrolling trough YouTube watching some videos just passing the time.

“Morning sweetie” says Nicole’s groggy voice, she clearly just woke up.

“Morning yagi” I answer back.

“Ding!” Nicole groans by the loud sound, yeah she is not a morning person. She walks over and looks at her phone, a smile is tugging at her lips.

“So… whose the guy?” I smile knowingly at her, she blushes lightly and puts away her phone.

“It’s just Harry, he invited us to a party last night.”

“Last night?” I ask wiggling my eyebrows at her.

“Yeah, I ran into him and we started talking. He mentioned that Louis is having a party tonight and he invited us. Now Louis is apparently bugging him, since we haven’t made up our minds just yet.”

“Tell him we’re going!” I say determinately. We are going to this party, even if it’s the last thing we do.

“Ditte you know I hate parties” She counters.

“That’s because you’ve never been to a great London one” I state knowing she won’t have a comeback to my statement. She doesn’t say anything she just sits down on the couch, giving me a glare. I just stick out my tongue laughing at her, because I know I have won the argument.

“So, tell me more about your romantically evening with Harry” I say dramatically leaning over, placing my head in her lap looking up at her.

“Would you stop it, I barely know him” She says and begins to play with my hair. It’s without a doubt the best goddamn feeling in the entire world, if I was a dog, my tail would be wagging.

“It could be love at first sight!” I sigh looking at her, fully aware of how annoying she finds me at the moment. Now it’s her turn to stick her tongue out at me, before she stands up going into the kitchen.


* * *


The rest of the day passes be with me pestering her with questions about Harry, until she finally starts to chase me with a pillow.

“YOU WILL NEVER TAKE ME DOWN!” I scream at the top of my lungs, while running around.

“YOU ARE GOING DOWN!” She screams even louder and keeps chasing me.

KNOCK! KNCOK! KNOCK! The sound coming from out front door makes us both freeze in our steps, before we slowly turn around and stare wide eyed at the door. We both carefully walk over to the door, her with her pillow in her hand, and me grabbing a crappy vase for protection, scared that it might be the spawn of Satan aka Mr. Landlord.

“It’s not the landlord.” The dark yet feminine sassy voice says. Nicole slowly opens the door, to reveal Rhonda our down stairs neighbour. We have met Rhonda a couple of times, but were always busy, so we haven’t gotten a chance to get to know her better. Which is a shame since she is just the most fabulous transvestite prostitute I know. She just struts in and places her self on the couch like it’s nobody’s business.

“Could you girls please keep it down, I was trying to get my beauty sleep” She says and plants her latex boot covered feet on the coffee table.

“You’re sleeping now? What time is it anyways?” Nicole asks remembering we have to be at the party by eleven.

“8:30 pm I was trying to sleep before I had to get to work at midnight” She says trying to sound annoyed but she’s just too kind for that.

“Crap we need to get ready” Nicole exclaims panicked before she throws the pillow at me and bolts into the bathroom. 

“Honey what was that all about?” Rhonda asks

“We are going to a party, and we have to get there by 11 pm” I say excited plopping myself down on the couch next to her.

“Any cute guys going to be there?” She asks with a sudden boost of interest.

“Maybe I don’t know” I answer honestly

“Girl, as soon as your friend is out of the shower I’m helping you get ready!” She says as she stands up and walks into the bedroom.


********AFTER BOTH SHOWERS********


“OW!” Nicole yells as Rhonda keep tugging at her hair.

“Honey you don’t know pain, before you’ve seen a tug job gone wrong!” She exclaims in a sassy voice, making me giggle and Nicole just looks confused before she starts laughing along with me. I’m ready to go, but Nicole is still getting her hair done.

I quickly take a look in the mirror and smirks at the girl looking back at me. My hair is in its lion state set with hairspray so it doesn’t settle down. Rhonda did my smoky eyes makeup matched with a bold red lipstick. I’m wearing a tight long sleeved shirt with some cleavage, a white skater skirt that enhances my waist, some nylons and sneakers. In my 20 years on the planet I still haven’t mastered stilettos, so rather sneakers then falling on my face. My fingernails are painted red and I’m wearing multiple rings as always. I have my phone and keys in my leather jacket pocket, and the only thing I’m waiting for is Nicole.

“FINALLY” Nicole exclaims when Rhonda finishes her hair. Nicole stands up grabbing her outfit and heads into the bathroom to change.

“No way in hell I’m wearing this!” Nicole screams when she walks out and into the bedroom. Her hair is in soft curls cascading down her back, she has smoky eye makeup just like me, but a natural lip-gloss. I look down at her outfit, which consists of, a tight long sleeved backless dress that ends mid thigh, some blue stilettos and some gorgeous earrings she looks stunning.

“WHY?” Both Rhonda and me yell back in unison.

“It’s too revealing”

“Yagi you’re looking hot as hell, and you not changing, unless you want me to tackle you.” I say back determined. I grab her hand and her jacket and before she even reacts I pull her out of the apartment.

“BYE RHONDA LOCK UP AFTER US WOULD YOU?” I scream as I drag Nicole outside in the brisk November air, and we start walking towards the party.

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