Love, Loans & London

When Nicole and Ditte moved to London, they expected adventure, elegance and joy. But what did they end up with? Loans up their asses, a crappy apartment and two low paying jobs. But despite all of that they never stop laughing and trying to make the best of it. But what happens when suddenly five handsome guys enter the mix? Follow the girls in the amusing tale of:

Love, Loans & London


4. Chapter Four - You two are awfully close

Chapter Four - You two are awfully close

Nicole’s P.O.V

”Fine!” she says standing up dragging her feet over towards their table. She can be such a lazy bum sometimes.

One direction, I have been a fan of them, but got over them a week after. I have never been good at that, being a fan of someone. I like their music, but that’s it. And if people ask me who I like the most, I normally say Harry for his looks, but I don’t like the feeling that I don’t know who the person really is. So I don’t read gossip magazines because I know most of it is bullshit. Omg, I shouldn’t be cursing.  Why did I do th-

“Hi, I will just inform you that we were supposed to close an hour ago” Ditte voice says making me look in their direction.  “Oh… ehm, we will hurry up” Niall say. Yes of course I know their names, I was a fan.

“Okay, thank you” Ditte says in a polite tone. She turns around and walks towards me. But, she makes a little stunt on her way.

She trips over her own foot and lands face first onto the floor. Luckily I had swallowed my drink, because I begin to laugh. ”Shut up!” she yells while taking of one of her shoes. 5 seconds after, it comes flying right towards my face, I duck and fall down to the floor laughing hysterically. Once my laughter subsides, I hear Dittes voice again. “I’m not getting up, too tired.” Ditte is still lying on the floor with her arms spread out.

I stop laughing and looked at her. “Hey, no sleeping, I’m not going to carry you home” I say and push Ditte a little. “Ahem” a voice says above me. I look up to meet a pair of sea green looking eyes that belongs to one Louis Tomlinson “Yes?” I say and smile to him. “What’s wrong with her?” he asks and point at Ditte. “She is secretly an 80 year old. She normally goes dead when it’s just past 10“I say and stand up. “Well you’re secretly a monkey!” Ditte yells sticking her tongue out at me. “Oh, well we are finish” he says. The word finish woke Ditte up.

 “Finally! I want to go home and cuddle!” she yells getting up and hugs me. I hear the boys snicker. “Well if you want to. Then tidy up or else there is no cuddling,” I say as a mother. “Yes mom” She says sticking her tongue out and walks into the kitchen with some plates. “She’s like a kid” I hear one of the boys say. “Yes she is, but she is a good kid” I say and smile towards the doors she went through.

The boys begin to pack their stuff and walks towards the doors, they paid some time ago. I went over to their table taking their tip and putting it in my pocket, not really looking at how much they had given her. Screams suddenly interrupted my thinking. What is this? I’m going to have headache if I hear any more of that. 

“I’m not going outside” I hear a voice say. I look out the window and saw a whole lot of girls screaming and crying. Wow where did they come from? “What should we do?” One of the others asks. “I don’t know” I think Liam says. “You can come with us, but only for one night” I hear Ditte’s voice say beside me. Waaa! Where did she come from! “Really?” they ask in union. “Yes, but we have a tiny crappy apartment, so there is not so much space” she says and walk towards the back.

I pick up my purse and my cake. Good thing I got extra cake today. I motion for the guys to follow me. We walk out the back door and down an ally. The boys take their hoodies on so no one can see who they are. Ditte takes my hand and kiss me on the cheek. “You two are awfully close” Harry says walking up beside Ditte. “You have no idea,” Ditte says smirking.

Harry looks confused at Ditte. “We have known each other since grade school” I say and glare at Ditte. Ditte smiles at me and looks straight ahead. We walk home in silence. When we finally stand outside our door, I pull out my keys to open the door. But it wouldn’t open. It try to push it open with my shoulder, with it doesn’t budge. “Someone hold this, its cake, so no shaking it” I say.

I give Ditte my purse. I put my hands up in boxing position and kick the door two times until it finally opens to our little apartment. Good thing I still have my boxing and kicking moves in me. I turn around and see the boys’ faces. “We did say it is a crappy apartment,” Ditte says walking in. I smile to the boys and take the cake out of Niall’s hands. I went into the kitchen ignoring their stares. I put the cake in our little fridge and walk into our room.

“Ditte where is my black sweater” I yell. Ditte comes in, with my black sweater on. “Ditte, that’s my favorite sweater” I say in my best five-year-old voice. “Well suck it up, take this one. It fits you better” she says and pulls out my light blue sweater. “It fits your hair” she says and walks out.

She’s right. I have dark brown hair with light brown tips and blond bags. My mom is from Trinidad and Tobago, it’s a place in (Caribbean). And my dad is from Denmark. So I’m mixed. I have the gift to get tan in a few hours in the sun.

I have hazel eyes. People always say that I have brown eyes, but when the sun shines on my eyes you can see some green in my eyes. It’s quite cool to think.

You might ask why I have different color hair and how I got it. Well I have this really good friend that is a hairdresser and she wanted to try something and it was free, so I said yes. I love my hair now, it’s so different and I like that.

I walk in to the little living room and sit down beside Ditte. I pull out my hair band and let my hair fall loosely down my back. My hair is a little longer than Ditte’s.

“Who wants some tea?” I ask. Everyone takes their hand up and I walk into the kitchen to make some. “Need any help?” Harry asks startling me, making me drop the tea bag in the floor. Luckily it wasn’t open. “I’m sorry,” he says picking up the tea. “I didn’t mean to startle you love,” he says in his sexy British accent. “It’s okay” I say and smile. “The cups are in the cabin on the left,” I say. I look at Harry while he opens the cupboard. “Watch out!” I yell, but too late. A glass with tomato juice fall down, but the worst part is that it wasn’t closed.

Harry is standing there covered in tomato juice. Ditte comes running and so did the others. When Ditte see what had happened, she begins to laugh and so does the others. I look at Harry and see him laughing to. I giggle and walk into my room to get my towel. “Here, go take a shower” I say and show Harry the way to the bathroom, which is not a long way in this tiny apartment.

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