Love, Loans & London

When Nicole and Ditte moved to London, they expected adventure, elegance and joy. But what did they end up with? Loans up their asses, a crappy apartment and two low paying jobs. But despite all of that they never stop laughing and trying to make the best of it. But what happens when suddenly five handsome guys enter the mix? Follow the girls in the amusing tale of:

Love, Loans & London


6. Chapter 6 – Damn girl you’re good.

Chapter 6 – Damn girl you’re good.


Nicole P.O.V


Yesterday I ate too much cake, I feel so stupid. When I was young I was a little chubby. I ate all the wrong food, but then I went to dietitian who helped me and I loose a lot of weight. So whenever I eat something I’m not supposed to eat, I go into running mode. So I just ran 3 km. in less than 30 minutes.

Damn girl you’re good. 

I’m all sweaty now but I feel good. The door to our apartment opened quite easily today. Lucky me, because the boys seem to be sleeping. I walk in meeting Louis on the way to our bedroom. BANG, BANG, BANG! Oh Ditte is taking a shower.

“WHAT’S GOING ON!?!?” Niall yell waking up everyone in the room. I begin to laugh feeling my stomach twist from all the running. “It’s just Ditte in the shower” I say as I let my hair loose walking into the kitchen taking a glass of ice cold water. The cold substance runs down my throat. It feels good.

“Where have you been?” a voice asks behind me. I turn around to meet a Harry standing in the doorway with his arms crossed. Might I add, that he only has his pants on. No shirt, totally exposed stomach with a visible six pack.

“I went out running” I say and smile tuning around to put my glass down, and to look away so I wouldn’t be staring. "Was it good?” he asks. “Yes, it is nice and fresh out” I answer walking past him to sit on the couch in our living room.

“Do you run a lot?” Zayn asks me. Yes, the walls in this apartment are paper thin. “Almost every other day, I like it a lot” I say and smile to myself.

The boys’ faces suddenly chances. Their mouths fall open and their eyes go big. I look in the direction they are looking and meet Ditte, in a towel, only a towel. Ditte is that kind of girl that has perfect round boobs. So the towel just shows it. I’m definitely jealous, but I love my body as it is. “Your turn, Yagi” she says while walking into our room.

I stand up saying. “Guys close your mouths before you catch flies” I wink at them and walk into the bath.

Take a quick shower Nicole.

After about 7 minutes I walk out in only a towel. I look into the room where the boys are and meet a pair of green eyes. Harry. I smile and walk into our room.  I put on a pair of black skinny jeans and a light blue sweater on. I have to go to work and I need to have comfy but professional clothes on.

Saying goodbye to the boys was easy. I yell bye and walk out the door. Being around many guys at the same time is not one of my favorite this to do. I still can’t deal with boys after Alec. Sometimes I still have nightmares of what happened, even though it happened 2 years ago.

I walk through the doors to the café and go into the kitchen to meet my boss. “Good morning” I smile to her.

“So a cup of white tea and a cup of lemongrass ginger, and two strawberry shortcake” I say. The two elder ladies nod and smile to me. I smile to them and say, “I will be back with them shortly”.

Works finally done. I have never walked so much in my life. My legs are hurting right now.  It’s my turn to close today. And because it’s almost December and weird holiday thing, we had to be open for more hours. So the time is now what, 30 min. past 6 pm.

I walk out the door, locking it.

I feel the November air pull my hair. Oh it rimes. “Kya” I yell falling down onto the hard stone of a sidewalk, after colliding with a hard chest. “I am so sorry love, didn’t see you there” a low voice say. I know that voice.

“Harry?” I ask. I can see the person tens. “No, I’m not Harry” the person says making their voice deeper. “Harry it’s me Nicole, you know the girl whose apartment you slept at last night” I say and smile. The person’s head shoot up to reveal Harry.

“Nicole?” a smile creeps onto his lips. “Hi harry” I say and smile. “What are you doing here?” I ask him. “I’m going for a walk, the guys were getting on my nerves so I thought I would find a place to crash for some time” he says loosing his smile a little. “Well do you want a cup of tea?” I ask as I walk back towards the café.

“Yeah, that sounds nice, in this cold weather” he says and follow me into the café. I walk into the kitchen to make some green tea.

“Do you need any help?” Harry asks me. “No not really, you can go and pick a cake you want” I say and take two cups from the dishwasher.

Harry picks up two cupcakes with chocolate and mint. I’m already exited to eat it.  “So what did the guys irritate you with?” I ask as I sit down on the chair opposite of Harry.

 “They kept saying that I like a girl, but I don’t really do, I have been on one date with her, but she just isn’t the one. She only eats salad and drinks water, and complain about her weight constantly. I like girls that can eat a steak and isn’t afraid to be herself around me.” He answers looking out on the streets.

It’s getting dark outside.

“Just ignore them, they properly have someone them selves and don’t want the guys to go after them. Ditte can be a pain in the ass sometimes. But I don’t mind, she is my best friend and she has been that for over 5 years” I say and smile to myself looking down into my cup of tea.

“You two are really close huh?” He asks and looks at me. “Yeah, she has helped me through some hard times, and I love her for that, if she wasn’t my best friend I might have been dead” I say, with my smile fading.

“What do you mean?” Harry asks with concern.

“Some things went down and if she wasn’t there for me, I could have committed suicide”

“Let’s not talk about all of this, I’m not comfortable talking about all of this” I say and smile to him.

We begin to talk about all sorts of things. Suddenly Harry’s phone rings and he takes it, saying its Louis.

“Hey” he says.

“I’m at the café Nicole works at”

“Yeah I’ll ask.”

“It’s not that late”

“What it’s already this late!?”

“I’m home soon” Harry hangs up.

“Well before I go, Louis is having a party tomorrow and he want to invite you and Ditte. Can I have you number, so I can text you the details” He asks. I nod and take his phone. I put in my number and write my name.

“I’ll write to you later” he says and gets up. I say goodbye to him and give him a little hug. He pecks my cheek and I begin to blush. I really hope he didn’t see that.

I walk into the kitchen and quickly wash the dishes.

While I walk home, my phone suddenly vibrates in my pocket.  I take it out and look at the screen. I read the text and begin to blush.

“Hey Nicole, it’s harry, you are cute when you blush ;)” Damn he saw it.

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